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Brecon and District Mind, Brecon


My name is Allan, and I use the Brecon and District Mind Centre on a regular basis, as I suffer with Anxiety and Depression, from the first moment I went the staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease, and as time has gone on I am meeting more staff and volunteers and the support is great making me feel better within myself, so I would like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL AT BRECON AND DISTRICT MIND.


To: Brecon Mind volunteers, Brecon and District Mind, Brecon

Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who helped out this week for Mental Health Awareness Week 2022. You have been superstars and we couldn't have managed without you.

To: Dan Brooks, Brecon and District Mind, Brecon

I wanted to provide some feedback with regard to my counselling with Dan Brooks. Dan is the type of person who has an impact on you when you meet him. He is knowledgable, helpful, patient and passionate as a Counsellor. I have never enjoyed counselling before, but really enjoyed my sessions with Dan. He always gave me a fresh perspective or nugget of knowledge that I could take forward in my life. I also really appreciated his outlook on life and the experiences that he gave reference to made me feel like he understood. As I said he makes an impact on you and that is in a positive profound way. I’ll miss our sessions! Thank you to all of you at Mind, who are doing great work to help others.

Ally Davis

To: Staff and Volunteers, Brecon and District Mind, Brecon

Thank you to all the Staff and Volunteers at Brecon Mind. It is a pleasure to work with you all. You do amazing work, supporting those in our community and each other, through what has been incredibly difficult times in the last 2 years. Thank you for all you do!

To: All Staff, Brecon and District Mind, Brecon

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Ann Shaw

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