Show your appreciation during these challenging times.

To: Sarah Weyers

Sarah Weyers you are the best colleague I could ever ask for ❤

Anna Bremer

To: All Essential Workers

Thank you

Marilyn Tucker

To: All Firefighters

thank you all fire fighters you are all amazing xxxxxxx

Pauline Cunningham

To: All Staff

Thank you to all supermarket workers.

Chris Baron

To: All Essential Workers

Thank you key workers. You are brilliant.

Judy Stone

To: Tracey, Asda Opticians, Poole, Dorset

Tracy and the Team in the Opticians, alway give excellent service. Going back for the first time in three years, was like I was there yesterday. Thank you.

John Daniels

To: All Lorry Drivers and Carers

Thank you.

Anne Minett

To: All Essential Workers

Thank you so much. 🙏🏽

Dorothy McIlory

To: All Essential Workers

Thank and praise to you all xx

Ada Hoy

To: Ame Henly, The Community Teacher Pronunciation School

A huge thanks to Ame Henly from The Community Teacher Pronunciation School in #Bristol for giving a talk to North Somerset BME Network about confidence when speaking English as a second language. Many of our members feel self conscious about this and it is important to support the BME communities in our area. Great Job Ame!

Patty Pereira Taylor

To: All Essential Workers

Life is beautiful and you don't want to miss a day, so be thankful for the day. Amen.

Dorothy Mcilroy

To: Jenny Oliver

We would like to thank Jenny Oliver. She is a Carer/Cleaner and she never stops. She went with us to Belfast Royal Hospital on Monday and when my husband had his defibrillator tested. l am in a wheelchair so she looked after me. Bless her. We love her so much xxx xxx x

Pauline Cunningham

To: All Staff

Thank you to all of you at TAP.

Jennifer Knapp

To: Essential Workers

Thanks to all the Delivery Drivers, Fisheries and Funeral Directors. They have all had a tough time.

To: My Family and Friends

Thank you, for all my family and friends x x They are all wonderful x x God bless them all x x x

Ronnie Saye

To: RNLI, Padstow

These guys are amazing. Thanks for all the commitment.

To: Daniel O'Donnell

l would like to say a big thank you to Daniel O'Donnell. He phoned me when Covid first started. He was so caring, considerate and loving. Love him and Majella so much xxxxxx

Pauline Cunningham

To: All Staff

Thank you for all your hard work. God bless you, stay safe and take care.

Jagruti Gondalia

To: All Staff

Thank you.

Joan Pettitt

To: All Staff

Welcome to the TAP community! We are delighted to have you with us and we can't wait to start sharing messages of thanks.

Ann Shaw

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