Cranbury College, Reading

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Cranbury College, Reading

To: Cranbury College, Reading, Food Technology, Cranbury College, Reading

On behalf of us at Providence Drop-In, we would like to say a massive thank you to all those that havr kindly made cakes. The guys are so appreciative. It's a fantastic thing that you are doing, as it's making a huge difference in the lives of those that are homeless or on low income. A little video will be coming very soon so you can see the bigger picture of what we are doing and how you are helping. Again a massive thank you to and your teacher.

Sara Luker

To: Miss Bamford, Cranbury College, Reading

We would just like to thank Miss Bamford for being such a wonderful teacher to our daughte Aimee. She has loved every minute of being in your class. Your enthusiasm and live for the children shines through (even through masks). We are gutted we had so little time with you, as lockdown got in the way. We really wish you a wonderful break and great year next year!

Kirsty Masters

To: Linda Weakes, Cranbury College, Reading

Linda has been my rock this year and I couldn't do my job without her. She is like my right arm without which I couldn't function! She is fab and I can't thank her enough for all she does for me and the team. She also makes me roar with laughter when everything gets a little bit too much xxx

Nicky Dziewulska-Miles

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