Killisick Junior School

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Killisick Junior School

To: The Whole Staff Team, Killisick Junior School

At our last Governor Meeting we were truly wowed by Mrs Clark's Head Teacher report! The 2021 attainment data and the predictions for next year look fantastic - the progress our children are making is getting better each year. Thank you for the team effort right across every year group. On top of that, a big well done for achieving the SMSC Gold Award this term - it's clear how much you prioritise wellbeing and as a result our children are thriving! Thank you for all your hard work! We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Killisick Governing Body

To: Kasey Riley, Killisick Junior School

Thank you for joining our Staff Team this term! At our last Governing meeting, we heard what a fantastic addition to the team you are and we're very lucky to have you on board! Enjoy a well earned break over Christmas and see you in the new year!

Killisick Governing Body

To: Kathryn Carlyle-Butlin, Killisick Junior School

On behalf of the Killisick Governing Body we want to thank you for being such a fantastic SBM - the list of budget monitoring tasks has been growing and growing this term, but you've taken it all in your stride. You are invaluable to us in our meetings and there's no question that you don't know the answer to - we're definitely in safe hands! Also, thank you for helping to support the other SBM's within the Trust - a great acknowledgement of what a brilliant job you're doing! Thanks Kathryn!

Killisick Governing Body

To: Dave Field, Killisick Junior School

The Killisick Governing body would like to thank you for all your efforts in keeping our school site running so well! At our last Finance Meeting, we had a fantastic update from our H&S Governor, who shared with us all the many improvements that are happening on the school site this term - it's certainly been a busy one! We really appreciate all that you do and hope you enjoy a well earned rest over Christmas! Thanks!

Killisick Governing Body

To: The Upper School Team, Killisick Junior School

Thank you for all your hard work with Peter Pan! An absolute TEAM effort! 😘

Karen Carpenter

To: Staff Team, Killisick Junior School

Thank you for working so hard to produce our amazing Xmas performances. You are the best!

Lindsay Clark

To: Lindsay Clark, Killisick Junior School

Thank you for being the best Headteacher in the world x

Kathryn Carlyle-Butlin

To: Killisick Staff Team, Killisick Junior School

Thank you for being the best Team in the world and making everyday count for our children and families! You are truly inspirational. x

Mrs Clark

To: Mrs Reid, Killisick Junior School

Thank you for all your help and support with Lacey. You have done amazingingly. Thank you soooo much.

To: Class Rosen, Killisick Junior School

Thank you for being amazing teachers! Wow, Carly is amazing. Her writing is fantastic and I was so proud today, about all was said about her! She is fantastic. She is getting confident and very helpful. Thank you for the amazing job you are all doing.

Fatou Thamarati

To: Kathryn, Killisick Junior School

Kathryn thank you for all your hard work in organising some fantastic events for the children at Killisick. It doesn’t go unnoticed and know the Christmas events will be amazing.

Lisa Lee

To: Mr Riley, Killisick Junior School

Thank you for always encouraging and inspiring Leah with her work. Her confidence has grown so much since September and she really is believing in herself more.

Lisa and Daniel Lee

To: Mrs Reid, Killisick Junior School

A great big thank you Mrs Reid for all the support and help you give to McKenzie and for being such a positive and loving person. I thank you for all the support you gave to me at the beginning of the Autumn term and your positivity shone through in your messages. You are amazing 😊

Deborah Geraghty

To: Mrs Dockery and Mr Drapkin, Killisick Junior School

A really big thank you for your hard work and dedication. I really appreciate all that you do.

Debbie Geraghty

To: Mrs Swann, Killisick Junior School

I cannot thank you enough for your support and patience with me over the past couple of months. Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most and I am truly grateful ❤

Kimberley Kiddier

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