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To: Dr Hamilton Grey, The Adam Practice - Poole Surgery

I had concerns regarding an urgent condition. I contacted the Surgery by telephone and was seen the same day by Dr Hamilton Grey. She arranged further investigations for me that were also completed very quickly. She then went above and beyond her duty and contacted me with the results, putting my mind at rest. I want to say thank you to the whole team. I know that GP practices are working incredibly hard and do not always get the recognition that they deserve. Thank you for being there for me.

Tanya Boulter

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

All the staff at Blandford Road Surgery, especially Dr Mowbray for their support over the last and nearly 21 months; first when I had Covid-19 and ever since with, Long Covid.

Ann Clark

To: The Whole Team, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

Always been absolutely wonderful. The Medics and their Support Staff, thank you! I have never been unable to access help or advice. Just required some patience and understanding, whilst you worked so hard through the pandemic. I hope you all feel appreciated.

To: Jackie, The Adam Practice - Upton Surgery

Just want to say a very big thank you to Jackie on Reception at The Upton Practice. She is always so helpful and offers a kind word.

To: Sarah, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

Sorry if I have your name wrong. My daughter came in for an appointment on New Year's Eve. Your kindness, compassion and thoroughness were exemplary. You admitted my daughter to Poole Hospital. She had two blood transfusions and an overnight stay. If you hadn't done what you did, things could have been so much worse, so I can't thank you enough.

Charlie Pepper-cook

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

A huge thank you to Shore Medical especially those staff working at Wessex Road Surgery. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2022

Katherine Cromwell

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

The Adam Practice have always been great since moving to them a couple of years ago; even more so that despite the pandemic, I have always been able to speak to/see someone, if needed. Thank you!

@ peach_218

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

Many thanks to all at The Adam Practice, Longfleet Rd.

Pete Borrett

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

I thank all the staff. Always well cared for. The reception ladies on the phone, this past year have thanked us for our patience, but really it’s them with patience. Care above and beyond the call. Hope you all have a wonderful 2022.

Sylvia Sharman

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

The legacy of Dr Robert Wilson Adams lives on.

Shirley Cane

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

Totally agree. Thank you to all the hardworking staff.


To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

Thank you for all your hard work to enable us to stay safe and healthy, in these difficult times!


To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

Thanks Adam Practice team! You are amazing


To: Dr Oxley, The Adam Practice

Thanks to Dr Oxley. He has time for everybody. Happy New Year to The Adam Practice.

Maureen White

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

We really appreciate everything you do for all our patients in The Practice. You really go the "extra mile". Big hugs, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Vicky Hatchard

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

Thanks xx

Anne Lupton

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

Thank you to all the staff in The Lytchett Practice. Merry Christmas xxx

Barbara Lawrence

To: All Staff, The Adam Practice

Thank you

Pearly Harris

To: Dr Oxley and All Staff, The Adam Practice

Thank you to all at Longfleet Rd. Dr Oxley is a saint. Happy Christmas to all x

Diane James

To: All the Lovely Receptionists, The Adam Practice - Hamworthy Surgery

You girls are fabulous. When the first thing you hear is, “I’ve been waiting X minutes to speak to you and when can I have my X“, you are so patient and wonderful team players.

Rebecca Carron

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