Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

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Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

To: All Staff, Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

Grateful thanks!

Wendy Ramos

To: Chris Challis, Little Learners Chilcare, Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

Thank you for being amazing and making my team smile! Your hand crafts are amazing and I really love seeing all the little pieces come together and also our larger builds too! We are so happy you are a part of our team!! ❤️

Hollie Young

To: Hollie, Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

Hollie, thank you so much for always having our backs, and always trying to do best by us and make our lives easier. We have one hell of a week this week, but I feel a little better knowing you will do all you can to make it easier. Thanks for all you do.

Hannah Prendiville

To: Reflections Team, Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

Thank you all, for continuing to support my child to thrive. By staying open, you are helping her to socialise with other children and she always has such fun at Nursery! You all do such an important job. Thank you xxx

Charlotte Inskip

To: Reflections Team, Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

Thank you to all the staff for your hard work and dedication during these tough times. Our daughter comes out of nursery smiling every afternoon and has developed so much.

Matt Edwards

To: To all staff, Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

Just a little note to say thank you for all your hard work and commitment to our little ones over the past year. It can't have been easy for any of you, especially with all schools closing and nurseries remaining open. Even through all your worries, you did it all with a smile. Brogan absolutely adores you all and thoroughly enjoys her time in your setting. So thank you again ❤️😍


To: Hollie Young, Little Learners Childcare, Northampton

Thank you to my daughter, Hollie for returning to work during this pandemic, when my grand-daughter was only 12 weeks old. Managing a nursery and being a mum has been hard work for her. She has done amazingly well and we, as parents are very proud of her. She has also supported her fellow workers to keep moral going too. Thank you also to each and every member of staff at Little Learners - well done.

Helen Austin

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