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To: Claire Norman

Thank you for joining our Office Team and for your hard work, enthusiasm and willingness to do anything! You are an asset to the team! One day you will get to experience normal school life and non-Covid related things! - Liz Lawton

To: 1HJ Parents and Children

Massive thank you to those 1HJ parents and children, who are still accessing remote learning despite the frustration of continued closure x - Helen Jowett

To: Rebecca Dulieu, Helen Nott and Laura Haycock

You couldn't even write the past week! What a team, thanks for all your support. Have a restful and safe Easter! x - Jemma Linnell

To: Mrs Nott, Mrs Linnell, Mrs Dulieu and Miss Haycock

Thank you for supporting us in the office with all you do and say. Thank you for your strong leadership. I love my job! - Liz Lawton

To: Dan McFarland

Thanks Dan for always making me smile! I love our singing sessions! Thanks for your support too; I appreciate it. - Chris Daye

To: Dan McFarland and the Early Years team

To Dan and the Early Years Team. Thankyou for being great to work with especially during these challenging times in lockdown. It's been hard but we have made it fun for the children and it's been great to see them happily return to school this week! Go Team! - Chris Daye

To: The Kitchen Staff!

Thank you for working so hard during this partial lockdown to provide warm and filling meals for all of the children. The children were loving their dinners this week and when they all came back and could smell their delicious food, as they walked down the corridor! - Dan McFarland

To: Mrs Porter

Thank you so much for engaging with all of our Chestnut parents and families during this lockdown. You have been a friendly voice on the end of the phone and helped them with any queries they needed help with. - Dan McFarland

To: Miss Thompson

Thank you for all of your hard work this last week preparing our children to develop their communication and language skills through our soon to be exciting NELI programme. You have put so much hard work into the organisation and assessment. Thank you for also teaching my class on a Wednesday and Friday this week, when I have been out. You are doing wonders!! - Dan McFarland

To: Mrs Stones

Thank you for jumping straight into your NELI adventure, adding another amazing string to our offer of communication and language development here at St Mary's! The children you work with on a daily basis are thriving!! Thank you! - Dan McFarland

To: Miss Blake

Thank you for all of your hard work in Chestnut this week. Welcoming all of the children back with your kind and caring nature. Each child is so lucky to have you help them develop in their Chestnut adventure. - Dan McFarland

To: Mrs Middleton

Thank you for all of your hard work to begin developing our soon to be, flower and vegetable growing beds. I can't wait to see the children flourish in this area! - Dan McFarland

To: Mrs Iliffe

Thank you for working so hard this week to ensure that every child who has come back to school, feels safe, secure and is happy to come bouncing through the door into Rowan class!! Thank you for all of your hard work with all 60 children in Big Moves this week. Put your feet up! - Dan McFarland

To: Mrs Boal

Thank you for not only working hard every day in our classroom, but for delivering over 100 leaflets to help promote our amazing nursery here at St Mary's!! Thank you so much! - Dan McFarland

To: Mrs Khosla

Thank you for working so hard during this first week back with all of the children. You have went above and beyond. to ensure that each child feels safe and enjoys their day at school. - Dan McFarland

To: Mrs Holden

Thank you for being such a hard working and committed member of our teaching team here at St Mary's Early Years. You have slotted in so well during your first half-term in Rowan and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings. - Dan McFarland

To: Miss Daye

Thank you for being such a kind, caring and inspiring member of our teaching team here at St Mary's Early Years! You make me smile every single day! - Dan McFarland

To: Mr Mac, Mrs Khosla and all the Hawthorn Team

A huge thank you for the tireless, creative and imaginative work you put in, both inside and outside the classroom with Hawthorn. It means so very much. - Sabrina Smith

To: Miss Jowett and Yr 1 and Mr Khunti and Miss Heath Yr 6

Thanks to all the teachers, who helped and got my children to learn with so much enthusiasm and encouragement along the way. I certainly see why Charlie and Beth like you both (Miss Heath, Miss Jowett) and everyone, who has helped with the home learning. - Rachel McGowan

To: Mrs Hill

Thank you for the online work, as It was very hard with younger ones being around, but you kept so calm and did a good job with the children. - Donna Hickinbotham

To: Jemma Linnell

You have worked tirelessly throughout this partial lockdown and have developed some great relationships with some of our more vulnerable families. Thank you. - Rebecca Dulieu

To: Helen Nott

Thank you, as always for helping me and helping the school continue to develop the Curriculum and always supporting the staff. - Rebecca Dulieu

To: Claire Drew and Rebecca Forster

Hi Claire and Rebecca! Just wanted to say a big thank you for your enthusiasm and encouragement. So lovely to see your energy and enjoyment in your lesson videos! - Rachel Waldram

