Pineshield, Cardiff

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Pineshield, Cardiff

To: Beth, Pineshield, Cardiff

Thank you Beth you're amazing and always at the end of the phone ..!! Thanks Nicola xxx

Nicola Brockway

To: Kayleigh Newman, Pineshield, Cardiff

I just wanna say a big thank you to Kayleigh she's been amazing. From I started making me feel welcome and being part of a team at Pineshield showing me the ropes you're always putting in 110% I see what you do you go above and beyond for the service users they can't wait for us to come back a few hours later for another chat not just them the families too its very rewarding this job to see that they appreciate what we do for them on a daily basis and were not just there to do our job we make them feel comfortable and calm. so thanks Kay you're amazing and I just want to say thanks for everything you do and everyone at Pineshield Love Nicola xxx

Nicola Brockway

To: Emma and the Pineshield Team, Pineshield, Cardiff

I want to say how extremely proud I am of Emma and her Team at Pineshield. All of their continued hard work continues to pay off. To hear that Emma has this week received a phone call from a local hospital, to be told that we were called first because they want a care company they can trust, is just amazing. A massive pat on the back for each and every one of you, working hard each and every day and a special thank you to Emma, who always does her utmost to provide a practical, quality service.

Joanne Sulman Responsible Individual, Ops Director

To: Courteney Farley, Pineshield, Cardiff

Thank you so much to Courteney for being such an amazing addition to the filming for a WeCare TV advert (and at such short notice). Courteney was so warm and friendly and her demonstration of care shone through. Watch out, you have an actress in the making! We are hoping this will work to recruit more incredible people like Courteney.

Charlie Simpson

To: Pineshield Care Team, Pineshield, Cardiff

In the past 2 years I have watched my Care Team grow. You have all grown from strength to strength and you have worked through a pandemic, worrying about your families, you have also put the people we support, their needs and requirements above everything. You have all gone above and beyond and I just want to say a big thank you for all your hard work and thank you for continuing to grow, as a team.

Emma Farley

To: Carol Care, Pineshield, Cardiff

Thank you Carol for being an inspiration, always putting the people you support first and doing as much as you can when possible! Hopefully I have the opportunity to work alongside you again, one day.

Lauren McAdorey

To: Natalie Brown, Pineshield, Cardiff

Thank you for working so hard with your regular individuals. We always receive brilliant feedback from them. X

Courteney Farley

To: Kayleigh Newman, Pineshield, Cardiff

Thank you for all your hard work and picking up extra shifts /calls. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, in your regular individual's calls. xx

Courteney Farley

To: Bethan Shankland, Pineshield, Cardiff

Thank you Beth for always being supportive and a good listener. You work super hard and I am very proud of you. xx

Courteney Farley

To: All staff and Management , Admiral Nurse Service - RBL, Pineshield, Cardiff

I'd like to thank all the Staff and the Management Team, who’s positive and proactive approach to care, allow individuals to remain at home with such amazing support.

Simon Morgan

To: All staff, RBL - Admiral Nurse Service, Pineshield, Cardiff

I’d like to thank Pinesheild Management and Staff for supporting a certain gentleman to enable him to remain at home. The dedication and support you have shown has been second to none - keep up the brilliant work.

Simon Morgan

To: Pineshield Team, Pineshield, Cardiff

A big thank you to all staff at Pineshield for persevering and working extremely hard to keep things going!

Dean Morgan

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