The Marist School

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The Marist School

To: Senior Leadership Team, The Marist School

Thanks to all the teaching and leadership staff, for all your efforts over the years with my three daughters. All three, have loved their time at the School, made amazing friends and acheivrd incredible exam results. What more could a parent ask for from a school . Thank you all.

Matt F-H

To: The Marist School, The Marist School

During a time where worry and anxiety are rampant, the staff and teachers have gone above and beyond to stay connected and encourage all the girls to stay optimistic. It is a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful school community. Thank you for everything.

To: The Marist School with thanks to Jane, The Marist School

Thank you! A big thanks and praise back at ya, Jane! Osmington 2020 will always be very memorable, not just for the obvious reason, but also because we had a great time together and kept laughing and smiling despite the crisis' Sue Xx

To: The Marist School, Sunninghill, The Marist School

Devastated that Lucy\u2019s time has been cut short, but thank you so much to all her wonderful teachers for your inspiration, support, guidance and teaching over her time at the Senior School

To: The Marist School, Sunninghill, The Marist School

Thank you to all the staff for giving our daugthers an excellent education. Our youngest left The Marist today. She will miss the staff immensely

To: The Marist, The Marist School

I have a niece in Year 11, who has been at her school since she was three years old. We have had many conversations about her friends and teachers throughout the years. Some of them very humorous, but mostly full of love for her school. I just wanted to thank all the staff for all their hard work and the sensitive way you are dealing with such a difficult situation

To: The Marist, The Marist School

Thanks for looking after my girls and for keeping us so well informed. Things must be really hectic and we really appreciate your efforts

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