Healthcare Thanking Wall

Show your appreciation to our amazing frontline workers during these challenging times.

To: Random, Healthcare


Eddie Sidhu

To: All Home Care Matters, Healthcare

Thank you for all that you do!

John Doe

To: Healthcare, Healthcare

Thank you!!!!!!

Owen Altithor

To: Riro, Healthcare

Thank you

Rose Lavender

To: Mark, Healthcare

Thank u

Meera Snow

To: John, Healthcare

Thank you so much for your hardwork.

To: All Healthcare workers, Healthcare

I would like to thank the wonderful Healthcare workers in the US. You are vital members of society and hugely appreciated by many. I hope that the TAP Platform enables as many Healthcare workers as possible to see how appreciated they are.

Matt Findel-Hawkins

To: Emily, Healthcare

Thank you for your tireless work within pediatric emergency medicine in NYC. You do amazing work helping some of the most vulnerable patients through their difficult health journeys.

To: Essential Staff, Healthcare

Thank you for all your hours of hard work and devotion.

Ann Shaw

To: Donna, Healthcare

thank you to my friend Donna, who also works for Kaiser, you were always there to help me with health and first aid questions for my small children

Penny G

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Has a special doctor, nurse or healthcare worker impacted your life recently?

Then say a big thank you to NHS staff with a virtual message of appreciation on TAP’s Healthcare Thanking Wall.

This virtual wall is packed with thank you messages for NHS staff - so this is your chance to say “thank you doctor”, “thank you nurses”, or “thank you carers”. Recent years have shown the importance of showing appreciation to our NHS, and we want to continue this tradition and make gratitude a habit. Saying thank you to NHS staff on our dedicated Healthcare Thanking Wall couldn’t be simpler. It’s free, it lasts longer than a physical card, and it’s better for the environment, too.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Click the ‘Say Thank You!’ button.
  2. Decide who you’d like to appreciate today - you can choose to thank a nurse, doctor or even a whole hospital.
  3. Fill in the details on the web form, along with your special thank you message to NHS staff.

Once you’re done, your chosen nurse, doctor or hospital will receive your thank you message, and it will be displayed for all to see on our virtual Thanking Wall (but you can also choose to make it private, if you like!) Unsure what to write in your message? Feel free to browse through all the thank you quotes for nurses and doctors on this page for inspiration. This wall works as a bank of real-life quotes of thanks to nurses and doctors - perfect for helping you to put your feelings into words.

Alternatively, just speak from the heart and write your own thank you message for nurse staff and doctors, or thank you words for carers. Healthcare workers will be overjoyed to hear about the impact of their work. It’s just like one big NHS thank you letter.

Show your appreciation and say “thank you NHS” today!

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