Barley Croft Primary School

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Barley Croft Primary School

To: Rebecca Conolly, Barley Croft Primary School

I really appreciate all the hard work you are doing to support all pupils in Year 1/2 make good progress. You are embracing lots of the NCETM ideas and as a result, your kids will make excellent progress :-)

Debbie Ellson

To: The Whole School, Barley Croft Primary School

Maisie has had a brilliant day. She loved meeting all the children and having lots of cuddles with the Staff. Thank you!

Rebecca Dulieu

To: Denise, Barley Croft Primary School

Denise, thank you for all your hard work. We really appreciate you. I know today has been a trickier Friday than usual. We are very greatful for your help and support, thank you 😊

Natalie Smith

To: UKS2, Barley Croft Primary School

I would like to say thank you to all members of the UKS2 Team, who have worked so hard to ensure that all of our pupils have made a fabulous start to this term - you are all amazing :-)

Debbie Ellson

To: Paula Bates, Barley Croft Primary School

Paula - you are a superstar for cleaning our windows. Both myself and Janet really appreciate you xxx

Debbie Ellson

To: Paula Bates, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for cleaning all the windows in Community Class. Now, we can see, all of outside.

Community class

To: Deb Plumb, Barley Croft Primary School

Thanks for covering duties at short notice today!

Bethan Myers

To: EYFS Team, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for covering, whilst I was out of class today. You were all very supportive and flexible with the changes to the day. Thank you Team EYFS.

Lynsey Thorne

To: Key Stage 1, Barley Croft Primary School

To all the KS1 staff, Thanks for a great first week back! You’ve all pulled together as a team, welcomed our new TA, delivered and supported some excellent PSHE lessons and generally made sure everything has run smoothly as we launch the Spring term. It’s much appreciated by both of us! Beth and Bec

Bethan Myers

To: Rebecca Dulieu, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for choosing to come to work at Barley Croft.

To: Beth Myers and Katie Shields, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for your hard work in delivering the Well Being section of the Teacher Day. The focus on this area, is extremely important and will benefit all staff and in turn the children, at the school.

Rebecca Dulieu

To: Emily Percival, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for organising lunch for everyone today. It was greatly appreciated.

Rebecca Dulieu

To: Barley Croft Primary School Staff, Barley Croft Primary School

Thank you for making me feel so welcome at Barley Croft. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and continuing the Barley Croft journey with you.

Rebecca Dulieu

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