St James School

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St James School

To: Mrs Osborn and Mr Chalmers, St James School

Thank you both of you, for being there when I needed someone to talk to and thank you for always supporting me when I am feeling down. I really appeciate your help. :)

Mollie Field

To: Sodexo Workers, St James School

Thank you for making my food hot and ready every break and lunch πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Zack Dale

To: Ms Gee, St James School

Thank you Miss for all your help in English this year. You have really helped me a lot and it means a lot, especially in our exam year.

Amy Kingdon

To: Maths staff, St James School

Thank you to all the Maths staff who have worked so hard over the last few weeks to support students in catching up missed homework. They have given up hours after school helping students get up to date and fill in gaps missed through the last lockdown. We are now 2nd place in the SPARX HW League Table!! Thank you Maths teachers and well done students!

Mrs Nixon

To: All staff with a special mention for Mrs Philips, St James School

Thank you to all the dedicated teachers and admin staff that enabled school to remain as normal as it possibly could during lockdown. We felt that we were regularly updated and given feedback on school/ teaching and Covid changes. Mrs Philips stands out as a teacher that continued to give 100% throughout, sporting cat glasses and comical live lessons. Making online lessons that bit more enjoyable. St James's recognised that the mental health of their students was paramount and adjusted school days to suit. Overall a huge thank you to everyone at St James's and the students for adapting so well.


To: Everybody at St James, St James School

You have been there for me whenever I needed it. Thanks 😌😌😌😌

Kian Healy

To: Mrs Phillips, St James School

The teacher I think who has done the best during home schooling, is Mrs Phillips because she varies from pre-recorded lessons to Google Meet live lessons and still manages to teach French, as if it was all normal.

Logan Thirkill

To: To all teaching and admin staff, St James School

Just WOW! To all teaching and admin staff. You have been brilliant throughout the whole of lockdown. Nothing has been too much trouble. You have communicated well and kept the students interested and motivated - and all with a big smile on your faces. Thank you. x

Jackie Plowman

To: Everyone supporting Year 8, St James School

Thank you to everyone who has been amazing, not just throughout this lockdown, but the whole year. It's been very challenging for everyone and we really appreciate all the support you have all provided. Courtney has been amazing this past year and really tried her best in the home learning. With the routine and structure of the home learning has really helped maintain Courtney's positive attitude. Thank you for all you have done, to make all the home learning possible. Enjoy having them back to normal.

Rebecca Fox

To: Mr Jarman, St James School

I would like to thank all the teachers for their efforts and the wonderful job, during such a difficult time. My daugther, Clara (Y9) wanted to send this mesagge to Mr Jarman. Thanks for being here for me as a Tutor and making my Monday mornings more fun.

Isabel Lopez

To: Miss Vine, St James School

Thank you for your tutor time sessions with your Year 8 class. My daughter says this was the most enjoyable part of lockdown school.

Jane Whittle

To: Mr Simon Gibbs, St James School

Mr Simon Gibbs has been extremely helpful to us with any issues/concerns we have had with our daughter whether it\u2019s her education or wealthfare. Simon has responded quickly and efficiently and is always positive. We would like to thank him for all his support that he\u2019s given us as well, as others.

Mrs Zoe Lentle

To: All staff, St James School

I have to praise all of the staff, who have taught my son (in Year 7) during lockdown. Hats off to everyone for your patience and hard work. I have to work all day, everyday so the live sessions were a godsend.

Dee Freer

To: Mr Steve Brown, St James School

I have watched my son's confidence grow with his Maths during lockdown and that is certainly down to the supportive teaching and friendly, approachable manner of Mr Brown.

Dee Freer

To: Miss Connolly, St James School

A huge thank you to Miss Connolly for all her help during home learning. Her quick responses to emails and phone calls made us feel like we always had help when it was needed.

Sam Vox

To: Mr Chalmers and Mr Elcocks, St James School

I would like to say thank you for your all your hard work and amazing home learning with my children. Thank you

Gulam Rasul

To: Miss Savvas, St James School

Have several calls and emails from her to check if my daughter has a proper English learning online. So kindly! Many thanks to Miss Savvas.

Qin Zhang

To: Miss Burr, St James School

Miss Burr has been incredibly supportive and has kept in touch through the whole of my son's year 9 schooling. It has been a great help knowing where to go for help if needed.

Sarah Talbot

To: Mr D Twist, St James School

Just wanted to thank the whole teacher team for your help across all my son's home learning subjects. We tried to step back and let him self motivate himself to do all the work. But when we needed extra support, we knew you guys were only an email away. So thank you.

Ashley Colman

To: Miss Vine and Miss Bond, St James School

I'd like to say a big thank you to you both, for continuing to support Katie. For encouraging her and making her more confident.

Alison Dewar

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