Bett UK 2022

Show your appreciation during these challenging times.

Bett UK 2022

To: Google, 2 Simple, Lumio, ASU’s etc…, Bett UK 2022

For making our day so enjoyable. So much to take back to school, that will continue to improve teaching and learning.

Sarah Kennedy

To: TeachMeet Unconference Organisers, Bett UK 2022

Thanks for a superb evening of innovative presentations from teachers for teachers with stand out performances from EdTech leaders like Tom Rogers!


To: Triin Noorkoiv and Toby Cann, Clanbeat, Bett UK 2022

Great to see more people involved in EdWellbeing! What a wonderful initative. Wishing Clanbeat lots of success.

Ann Campion

To: Alex, Diverse Voices Edutainment in NA34, Bett UK 2022

Great to chat today about your PSHE resources. Massive thanks for looking after my lost mobile as well!

Paul Gillam

To: Krystina Power, Showbie, Bett UK 2022

Thank you for supporting TAP at the school show and getting us ready.

Patrick Melville

To: Leena Pöntynen, Technology Industries Finland, Bett UK 2022

You are making a big impact to the education world. Smile, still, stays on, the show must go on.

Aatu Kassinen

To: Anna Bailey, Bett UK 2022

I'd like to say thanks to Anna and the Bett Content Team for highlighting School Staff Wellbeing as a key theme for this year's show - so important after an incredibly challenging couple of years, during which school staff have gone well beyond the call of duty.

James McLoughlin

To: Wellbeing Panelists At The BETT Futures Stage, Bett UK 2022

Thanks for your support in preparing for the Wellbeing Discussion on Friday 25th. It's been great talking and good luck with the panel discussion.

Matt Findel-Hawkins

To: The Fonetti Team at Auris Tech, Bett UK 2022

Huge thanks to everyone who has worked hard to get the exciting new updates into the award-winning reading App Fonetti (and accompanying School Portal), ready to showcase at Bett. From our partner schools, to users and testers, to everyone at HQ... thank you.

Emma Easton

To: The Bett Advisory Board, Bett UK 2022

Thank you so much for supporting and advising the Bett Show over the last year. You're all amazing! :)

Anna Bailey

To: The Connected Learning Centre, Bett UK 2022

I'd like to thank them for all the help they've given to schools, to get their students online during the pandemic and for bringing their expertise to the Bett Show in the form of some cracking talks on Friday 25th March on the Bett Academy Live Theatre.

Anna Bailey

To: All Staff, Bett UK 2022

The TAP team are looking forward to working with you all. Here's to a successful show!

Ann Shaw

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