Rugby Care Centre, Rugby

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Rugby Care Centre, Rugby

To: Caroline, Sarah and all the Carers, Rugby Care Centre, Rugby

This is a big thank you to the Manager and her Staff at Rugby Care Centre for all the care and attention they give to my mum and all the other residents, especially during these difficult times. Just to say how very much you are appreciated. Many, many thanks to you all.

Linda Downes

To: Rugby Care Centre, Rugby Care Centre, Rugby

Caroline, Sarah, Mimi, Claudia, Sharon, Gemma and all of the other brilliant Staff look after mum with care, compassion, humour and experience, which really engages her and gives our family comfort in unprecedented times. We are really appreciative of all of things they all do, on a daily basis and the chats on the phone.

To: All Staff, Rugby Care Centre, Rugby

A big thank you.

Carole French

To: All of the Care Team and Manager, Rugby Care Centre, Rugby

Just to say, Rugby Care Centre carers and their Manager are an absolutely brilliant team, who provide kind and helpful care. Many thanks to all of you!

Linda Downes

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