The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

Show your appreciation during these challenging times.

To: The Whole Team, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

Always been absolutely wonderful. The Medics and their Support Staff, thank you! I have never been unable to access help or advice. Just required some patience and understanding, whilst you worked so hard through the pandemic. I hope you all feel appreciated.

To: Sarah, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

Sorry if I have your name wrong. My daughter came in for an appointment on New Year's Eve. Your kindness, compassion and thoroughness were exemplary. You admitted my daughter to Poole Hospital. She had two blood transfusions and an overnight stay. If you hadn't done what you did, things could have been so much worse, so I can't thank you enough.

Charlie Pepper-cook

To: All the Lovely Receptionists, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

You girls are fabulous. When the first thing you hear is, “I’ve been waiting X minutes to speak to you and when can I have my X“, you are so patient and wonderful team players.

Rebecca Carron

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

I just wanted to say that I have always recieved great service from The Adam Practice in Hamworthy, I have always been able to get appointments when I have phoned, without having to wait a long time, 1 for the appointments and 2 on the phone. The Doctors and Nurses made me feel comfortable. The Receptionists have always been friendly and helpful too. I feel that Surgeries always get a lot of negative messages but I have never recieved anything, but a positive service and experience.

Dannielle Farrugia

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

I cannot thank the staff at the Surgery enough. You have always been extremely helpful over the last couple of years, when it is obvious that you have been under very difficult pressures. There are many people, who are grateful for your efforts. Just remember that and try to forget those who are finding it difficult to thank you.

Christine Chandler

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