The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery

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To: Dr Hamilton Grey, The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery

I had concerns regarding an urgent condition. I contacted the Surgery by telephone and was seen the same day by Dr Hamilton Grey. She arranged further investigations for me that were also completed very quickly. She then went above and beyond her duty and contacted me with the results, putting my mind at rest. I want to say thank you to the whole team. I know that GP practices are working incredibly hard and do not always get the recognition that they deserve. Thank you for being there for me.

Tanya Boulter

To: All Practice Staff, The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery

A huge thank you to all the Staff at Longfleet, especially Drs Webb, Barron, Hamilton-Grey, Carnegie and Nurse Hannah Murray. Also to Reception Staff, who have always been helpful as the initial point of contact. I have received incredible service during 2021 and hope not to bother you all so much in 2022. Best wishes for a happy and healthy Christmas and hoping you get all the support you need for 2022.

Ed Coleman

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery

Thank you for your continuous hard work through these ongoing difficult times. I have contacted the surgery a couple of times over the last 18 months for both physical and mental health issues and I can honestly say, I have felt supported by every single member of staff I have spoke to. Working in the health industry is particularly challenging, yet you put this aside and do what you do best and that is remain professional and most of all, show you care. Thank you so much.

Susan Marsh

To: To Doctors and all Staff, The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery

A big thank you to the doctor I saw last week. Because of her actions, I now have a long awaited ENT appointment. Thank you so much.

Nick Clayton

To: Jenna Martin, The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery

Thank you for supporting this year's ‘Legs Matter Campaign’ to raise awareness and arranging the fun activities for members at the Best Foot Forward Leg Club 🙏

Clare Mechen

To: Dr Hamilton-Gray, The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery

Just want to say a massive thank you for all your support and friendliness during what has been a rubbish few months.

Jo Jacobs

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