Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

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Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

To: All Staff, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

I would like to wish all staff at Cranbrook Education Campus, a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your hardwork this term. Enjoy the Christmas break. Emma Smith x

Emma Smith

To: Mrs Thomas, Mrs Acher, Mrs Dowrick and Mrs James, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you for meeting with the parents/carers of your Tutees last week, during Year 7 "Meet The Tutor Evening".

To: Mrs Bond and Mrs Salter, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

For just being amazing. Always smiling and welcoming every child individually in the mornings, It makes such a difference. Also for helping my little lady settle so well into Year 1. She is absolutely loving it already and has learnt so much in this space of time! Thank you both, your truly amazing xx

Sonya Rodrigues

To: Mrs Goode, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Mrs Goode has been amazing at getting Elsie settled in pre-school. Elsie absolutely loves going to school and seeing her teacher and when she makes crafts at home, it's always to give to Mrs Goode or we have to pick flowers on the way to school, to give to her teacher. Thank you so, so much Mrs Goode. You are Elsie's number 1 fan :)

Gemma Derbyshire

To: Katherine Jones, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

A huge thank you to Kat for always being so willing to help! You are always so warm and welcoming. You always go above and beyond for parents and children. We are very grateful to have you at our school! 😊

Kirsty Bailey

To: Mrs Cromwell, Mrs Salter and the Sapphire team, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work and for making our children feel secure and welcome at school.

Katy Gray

To: Nursery Red Base, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Dear all, of the amazing staff in Red Base. Thank you so much for your amazing hard work with the children. My son thoroughly enjoys coming and has already made some lovely friends. He\u2019s come on leaps and bounds in the short time being there and we really appreciate you all. Thanks all, from Louise.

Louise Lowe

To: Miss White and all the Reception Team, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you so much for all your amazing efforts throughout lockdown. The work provided to Nancy and Penny has been brilliant and so easy to follow. I can\u2019t begin to imagine how much work it has been for you all and we have really appreciated it! Nancy and Penny are so excited to see you all back on Monday!

Beckah Smith

To: Mr Reynolds, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you Mr Reynolds for all you have done for Fin. He has loved having you as his teacher and we all hugely appreciate everything you\u2019ve put in place for him! You will be hugely missed!

Beckah Smith

To: Everyone, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

As a double critical worker household, we have had to send the kids in for a few days a week. Because of this, they have attended home schooling as well as essential school, both in Primary and Secondary. We would like to thank all of the staff in all areas of the campus for supporting us, our children and our community. We are so glad the children have settled in to CEC and are thriving in these difficult times. We can't thank you enough!! You have all done an amazing job!!

Kelly Connor-Fortune

To: Mr Reynolds, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you so much for the fantastically interesting live English lessons for year 4. Sophie has loved every lesson and I have loved hearing the enthusiasm and energy you bring and share with the children. I know we are incredibly lucky to have such engaging teachers, but it\u2019s been great to be able to hear the lessons first hand and know that our children will thrive at school.

Chantal Russell

To: Mrs Eagers-Bee, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you so much for the amazing live Maths lessons and the way you champion all the children to try their best and give them time to think and answer. Sophie\u2019s confidence has grown in the last few weeks and she has really loved her lessons. I have loved listening in to and being a witness to the incredible high calibre of teaching at CEC.

Chantal Russell

To: Miss Noble, Miss White and Mrs Conway, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Big thank you to Miss Noble for all the lovely voice note feedback given on home learning over the last few months. And thank you to Miss White and Mrs Conway for all the live sessions they've provided ❤️

Louise Tellem

To: Mrs Eagers-Bee, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

A massive thank you to Mrs Eagers-Bee for her awesome Live Maths lessons, and for spending some extra time with Ethan, when he did not quite understand. Even I love listening to them. Thank you so much 🙂

Emma Griffiths

To: Miss Furzer, Mrs Cromwell, Miss Noble and all in Year 1, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you for all your hardwork and dedication the last 5/6 weeks. Adapting to providing home schooling lessons and still having a full week at school must be such hardwork! The Live lessons and few messages acknowledging great work completed, so makes our children feel like they are not forgotten! From Oscar B\u2019s parents. Hope you have a relaxing half-term and miss everyone at school! From Oscar B.

Nina Seldon

To: Mr Reynolds and Mrs Eagers-Bee, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

For being so positive and making Ava feel welcome and comfortable on her first full week back. She has been very anxious about coming in, but she is really enjoying it now and you've both made her feel so much better. Thank you. You're really amazing x

Sonya Rodrigues

To: Mrs Conway, Miss Allum and Mrs Salter in Violet Base, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you to all the wonderful staff in Violet Base. You are all truly amazing, always working hard and always welcome Hallie in with a smile on your faces. Thank you so much for all you do. You're all great - Hallie has loved being back with you all x

Sonya Rodrigues

To: Reception Staff with special thanks to Miss Noble, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you so much for your care and dedication this term. Your pre-recorded videos and Lives have helped us massively and we have loved them. Also a big thank you to Miss Noble for her lovely comments and voice messages left on our handed in work.

Emma Smith

To: Ms Noble, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

Thank you for your voice message feedback on submitted home learning in recent weeks. It is so good to receive positive and helpful feedback and the boys really look forward to hearing from you. You also gave some very helpful ideas for Maths games to play with my resistant Reception learner! Thank you!

Trudi Hole

To: Miss Bamford, Cranbrook Education Campus, Exeter

We would like to say a massive thank you for everything you\u2019re doing to help the children learn at home. Our little lady loves your lessons and has started reading Harry Potter herself (she particularly likes your Hagrid). You\u2019re amazing with her. Have a wonderful half-term.

Helen Bridle

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