Social Care

Show your appreciation during these challenging times.

To: Machaela Dent, Ponsandane Care Home, Social Care

Thanks for your help and getting me through my training.

To: Anoosha, Thames Hospice, Windsor, Social Care

You have been such an incedible Consultant doctor for our organisation.

Lisa Church

To: Staff at Norwood House Nursing Home, Keighley, Social Care

A huge thanks to all the Staff, including Nurses, Office Staff, Carers, Cleaners, kKtchen Staff, Activities Co-ordinator and owners, Manjit and Baldev, for your kindness and care to John. You show great humanity and humour in very difficult circumstances.

To: All Staff, Croston Park Care Home (Parklane Healthcare Ltd), Social Care

A massive thank you to all the amazing staff that work here at Croston Park. Their tireless effort, support, endurance, positivity and teamwork has carried us through this unbelievably difficult time. When times have been hard, the team have rallied together to support each other and all the residents. Without this, we would not have been able to get through. The challenges are still here, but inside our lovely home you wouldn't know it, it's business as usual, with everyone orientated to providing a homely environment, that's focused on giving high quality care. You've all been amazing. THANK YOU !!! Debbie and Ben

Debbie Lewis

To: Social Care Workers, Deltacare, Blackpool, Preston, Social Care

I would like to send a HUGE thank you to my Teams working in the community as Social Care Workers. They have worked so hard as everyone in the sector has and they continue to make me proud, every day. THANK YOU!

Kat Nicholls

To: Ash Tree Homecare Ltd, Strood, Social Care

I just wanted to give you all a massive thank you for the brilliant care you have given my mum in the worst of times. We can see how you all go above and beyond daily and how kind and compassionate you all are!! What a lovely family team vibe you have.

To: All Staff, Social Care

I am thankful I have my own Carer. My husband who is an absolute darling and would wait on me "hand and foot" if I didn't stop him. After having a stroke, it is difficult to accept you can't do what you used to do. His excuse is, I looked after him when he had a stroke, which was a severe one. Love him to bits xx

To: All Staff, Willowbank Care Centre, Social Care

Heartfelt thanks to you all, for your selfless care and commitment to the residents, their families, and each other especially, over the past 18 months. You are all amazing!!

Angela Bona

To: All Staff, Social Care

Thank you to all of our Care people. You all do a very good job. We would be lost if we did not have all of you.

Angela List

To: To the Team, TED Enterprises, Oakmount House, Burnley, Social Care

A massive thank you to all my Team, who have worked the whole way through this pandemic, no complaints, no absences, followed the rules, to allow us to remain outbreak free - not all heroes wear capes.

Caroline Sawley Banks

To: All Staff, Bunkers Hill Care Home, Social Care

I'd like to thank all essential workers, especially Carers in particuar. The Carers and all 'behind the scenes' staff at Bunkers Hill Care Home. You truly are amazing and I thank you, for all you do for the residents in your care.

Wend Tuplin

To: Karen Wilson, Social Care

Thank you Karen for coming in to me in the mornings to help me when I had Covid. You were very kind and I appreciate it. May you carry on the good work for the RRT.

Jennifer Gibbon

To: All essential workers, Social Care

Thank you

Anita Smith

To: All Staff, The Grange Care Home, Southall, Social Care

The gratitude that my family and I feel towards all the staff that look after my sister, can not be put into words. Nothing is too much trouble even when things are really difficult. We feel reassured to know that my sister is safe, cared for and is treated like she still has a voice. Thank you!

To: All staff, Social Care

Certainly wonderful our nurses and doctors , Thank you xxxx.

Valerie Coombe

To: All staff, Social Care

Thank you to all the carers

Yvonne Howells

To: All the staff at St Andrew's Nursing Home, Ewerby nr Sleaford, Social Care

Thank you for all your hard work, in these troubled times.

Marie Collinson

To: Rosie Challis, Social Care

I would like to thank a very special lady, Rosie Challis. She was one of my husband's Carers, and is now a fantastic friend, who's helped me so much and is so appreciated. xxxxxxxx

Yvonne Harrison

To: My two daughters!, Social Care

I'm thanking my daughters; both of them help me enormously in every aspect of my life.

Elaine Brines

To: All NHS Staff, Social Care

You saved my life three years ago. You're all amazing.

Susan Richards

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