Chesham Bois C.E. School

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Chesham Bois C.E. School

To: Miss Tilbey, Chesham Bois C.E. School

I would like to thank Miss Tilbey on her work during the lockdowns. She is involved with every Year Group and shows such care for all her pupils. She is dedicated to the children's education. It has clearly been a strange year for all, but Miss Tilbey has added stability and reassurance for families which we are grateful for.

Rachel Ellis

To: Mr Banks, Chesham Bois C.E. School

I\u2019d like to thank Mr Banks for his structured daily lessons on English and Maths. It has kept Thomas focused and allowed him to plan and get through the work with. Also video recordings to rewatch if necessary. When the class are able to work in partners to check each other\u2019s work, allows more interaction for the class, which has proved a great benefit to Thomas. Many thanks.

Rachel Ellis

To: Mr Byrne, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Thanks for the fun PE sessions, Joe Wiggs, Trump and the Boris Downing Street Briefings. Matthew has found these fun and hilarious! The PE 80\u2019s music workout was popular for for me too! We really appreciate the effort you are put into these sessions. We loved Mitty Patel and Nicola Sturgeon putting in appearances too! We all look forward to his weekly updates.

Rachel Eliis

To: Miss Mitterhuber and Mrs Pimenta (Y4), Chesham Bois C.E. School

A big thanks to Miss Mitterhuber for the variety of lessons and interaction with pupils daily. Her video lessons (including Mrs Pimenta\u2019s) have been very clear and useful for Matthew. It\u2019s great to also get feedback from the specified uploaded work. Also, the MTV Cribs has been very popular too. Matthew enjoys seeing his friends on this.

Rachel Ellis

To: Mrs Hassan, Ms Goodenough and Mrs Newton, Chesham Bois C.E. School

THANK YOU all so much for all your amazing efforts to teach the children remotely this half-term and to keep them engaged. The daily zoom calls help so much to give a bit of normality and shape to the day, give a lovely opportunity to see friends faces and have a little bit of much needed interaction. The videos have gone a long way to help the kids understand what work they have to do each day, and really help me as a parent. All the messages of praise are really appreciated and help a lot. Thank you so much!

Katie Winstanley

To: Miss Candy and Miss Rose, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Thank you for all the thought and effort that has gone into this half-term of teaching. We really appreciate the daily input first thing in the morning. Thank you also for feedback and encouragement to the kids.

Mrs Jones

To: Mr Byrne, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Joe Wiggs and now Boris Wigson are truly inspired. All of us look forward to the next instalment each week, so you are not just making a difference to the children. Thank you for making lockdown a little bit less rubbish.

Jessica Warr

To: Miss Mitt and Mrs Pimenta, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to the teaching videos. It is a lifesaver, when I am working. Also thank you for the quick feedback on the submitted work. It makes such a difference to her motivation.

Jessica Warr

To: Miss Walker, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Thank you Miss Walker for providing such engaging and fun home learning throughout this half-term. We really appreciate your care and nurturing of the children. Ben thinks you're great! Have a well deserved rest over half term and hopefully it won't be long until normality can resume.

Paul & Esther Russell

To: Mrs Hassan, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Thank you Mrs Hassan for all your encouragement of Emily, both remotely this half-term and in school before Christmas. You have been super supportive and we couldn't have asked for more from her teacher. Have a well deserved break over half-term.

Paul & Esther Russell

To: Mr Byrne, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Thank you for all the fun you have created with your Boris Wigson and Joe Wicks characters. The Bois Lane briefings have been so funny 😆 Mummy says, please can you do a Boris 80's workout every day! #savem&s #percypigsayshello

Emily Russell

To: Miss Corr, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Thank you for the tireless efforts in the daily zoom calls and throughout the day in helping Year 2 children's home-schooling. We are grateful to you for your patience and attention to detail. This pandemic has showed us how tough a job it is and to be a good teacher.

R Ramachandran

To: Miss Corr, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Dear Miss Corr, thank you for all the work you do and being so nice. You are the best teacher ever. You make school fun and very interesting. I cannot wait to go back. Millie G

Millie Gonzalez

To: Mrs Hassan, Mrs Newton and the rest of the teaching staff, Chesham Bois C.E. School

A HUGE thank you to Mrs Hassan, Mrs Newton and the rest of the teaching staff for all their hard work, support and determination in engaging the children and providing the home schooling materials. We totally appreciate your hard work, as you continue to support/teach those children, who are also attending school. This must be a difficult juggling act. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs Spinks

To: Miss Mackland, Chesham Bois C.E. School

A really big thank you from Addison for making me laugh andfor really good PE lessons (Sorry Mr B) .

Paula Hinchcliffe

To: All the staff, Chesham Bois C.E. School

Thank you for your all your hard work, dedication, enthusiasm and positivity which radiates through to the children. We appreciate it so much!

The Russell’s

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