Chertsey High School

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Chertsey High School

To: All of you!!!!, Chertsey High School

Well done all of you!!

Richard Croft

To: CHS Family, Chertsey High School

A simple 'Thank You' can never express the gratitude I have for Zelia and all of the staff at CHS. You have gone above and beyond in the most difficult of times, to support our children, and sometimes us parents, when no doubt struggling yourselves. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Each and every one of you.

Ali Leahy

To: All at CHS, Chertsey High School

Thank you for all so much for the support given during this unprecedented period. My daughter is thriving at CHS and that's down to you. You care and that's a massive part of being happy at school!

Heidi Noble

To: Miss Phillips, Chertsey High School

Thank you Miss Phillips for caring about my daughter and I when we were having a really difficult time. Thank you for your concern and keeping in contact with us regularly through that time and when we were in need. You are a lovely person and CHS are very lucky to have you.


To: All staff, Chertsey High School

Thank you all staff for keeping everyone safe.

Richard Croft

To: All staff, Chertsey High School

I would like to thank all the staff at CHS for the wonderful way my grand-daughter has been welcomed and treated since she started there. The caring and understanding has helped to make her time happy and productive. She has blossomed into a confident and happy young lady and has produced some outstanding work due to the constant encouragement she has received. So well done one and all.

Mary Archer

To: To all the CHS team, Chertsey High School

Thank you simply doesn\u2019t seem enough for the way you have got our children (and us!) through this. Your support of our children has been truly amazing. So grateful to be part a part of CHS. Thank you for all you do. Every. Single. Day. x

Gina Moody

To: All staff members at CHS, Chertsey High School

Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone at CHS. Thank you for all your support, not only during remote learning, but also everything you have put into place to help with transitioning back into being in school.

Michelle Warren

To: All the staff, Chertsey High School

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication, plus supporting the students and parents throughout this testing time. You are the best - thank you!

Julia Varga

To: Everyone, Chertsey High School

Thank you to all of you! It's been a difficult year for everyone, but you all have been so supportive throughout! 😍

Clare Cloake

To: All staff, Chertsey High School

I'd just like to say how smart your students look. As a teacher myself, I know that is not easy to achieve. It's also an indication of shared values and high expectations. Well done.

Sheila Daly

To: Mrs Munnik, Miss Wheeler and Mr Hicks, Chertsey High School

Thank you all for your amazing work during such a difficult time and for your information sharing and unfailing support to both pupils and parents alike. Very much appreciated.

Helen Sanders

To: Mr Cooper, Chertsey High School

Mr Cooper, I would like to thank you for being one of the best teachers, even under the horrific circumstances that we find ourselves in. I think that I wouldn\u2019t have anyone else to teach drama. Kind regards. Sam 9BE2.

Samuel John Bentman

To: Zelia and Staff, Chertsey High School

Thank you so much for your guidance and continued strength in another tricky time!! We appreciate you all and grateful for the teaching support available.

Diton Family

To: All Staff, Chertsey High School

Thank you for keeping everything running smoothly during this time. God bless you all.

Sophie OSullivan

To: Mr Bamford, Chertsey High School

Thank you Sir, for keeping up your enthusiasm during this tough time. Continue to push through (we'll get there eventually). I really have a passion for science (even though I may struggle). Keep doing what you're doing.

Aimee Gibbs

To: Zelia Munnik and staff, Chertsey High School

To the most wonderful teaching staff and the most inspirational Head Teacher. You go above and beyond your roles to ensure that the children thrive in school. Zelia, you have opened a school and led it in the most difficult of circumstances. The love and dedication of you and your staff is absolutely outstanding! As a parent, I could not ask for a better environment for my child!

Leigh-Anne Dimech

To: Miss Wheeler, Chertsey High School

Dear Miss Wheeler, We would like to thank you for your incredible hardwork getting to know our daughter, Genevieve. It has been without a doubt, a very difficult year for every one, but you have made an incredible difference to Genevieve. Thank you so much.

Alison Hogan

To: Miss Sheen, Chertsey High School

Thank you for going above and beyond to look after Poppys mental/emotional well being. It's lovely to know she always has someone to turn to if she's overwhelmed at school.

Claire George

To: All staff, Chertsey High School

Thank you all for supporting my L. He has grown so much with all your help and support. L misses seeing you all. Thanks for helping him stay positive with the online learning. Stay strong, keep being awesome and we will see you again when it's safer. Keep being the best! Thank you.

Lavinia Hennessy

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