Honiton Community College

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Honiton Community College

To: Miss S Marzougui, Honiton Community College

Thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given me. I don't know what I would have done without it!

To: Summer School 2021 Team, Honiton Community College

Thank you to everyone, who helped to make the HCC Summer School 2021 such a success. Many of our Year 7 students will be looking forward to starting next week and more confident than ever before, because of your support.

Marie-Claire Jefferies

To: Mr Brailsford, Honiton Community College

Thanks Sir.

Ruby England

To: All staff, Honiton Community College

Thank you.

Lorraine Burns

To: All staff, Honiton Community College

Thanks - the whole school have been amazing.

Kimberly Vicary

To: All staff, Honiton Community College

Thank you.

Sue Stanton

To: All Staff, Honiton Community College

Thanks. ❤️🙏

Julia Resenterra

To: All Staff, Honiton Community College

Thank you for all you have done for a very difficult half term.

Sarah Lapping

To: Honiton Community College, Honiton Community College

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff at Honiton Community College, for making me feel so welcome. I think you are all doing a fantastic job.

Sky Western

To: All staff, Honiton Community College

Thanks for all your help, to get all the Year 7 students straight back to learn and when they came back in September.

Isabelle Carrison

To: Miss Bean and All the Staff, Honiton Community College

I would like to say thank you to all the teachers and the English Department for the DEAR reading books. I would also like to say a thank you to my English teacher, Miss Bean for the amazingly fun lessons and support!

Yelena Stevens

To: All staff, Honiton Community College

Have just had my second online parent\u2019s evening. If there\u2019s anything positive to come out of Covid it\u2019s this. Speaking to the teachers from the comfort of my living room is much more preferable to the old system. I sincerely hope HCC will adopt this new system permanently. Well done to everyone involved.

Claire Nuttall

To: Miss Phillips, Honiton Community College

Miss Phillips - you are the best teacher in the world and are so so much fun.

Sky Western

To: Miss S Daw, Honiton Community College

Thank you for all the help you have given during these difficult times. It is very much appreciated!

Lilian Mae King

To: Year 7 teachers, Honiton Community College

A huge thank you for all the hard work and efforts that have gone into home schooling work. My son has worked independently, completed his tasks and lessons and been busy almost all the school day every day! The work set has been just the right level for him to work through without too much struggle. It\u2019s built his confidence in independent work hugely. You\u2019ve all worked so hard to set this work and thank you - it\u2019s been outstanding. You efforts are hugely appreciated and we wish you well with their return in March!

Julie Richardson

To: Abraham and all staff, Honiton Community College

I would like to thank everyone at Honiton Community College for the support they gave my son, especially the librarian for always seeing the best in him.


To: Glen Smith, Honiton Community College

Dear all at HCC, I finished my A Levels at HCC in 1993 and went on to become a teacher following my degree at Liverpool. I grew up in Whitebridges in Honiton and still to this day, I am proud of my roots and proud to tell you that this is where I lived. Mr Yates, my Principal, Mr Penellham and Mrs Walker (my A Level English teachers) and a host of other teachers at HCC were inspirational and key to what I have become today. Albeit 30 years on, HCC may have a different leadership with Mr Smith, yet, this school still drives for success and believes in all children through him. My brother-in-law is a partner for Ernst & Young in New York. He went to HCC, my friend works at Great Oram Street Hospital as a Snr Nurse. She attended HCC. As for me? I'm a Principal for a very large school in Abu Dhabi........from Honiton. HCC was, as it is now, an incredible school. Mr Smith is doing an amazing job, in such trying times. It's easy to complain, right?........ just spare these guys a thought who are up against the odds. HCC, I salute you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Andrew Thomas B.Ed (Hons) M.Phil NPQH, Executive Principal, Al Ain English Speaking School, Abu Dhabi

Andrew Thomas

To: All Staff, Honiton Community College

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all staff at the school for just being fantastic. We recently relocated to Devon from the Midlands with our son, who is in year 10. Obviously this has been a difficult move for him, due to him leaving his friends of many years and also the Covid restrictions. The communication from the school has been so professional and informative at all times and the staff have gone the extra mile to help us as parents, and more importantly our son to settle in to a new school.

Debbie Scotton

To: Selena Burroughs and all the teachers, Honiton Community College

I would like to thank Selena and all the sixth form teachers etc. Since my daughter joined sixth form in September 2020, Selena has gone above and beyond to help her settle in and any queries have been answered quickly. She has always done her best to resolve any issues. Thank you, Diane

Diane Enticott

To: All staff, Honiton Community College

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for The Leadership Team and all the staff for how they have handled the whole Covid situation. Right from the start, I felt fully supported to help my daughter continue her learning in the safest way possible. The news of the extremely low rates of infection for the school is brilliant and the children have been clearly taking procedures laid out by the school very seriously. My heartfelt thanks to you all. Season's greetings and wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2021.

Anna Bromley

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