Holyport College, Berkshire

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Holyport College, Berkshire

To: Hayley Howard, Holyport College, Berkshire

A massive thank you for helping to complete the lengthy documents my daughter had to fill out recently. I know this was all extra-curricula, so very much appreciated.

To: Ben McCarey, Holyport College, Berkshire

Thanks for being a great boss! Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas 😃😃

Sam Smith

To: All staff, Holyport College, Berkshire

Thank you you Holyport staff for looking after Alexander Wood, which had been a very hard year for him.

Wendy Wood

To: All staff, Holyport College, Berkshire

I think everybody who has worked through this pandemic deserves our grateful thanks, whatever job they do. There are not enough words really to let them know how brilliant they have all been and still are.

Deirdre Cook

To: Mr McCarey, Holyport College, Berkshire

I would like to say a massive thank you to Mr McCarey, Head of Holyport College, who has done an absolutely outstanding job throughout the pandemic. Not only did he update parents and carers, he also tried his best to keep the kids coming to School. Phenomenal effort from Mr McCarey. He couldn’t do any better. It’s a shame, it’s my sons last year.

Ulfat Kousar

To: Mr Agyeman, Holyport College, Berkshire

Thank you sir, for always acting on our best interests and helping shape us to be the kind of people one should aspire to be.

Victor Anohu and Rafeek Kadir

To: Mr Bloor, Holyport College, Berkshire

Good morning. This is a message for Mr Bloor from Holyport College. Thank you so much for the extra efforts you have made with Alexandra regarding her Law degree. She may well choose a different subject now, but I really appreciate all you\u2019ve done. Thanks again. M

Matt Findel-Hawkins

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