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Show your appreciation during these challenging times.

To: Support Workers, Fusion Care, Bury, Social Care

Thank you to all of the Support Workers and Office Team who do amazing things for young people and children each and every day!

Chantelle Haworth

To: Foster Carer's, FCL Fostering, Bury, Social Care

Thank you to all of the FCL Foster Carers who do amazing things for children each and every day!

Chantelle Haworth

To: The Gables Rest Home, Kidderminster (DKL Healthcare), Social Care

Thank you to the entire Gables team for your hard work and ongoing dedication. I am very proud to be working along side you all. Your support over the last three years has been amazing and our CCQ inspection showed the value of our hard work our rating was "GOOD" well done Team Gables

Kim Northwood

To: All Staff, Grange Care Home, Southall, Social Care

Thank you for giving people with dementia a voice so that they can live their best life possible. Also supporting families and friends to create a safe place.

Ann Campion

To: Claire Abbott, United St Saviour's Charity, Social Care

I want to thank Claire Abbott, my colleague at work. She always makes sure I have something to eat and often shares her food with me.

Chrissie Smith

To: All the staff within Windermere Grange Care Home, Middlesborough, Social Care

Thank you to all my staff at Windermere Grange Care Home and all within St Martin's Care, for all the hard work you do and continue to do.

Donna Jones

To: All Staff, Red Brick Care Home, Blackpool, Social Care

Audrey Unsworth Thank you to all the Staff & Carers at Red Bricks care Home Queens Prom Blackpool. They are Wonderful. If I ever have to go in a Home, that's where I am going.😍

Audrey Unsworth

To: Sarah Guilfoyle, Park Group Care, West Sussex, Hampshire, Social Care

Would just like to say a huge thank you to Sarah Guilfoyle on behalf of the entire company. Sarah is the Operations Manager of the organisation and dedicates her time between the bases. She is the most dedicated person I know when it comes to her work and consistently gives up her free time to problem solve and ensure the staff teams are supported. Throughout the last 2 years her life has been consumed with Covid and the ever changing guidance, but she has got on with things with a smile on her face to ensure the service could continue to run safely. Sarah is always there to provide information, advice and guidance to those who need it, often putting others and their needs before herself. Park Group Care are so lucky to have such a committed and fantastic role model. Thank you Sarah for everything you do xxx

To: Delph House, Social Care

Thank you to all Staff for your dedication and kindness. Your support does mean so very much to my family.

Maxine Webster

To: Delph House Residential Home (365 Care Homes Ltd), Wisbech, Social Care

I would like to "Thank & Praise" the amazing Staff. Wonderful and committed staff who, go way above and beyond. Recently had a Covid outbreak and I just wanted to say how important they are, to all of us, each and every day.

Dawn Bunter

To: Care Home Team, Northern, Horsham, Crawley and Haywards Heath, Social Care

I am so proud of our Care Team. They have worked tirelessly during the Covid pandemic, keeping a happy and safe atmosphere in the home. They go "above and beyond" their duty and it has been so appreciated by our residents and their relatives. I really admire how they have supported each other during this difficult time. They call our home their second family and that is how it feels. There is always singing and laughter heard around the corridors and in the rooms. There is a genuine feeling of love in the home. They are all so deserving to be recognised for all the good they do.

Hayley Crosby

To: Care Home Team, Northern, Horsham, Crawley and Haywards Heath, Social Care

I find it difficult to express my gratitude for the attention and protection I have received during this difficult time. Thank you so much to the Carers, who have been so kind and understanding. Every single Carer in the home is outstandingly splendid. They are always willing to help, always cheerful, always attentive to our every need and requests. I have never encountered any irritability or any response bordering on exasperation. They are quick to suggest helpful improvements for our comfort and mental wellbeing. We are blessed with a full complement of Carers. All in all, it is splendid here.

Hayley Crosby

To: Care Team, Costal, Worthing, Shoreham and Littlehampton, Social Care

During this last year, our care home in Worthing which specialises in Dementia care has gone above and beyond to celebrate our residents events. Our care home has learnt so much over these two years. We have laughed and cried many times. We have pulled together and learnt to treasure all those important milestones and events for the residents. We believe in showing love and compassion to all our residents and families .

Hayley Crosby

To: Machaela Dent, Ponsandane Care Home, Social Care

Thanks for your help and getting me through my training.

To: Anoosha, Thames Hospice, Windsor, Social Care

You have been such an incedible Consultant doctor for our organisation.

Lisa Church

To: Staff at Norwood House Nursing Home, Keighley, Social Care

A huge thanks to all the Staff, including Nurses, Office Staff, Carers, Cleaners, kKtchen Staff, Activities Co-ordinator and owners, Manjit and Baldev, for your kindness and care to John. You show great humanity and humour in very difficult circumstances.

To: All Staff, Croston Park Care Home (Parklane Healthcare Ltd), Social Care

A massive thank you to all the amazing staff that work here at Croston Park. Their tireless effort, support, endurance, positivity and teamwork has carried us through this unbelievably difficult time. When times have been hard, the team have rallied together to support each other and all the residents. Without this, we would not have been able to get through. The challenges are still here, but inside our lovely home you wouldn't know it, it's business as usual, with everyone orientated to providing a homely environment, that's focused on giving high quality care. You've all been amazing. THANK YOU !!! Debbie and Ben

Debbie Lewis

To: Social Care Workers, Deltacare, Blackpool, Preston, Social Care

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to my Teams working in the community as Social Care Workers. They have worked so hard as everyone in the sector has and they continue to make me proud, every day. THANK YOU!

Kat Nicholls

To: Ash Tree Homecare Ltd, Strood, Social Care

I just wanted to give you all a massive thank you for the brilliant care you have given my mum in the worst of times. We can see how you all go above and beyond daily and how kind and compassionate you all are!! What a lovely family team vibe you have.

To: All Staff, Social Care

I am thankful I have my own Carer. My husband who is an absolute darling and would wait on me "hand and foot" if I didn't stop him. After having a stroke, it is difficult to accept you can't do what you used to do. His excuse is, I looked after him when he had a stroke, which was a severe one. Love him to bits xx

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