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Rolleston Primary School


To: Julie Poutney, Rolleston Primary School

Thanks for all your help. You're amazing!! ❤️

Faheemah Patel

To: Sarah Hearn, Rolleston Primary School

Thanks for all you do and all your help everyday ❤️

Faheemah Patel

To: Sarah Platt, Rolleston Primary School

Thanks for helping me out. Much appreciated 😊

Faheemah Patel

To: Kelly Taylor, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you for the constant support and positivity 😊. The sense of humour helps too 😉

Claire Goodhew

To: Claire Goodhew, Rolleston Primary School

You are a 🌟!! Always are xx SH🤓x

Sarah Hearn

To: Nicola Taylor, Rolleston Primary School

Massive THANK YOU for all your help and support.

Sarah Hearn

To: Meena Atwal, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you for keeping me sane 🤪

Sarah Hearn

To: Chris Taylor, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you for all your help with you know who 👍

Sarah Hearn

To: Ms S Virdee, Rolleston Primary School

I would like to appreciate Miss S Virdee for working very hard during the pandemic. She treated her 4SV Class like her own children. She was going an extra to make sure her pupils achieve great. Well done Ms Virdee. We appreciate you. Please don't tire in doing good, as your labour is not in vain.

Hilary Jo Pious

To: Miss Rainbow, Year Partner, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you to my wonderful and fabulous Year partner for being a wonderful Year partner and a pleasure to work with.

Faheemah Patel

To: Erna Sullivan, Rolleston Primary School

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on Talk4Writing today. You are going to do great things with writing.

Chris Taylor

To: Linda White, Rolleston Primary School

Just wanted to say a massive shout out to Mrs White for constantly asking if I\u2019m ok. Oh the hand cream. Thank you so much xxx

Deb Hardy

To: Mr Taylor, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you for being a fantastic teacher. You are definitely one of the best!! Both my children have had you as their teacher and absolutely love being in your class.

Lacey Moran

To: Steve Bush, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you for all your help in class. :)

Shannon Orton

To: Erna Sullivan, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you for your hard work around organising T4W. I found yesterday's session very useful. :)

Shannon Orton

To: Kelly Taylor, Rolleston Primary School

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy working alongside you. We make a great team and I really appreciate all the support you give me.

Mrs Claire Goodhew

To: Alison Robinson, Rolleston Primary School

Well done Mrs Robinson for your class's fantastic performance and delivering the Talk for Writing lesson with such enthusiasm!

Erna Sullivan

To: To all teaching staff, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you to all the teachers at Rolleston Primary School. Lockdown hasn't been easy for pupils or staff and circumstances with remote learning has been challenging, but we got through together. Regardless of the year groups you teach, you've all come together and created some amazing fun lessons and wacky crazy challenges to help pupils and parents stay positive and upbeat. They've been fun to have a go at and enjoy. Thank you for your support and communications through this lockdown! You are proof not all heroes wear capes!!

Nicola Robertshaw

To: Foundation 2 Team (Miss Hubert & Mr Brownbill) and Hannah on Reception!!, Rolleston Primary School

All staff here at Rolleston are just brilliant! I am bowled over by the work and dedication put in by all of the teachers and staff in Foundation 2. The work packs have always been more than I expected, so well thought out and packed full of learning. Keeping up on Twitter is incredibly fun too - we love all the challenges set for us and it just makes us feel like we aren\u2019t stuck at home all alone. You\u2019ve kept in contact. We could not have done this without the help and support from you all. I will forever be grateful and appreciative of what teachers do behind the scenes. It can\u2019t be easy, but you all somehow manage it! I\u2019m in awe! Not only have Rolleston been great with home learning, but Reception have checked in at home too. I wasn\u2019t using my free school meal voucher as I didn\u2019t know how to access it. Hannah called me up and talked me through it. It was accessed within half an hour and I had \xa330 to spend at the local shop of my choice and to go towards food for the week, which was a godsend in January! That check in phone call meant everything to me! Thank you so much Rolleston. You\u2019ve been amazing. X

Jess Blurton

To: Foundation 2 Team, particularly Miss Hubert, Rolleston Primary School

Thank you so much for teaching, entertaining, challenging and supporting Aoife during this time. She loves you all so much! You have gone over and above our expectations. Your communication has been amazing and you have really helped Aoife excel with the learning packs, messages and videos. You must be exhausted, but know that you are so appreciated! Your efforts do not go unnoticed! Thank you!!!

Dan, Jamie and Aoife James

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