All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Show your appreciation during these challenging times.

To: Elizabeth Ward , Bedford Hospital, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thank you for the care you showed my Dad when he passed away from Covid in May 2020

Lynette Luparello

To: Amy and Monica, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thanks to all the carers but Amy, Monica, and Carol and Chloe. These ladies continue to go above and beyond to help all residents. I'm so grateful and all residents are happy that we can see family and friends again.

Kerry Duck

To: Hayley Penkett, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thank you for all the support that you show to all your employees is extremely appreciated you deliver good leadership proud to be led by a good registered manager.

Susan Davies

To: Dr Oxley, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thank you for all your help. It is truly appreciated.

David Kilpatrick

To: Theodore Akem, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thank you for all your support and guidance to all the staff. We do appreciate your input and advise when needed.

Brenda Peter

To: GP Surgery and Home Care, Sunderland, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

I would like to thank our GP and the Home Care Team of Sunderland for the care and attention to my husband. They have been amazing as they are under so much pressure. God bless them and the Hospital Nurses and Doctors too.

margaret Lumsden

To: Caroline, Urgent Community Response Team, Exeter, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

I would like to thank Caroline for all her help, kindness and patience. She is an amazing young lady, who goes above and beyond to help in anyway she can. No rush or clock watching. So thankful for the care she showed my dad before his passing. I will always remember her coming in the house and my dad would have the biggest smile on his face when he heard her voice. A memory I will cherish. Unsure on her last name, but she worked for the Urgent Community Response Team in Exeter. BIG THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR CARE AND KINDNESS.

To: Carole Phillips, an NHS Clinical Director in Portsmouth, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thank you for all that you and your colleagues are doing for people at the Walk-In Clinic based in the Recovery Hub, our local centre, aimed at the homeless community, as you calmly explain the benefits of the vaccine.

Barry Wilson

To: Emily Brenan, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Would like to thank you and all the Physios that did whatever they could to make patients lives easier. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Catherine Procter

To: All Doctor and Nurses, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thank you.

To: Mr Pavlou, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

I would like to thank my consultant, Mr Pavlou and all his Team for the wonderful care I received at their hands for the last 8-9 years. They have always gone the extra mile and given me first rate care. Anyone who is treated there is well looked after. During the pandemic, they are still giving wonderful care to their patients.

Barbara Moss

To: All Key Workers, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Merry Christmas to Key Workers everywhere! Thanks again, for your tireless efforts!

Simon Gamewell

To: Lismore Ward, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

All the people I work with go above and beyond. We are super stretched and so tired, but the standard of care provided is exceptional and I’m so proud of all of you! I’m so in awe of the Nurses, their compassion, strength and knowledge has made every patient have the best care. You should be so proud. And all of the Healthcare Assistants have worked so hard and still manange to be positive and supportive to the people that really need it. You are all amazing and I’m so proud to work in an amazing supportive team. You have no idea how much you guys have helped me this year!

Natalie Grigor

To: Charlotte Sewsarran, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thank you for being an amazing Nurse and always helping people ❤

Aniya Sewsarran

To: Dermatology and Photo Therapy, Burnley, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Thanking you all for the care I've received and am receiving. Words can't explain how much I appreciate it. Thank you 😊

Zahid Khan

To: Day Surgery Unit, Salisbury Hospital, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

I went in for a routine operation and from the start, I felt relaxed and informed. I have autism and socal anxiety and I can honestly say everyone was wonderful, especially the Nurse who was dealing with me. She was so friendly. I just wish I remembered her name. Fantastic treatment. Thank you NHS. Your staff are amazing.

Keriann Paul

To: Berry Lane Surgery, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

You're not my Surgery, but just by looking at messages on social media, your staff are doing amazing things! KEEP IT UP XX

Karen Pugh

To: All Staff, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

I wanted to thank everyone for all their hard work over the last 19 months, it has been an extremely challenging and difficult time for us all. Your compassion, commitment and dedication holds no bounds when it comes to doing what you do best, whether it's caring for those who are clinically unwell and/or vulnerable, helping those who can't help themselves any longer, or you are an office worker. No matter what your role, the NHS doesn't work without you. The NHS is a force to be reckoned with and each and everyone one of you deserve high praise for what you do, but remember to take time for you too. Keep going everyone.....You've got this!! THANK YOU :-)

To: Gate 44, Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

Grateful thanks to all staff on Gate 44 for my excellent care during my 4 week stay. Special thanks to Senior nurse David, Malcolm, and Jodie, one of the cleaners.

Peter Gamewell

To: Folkestone Civic Centre Vaccination Team, All Healthcare/NHS Workers

A massive thank you to the Vaccination Team, who have worked so hard through all weathers to deliver thousands of vaccines to our community! Well done for the excellent organisation by the Channel Health Alliance and local volunteers!

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