Diverse Educators

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Diverse Educators

To: Laura Larkin, Diverse Educators

Thank you for your simple, step-by-step guide in how to utilise texts to promote diversity. I am so impressed by how much you have achieved in your school and I look forward to trying to emulate what you have done!

Shenaz Rashid-De La Cruz

To: Georgie Williams, Diverse Educators

Thank you so much for your time and energy in creating our Trans Rights Toolkit. The resources are a great starting point for trans allies.

Hannah Wilson

To: Bethan Hughes and Holly Parker-Guest, Diverse Educators

Thank you for collaborating to co-create our #DiverseEd LGBT+ inclusion toolkit. Your time and effort are much appreciated to support the learning of others, in our network.

Hannah Wilson

To: Baar Hersi, Diverse Educators

Thanks for joining us to share your story at the OTSA DEI session for ECT's. Love your ability to tell your story and connect it to your purpose, as an educator.

Hannah Wilson

To: Nick Bentley, Diverse Educators

Nick - thanks for your brilliant session on DEI inclusion for the OTSA ECT session. Always love listening to and learning from you!

Hannah Wilson

To: Hannah, Diverse Educators

Thank you Hannah for tirelessly, lovingly doing all the work you do on Diversity, enabling and empowering others, sharing, networking, creating, reminding, writing, organising and getting the word out consistently, that Diversity matters, that it is our strength, our wealth, that all prejudice, especially racism, must be faced, understood and challenged daily. Be well soon. You are a fabulous force for good. With love Georgeanne and Sally.

Georgeanne Lamont

To: Hannah Wilson, Diverse Educators

Thank you for all you do to promote diversity and a sense of belonging. Thank you for your support of Values and Visions. Keep up the fantastic work.

Sally Burns

To: Aisha Thomas, Diverse Educators

Aisha - thanks for a rousing opening keynote at the Diversifying the Curriculum Conference. You brought the energy to the start of the event.

Hannah Wilson

To: Bennie Kara, Diverse Educators

Thank you for a cracking closing keynote on the Diversifying the Curriculum conference.

Hannah Wilson

To: Lorraine Hughes, Diverse Educators

Thank you for your inspiring and informative session at the DEI conference. Your open and honest reflective ideas were a great help to many.

Azuraye Williams

To: Shonagh Reid, Diverse Educators

For being a great addition to my support network and being fearless when faced with adversity. A great role model for anyone starting out and completing their DEI journey.

Azuraye Williams

To: Hannah Wilson, Diverse Educators

For creating an amazing platform for DEI. Always supporting and driving ideas forward, being innovative and a driving force for change.

Azuraye Williams

To: Andy Moffat, Diverse Educators

Andy, thanks for delivering a great DEI session to the Oxfordshire ECTs. We always love listening to your passion for this work.

Hannah Wilson

To: Hannah Wilson, Diverse Educators

Thanks Hannah for amplifying and raising awareness nationally of the plight of Global Majority teachers and barriers to enter teaching. Allyship.

Javay Welter

To: All educators striving for social justice and equity in education, Diverse Educators

Every week I see teachers and educators going that extra mile, to do some extraordinary work to ensure a fairer and more socially, just situation in schools, homes and communities. The EASIER, simpler option is to keep your head down and follow the path of "well things have always been this way" or the path of "it's not really fair no, but that's just the way things are". The path of progress is HARDER and it takes courage, hope and love. You are neither alone nor unappreciated, though sometimes it may feel that way. Thank you for all that you do!

Harriet Marshall

To: Lois Nethersell-Webb and Nick O’Brien, Diverse Educators

Thank you for inspiring me with the brilliant DEI work you are involved in, in Norfolk. I have learned so much from you this past six months. You are so dedicated to the cause and both work so hard. Plus you are the warmest and most thoughtful people to collaborate with. Thank you for everything 🙌

Lisa Andrews

To: Hannah Wilson, Diverse Educators

Thank you for your advocacy, allyship and coaching. You have changed the way I perceive myself, how I show up and I can’t thank you enough.

Yamina Bibi

To: Hannah Wilson, Diverse Educators

Thank you for being an amazing leader, change maker ally/coalition force in amplifying so many voices of people from protected characteristics.

Adrian McLean

To: Hannah Wilson, Diverse Educators

Thank you for your support, your energy, dedication and your kindness. We will be forever in your debt.

Reah/Youlande Mindful equity uk

To: Alison Kriel, Diverse Educators

Thank you for being a beacon of hope for us all and for empowering women like me to stand up, speak up and be counted!

Aretha Banton

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