Keyworkers Thanking Wall

Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.

To: All Essential Workers

Thank you to our Refuse Collectors, Postmen, Shop Workers, Delivery Drivers, Water Authorities, Electricity suppliers, Carers, Nurses, Dentists and Doctors including friends and family. Thank you.

To: The BBC (British Broadcasting Association) and all Media Teams all around the country

Dear Reporters, Journalists and Presenters, Technicians and all involved on the Media side at the BBC - thank you so much for helping me and TAP, spread the Power of Gratitude in 2021. From answering my calls, to sharing our stories on your media channels - I am so grateful. This is helping us to continue our mission to help UK communities give thanks to their Key Workers, and support the wellbeing of the key worker communities. Thank you all! Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and safe start to 2022.

Patrick Melville

To: Amy, Pete, Marco and Ryan at Hearst Media, London

Thank you to the Hearst Media team, especially Pete and Amy for pushing through the opportunity for TAP to spread the power of gratitude - especially at this time of Giving. Also a big thank you to Marco, who helped us put the creative together and who is managing the campaign. Thank you for your gift. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and 2022! Patrick (Media Director), Matt (CEO of TAP) and Mylena (SM Marketing Manager)

Patrick Melville

To: Andrew David and the Siren Radio team, Siren Radio

Sending a big thank you to Andrew, Callum and the rest of the Siren Radio Team. We have approached you with different positive stories throughout 2021 and you have always supported what we do and helped us go further in our mission to support the Wellbeing of Unsung Heroes. Wishing you a safe and special Christmas. We are all looking forward to sharing more stories with you in 2022.

Patrick and the TAP Team

To: Lucy, Lauren and Michelle

Thank you for always helping me and my mum.

Kathryn Hunt

To: All the Staff at Sue Ryder Care Lancashire, Swallowcourt - The Poldhu

To all the amazing team at Sue Ryder, Lancashire. You are absolutely amazing and the care given to our clients is the best!!!

Lindsi Wallace

To: Becci Martin, Boo Coaching & Consulting, Bolton

Thank you for all the support you’ve given me to be a happy working mum - even before I was pregnant and even before I worked for you!

To: Andover Love Radio, LoveAndover

It is very gratifying to hear several people comment on hearing Walk N Talk 4 Mental Health's message on Love Radio. Thank you Andover Love Radio for promoting our cause.

Jude Price

To: All Staff

They do a wonderful job and what about Care Workers, Postmen and women, Rubbish Removal people, Delivery people, litter pickers etc etc. All of you do a wonderful job. Thank all of you xxxxx

Rita Gemmell

To: All Staff

Thank you.

Theresa Mullen

To: All Staff

Thank you so much. You are wonderful people. XXOXOXOXOXO

Geraldine Duffin

To: Sandy and Phillip Curtis

Thank you for accomodating me, feeding me and giving me work, when I had no where else to go. I am eternally grateful.

Clare Young

To: All Staff

God bless, all our lorry drivers.

Mary Bedford

To: All Staff

Thank you Jenny for your care, consideration and love for all the hard work you do for us. We love you so much darling xxxxxxxx

Pauline Cunningham

To: All Essential Workers

Thank you. You make such a differance to this world.

Susan Britton

To: My husband

I would like to thank my husband, for just being there for me for over 50 years. xxx

Glyn Bo

To: Wendy Lawrence

Here's to those who inspire you and don't even know it!

Connie Waters

To: All Essential Workers

Thanks for the inspiring words!

Pratibha Bahl

To: Rolf Berg

I would like to thank you Rolf Berg, who was there in my need and sent me a text every day from Norway, to see how I was xx

Marianne Macleod

To: Family, Sainsbury's delivery men, retailers, Chemists and all staff.

I can’t thank my family enough, who make sure I am safe. They check on my wellbeing and happiness. I live alone and am old. The Sainsbury’s delivery men, who have delivered my food up two flights of stairs for the past 3 years. The people who stock the shelves, the Chemists and staff who fill my prescriptions and all other people, who make my life tolerable.

Shelia Harris

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