Show your appreciation during these challenging times.

To: Everyone, Ormiston Herman Academy, Gorleston on Sea, Education

Thank you to everyone at Ormiston Herman Academy for all you do. Keep up the good work. Xx

Tommy and Toby Hutchinson

To: School Office, St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, Chertsey, Education

Thank you for all you do.

To: Harry Garwood, MidKent College, Medwayy, Education

Thanks for the new report on attendance for English and Maths. It will be massively helpful to me and the rest of the team :-)

Thomas Payne

To: All Staff, Education

Thank you

Joan Houlston

To: All Staff, Fairfield Community Primary School, Education

Thanks for being such an amazing, supportive team to work with! Fairfield Family 💕

To: Eagley Junior School, Bolton, Education

Thank you for caring so well for all of our children :-)

John Southern

To: All Staff, Sir William Borlases Grammar School, Marlow, Education

Massive thanks and appreciation to all staff, who managed to keep the school open throughout the last 12 months.

To: All The Staff, Garth Hill College, Bracknell, Education

Thanks for all the hard work over the past 2 years, supporting and championing our young people, in the midst of all the challenges you have had.

To: Connor Sims, Education

Just to say a big thank you. You are my hero.

To: Rachel Mcbride, Education

Rachel Mcbride, this is for you. A wonderful teacher.

Pat Grainger

To: Lorna Miller, Barton Peveril, Eastleigh, Education

The most wonderful Teacher that takes time to personalise responses to each student, despite being the only Teacher on the course. Thank you :)

To: Shaftesbury High School, Harrow, Education

Thank you to all Staff at Shaftesbury High School. Merry Christmas to you all, for your hard work. Ben always happy to go to school.

Caroline Hurry

To: Rebecca Herbert, Charters School, Sunningdale, Education

Thank you for going above and beyond x

Kate Pope

To: Dupe Balogun, Topkidz Childcare and Camps, Tring, Education

Thank you to Dupe and all the Topkidz Team for being the best holiday camp for Primary children! Always fun, nurturing and lots of outside playing, makes this camp the only one my children ask to go to! Thank you x

Helen Handley

To: Topkidz, Bushey, Education

Thank you, for all of your hard work looking after Jessica at Breakfast Club. She really enjoys her time before school with you and often talks about how much she loves the pancakes you serve! Thanks again! :)

To: All Staff, Education

Teachers create the adults of tomorrow!

Merle Kambouris

To: Mrs Simmonds, St Peter's C of E Primary School, Education

Thank you for working so hard to encourage Spencer to keep growing and challenging himself.

Louise Coulson

To: All Staff, Education

Thank you for being awesome and keeping the show on the road.

Andrea Lawlor

To: Jo Poslett, Education

Thank you for your continued hard work and support with James and for us, as a family. Without the help you provide us daily and now, a structured timetable for James, James would not be in full-time education. We really do appreciate everything you do.

Michelle Gregson

To: Mr Devine, Education

Thank you for being my Head of Year through Year 7 to Year 10. So far it's been a great help, getting your supportive emails, especially during this time in Year 10 as GCSEs are coming up. So, thank you for beging supportive.

Skye Curtis

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