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Elangeni School

To: All Staff, Elangeni School

Huge thanks to you all for making this term so ‘normal’ for our little people. One more get up! We’ve got this.

Alex Burns

To: Mrs Bourne, Mr Austin, Mrs Higham, Mrs Andrews and Miss Game, Elangeni School

Thank you so much for all your efforts to support the year 3 Christmas production. We know how hard you all worked to make it a success, particularly in current circumstances. It was so special to see the children on stage after such a long time, but we know none of it would have happened without all of you. Thanks for the memories. Merry Christmas!

Natalie Yeoh

To: Mrs Prescott-Pounds, Elangeni School

Thank you for always being so quick to offer support and help.

Jo Reeve

To: Miss Burns, Mrs Prescott-Pounds, Miss Mallard, Miss Hussey and Miss Angus, Elangeni School

Today was our first go at cross country. We were pleasantly surprised to see, that even it being a wet weekend day, there was such a good representation of Elangeni teachers and staff to encourage our children. It was a busy event and certainly, seeing them on the field was comforting for my daughter. We appreciate these extra little efforts of school staff that enrich our children’s school life experiences with weekend events. Thank you Miss Burns, Mrs Presscott-Pounds, Miss Mallard, Miss Hussey and Miss Angus. Hope you had a nice hot cup of tea/coffee after the event.

Bela Agarwal

To: All Staff, Elangeni School

Well done and thank you all for your commitment to giving our pupils a ‘normal’ half term and a return to all the opportunities we have all missed recently. 5 more get ups till half-term and a well deserved lie in!

Alex Burns

To: All Staff, Elangeni School

Well done for making such a positive start to this school year! It seems like a long time since our first day of term, but only 5 get ups till half-term! Thank you all for your contributions to our school life! Miss Burns.

Alex Burns

To: All 5D parents and Ms D, Elangeni School

A massive thanks to the parents of 5D. You have been great supporting myself and Ms D in Year 5 with our unlucky isolation days. With everything else going on this year, we couldn’t have done it without your patience with the new way of learning on teams. A big thank you for my lovely flowers and voucher and other small individual gift and lovely words in my cards have a wonderful summer keep safe. Mrs Bunce (Clare) x

Clare Bunce

To: All Elangeni Staff, Elangeni School

Thank you all for working with me in this difficult year. We have all worked hard, helping each other giving help and support on Teams, which was very very new to me. Have a wonderful Summer. We all deserve it ❤️. Keep safe. Clare xxx

Clare Bunce

To: All Elangeni Staff, Elangeni School

Thank you for all your support throughout this difficult year. The kids have been so lucky to have received such good care. Thank you, Clare.

Clare Cheetham

To: To all the Elangeni staff, Elangeni School

Thank you for helping both children and parents make it through the strangest of years. We’re massively grateful for your hard work and dedication. Enjoy very well deserved Summers and see you all in September.

Natalie Yeoh

To: Mrs Prescott Pounds, Elangeni School

Thank you so much for always being so helpful. You are especially so quick to respond on email, even when it is the evening and it is outside of the working day. Thank you for your help and enjoy a restful Summer!!! Jo Hardman

Jo Hardman

To: Mrs Prescott-Pounds, Elangeni School

Hi, a big thank you for phoning me earlier in the week and sorting out my queries so quickly. Much appreciated.

Joanna Benge

To: Miss Angus and Mrs Banyon, Elangeni School

Thank you to Miss Angus and Mrs Benyon for their care of my son. As children are not handed back to parents at the school gate, communication is harder. However, due to the care, diligence and concern for my child, they acted upon their instincts and also communicated to me. Thank you and I sincerely hope my youngest has you both too, during his Elangeni journey.

Sonya Gillam

To: Miss Burns, Elangeni School

Thank you for all you have done for both of my children supporting them whilst at your school. All the best in the future.

Louise Montgomery

To: Elangeni Staff, Elangeni School

Thank you Elangeni staff, for dedicated and well organised online lessons in the lockdown. For quick response to any queries and attention towards the kids.

Usha Kiran Immadai

To: Miss Burns & Mrs Prescott-Pounds, Elangeni School

Thanks for your ever prompt and considerate replies to our queries, requests and concerns. We really appreciate it.

Bela Agarwal

To: Ms Dyudyukova, Elangeni School

Thanks to Ms Dyudyukova, for her calm and patient disposition. In this time of so many changes and adjustments to normal life, calmness on Ms D's face was very reassuring and helped my child to settle in, with all the changes, very quickly and happily. Thank you.

Bela Agarwal

To: All Staff, Elangeni School

Wishing all staff a fun and restful Bank Holiday weekend! Thank you for all you do for the pupils of Elangeni xxx

Danielle Burridge (School Governor)

To: Elangeni School, to all staff and students, Elangeni School

Thank you to all the children and staff for making my first week at Elangeni so wonderful! I have felt warmly welcomed and look forward to continuing this term in the sunshine with you all.

Mrs Ward

To: Miss Mallard and Mrs Hamilton, Elangeni School

Thank you so much for all the positive praise and support you have given my boys this term. They haven't always found it easy, so your feedback and support has been very helpful and raised their confidence greatly. Have a lovely (well deserved) Easter 😊

Emma Andrews

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