To: All staff

Thank you very much for adopting me as a part of your family. I have felt very welcome and supported all the time. - Laura Díaz Montes

To: Chestnut Staff

Thank you to the Chestnut Staff for all the wonderful creative ideas they engage the children in. They absolutely love and enjoy them. - Nelly Nyawako

To: Miss Diaz

Thank you for your fun learning exercises during lockdown. It's helping Martha develop an interest in Spanish and build her confidence. - Sally Nuttall

To: Mr Stanley

Thanks Mr Stanley for providing a great programme of home learning and entertaining us all with the Kane Chronicles! - Sally Nuttall

To: Carl King

Thanks Mr King for keeping our children safe while in school and providing a great programme of home learning. The morning registrations and stream have helped the children to keep in touch with their class and motivate us for the day! - Sally Nuttall

To: Mrs Lawton & Mrs Norman

Thank you to my office ladies for being amazing! Whatever I ask them to do, they do it and more! I know I am bossy :) We have handled another lockdown in style! Thank you for supporting me, your colleagues, SLT and ensuring the School is run as normal xx - Jemma Linnell

To: Mrs Linnell, Mrs Lawton and Ms Norman

Thank you for your incredible support. Not only do you play a really crucial role in helping us communicate with families but you also solve all manner of problems so efficiently. There does not seem to be anything you cannot do! - Rahul Khunti

To: KS1 Team

Thanks so much to my lovely team in KS1, for your hard work and always pulling together when we need you! x - Mrs Alba

To: Mrs Lang

Thank you for all your help for in the Year 4 team. You are amazing at supporting both the staff and the pupils. - Carl King

To: Ms Daye & Chestnut Team

Thank you for working tirelessly with the little children and helping them adapt to school life. It's wonderful to see how much they learn from all the fun activities. Thank you all so much. - Nelly Nyawako

To: Mr Newcombe

Thank you for all your help and support in Year 4. You have got to know the key worker children well in a short space of time and support their learning well. - Carl King

To: Mr Hewitt

For supporting the teachers of Year 4 throughout the closure, both in class and behind the scenes. Your support means a lot! - Carl King

To: Mrs Maisuria

Well done for taking on new challenges during lockdown and learning new skills to support the children in Year 4. - Carl King

To: Mrs Linnell

Thank you for always being there and helping with our queries and issues. You are wonderful! - Lotus De Cort

To: Mr Khunti, Miss Walden and all the Year 6 staff

Thank you for keeping Sam focused and learning, with enthusiasm and dedication. You are fantastic and very much appreciated :-) xxx - Lotus De Cort

To: Kelly-Ann Ulyatt

Thank you for always being super supportive! - Sarah Francis-Castree

To: Mrs Hill, Miss Dakin and Mrs Dharmi

Thank you for your help/advice with home learning. You've all given me lots of good advice that's been very helpful. - Sarah Francis-Castree

To: The whole staffing team

Thank you to everyone for pulling together and producing amazing remote learning and in school learning for our community. I feel incredibly proud to be your Head Teacher! - Rebecca Dulieu

To: Mrs Holden

She helps me make pretend cakes with the sand and she helps me with reading. - Daisy Dusoir

To: Miss Mee

Thank you for teaching me and doing our PE. You make my lessons fun and I’m enjoying tennis 🎾 - Marnie Dusoir

To: Teachers of 1MG Class

I would like to say thank you to the entire staff of St Marys Fields Primary School for the great work they do for our son, Shiloh Muyingo especially in this Covid-19 season. He has improved greatly in his communication, reading and understanding of the class. He always looks forward to coming to school. Thanks again from Daniel Marley - Apostle Daniel Marley

To: Mrs Francis

Thank you for always being happy and positive around the school! - Kelly-Ann Ulyatt

To: Mr Bolton

Thanks for being very helpful at lunchtimes! - Kelly-Ann Ulyatt

To: Rebecca Dulieu

Thank you for trying to make sure that our workload is manageable!! - Dan McFarland

To: To all staff with special thanks to Miss Heath, Miss Nott & Miss Dulieu

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the staff involved with Sky at St Mary's for everything they are doing to help her. From dealing with the bullying to helping her deal with and learn how to manage her anxiety. She is becoming a stronger, more confident person everyday thanks to your support and understanding. Sky may not be home learning at the moment but when she was, the way it is organised and carried out is fantastic for the kids. They are engaged from 9am-3pm with all the things they would usually do in school. You have gone above and beyond the Government's standards to give the kids the best possible chance during this horrible time. I don't think I could ever find the words to thank you enough. I am so grateful that my daughter is a part of St Mary's School. - Jade Redmile

To: Helen Nott

Thank you for always supporting me and championing my vision! - Dan McFarland

To: Mr Mac and all at Hawthorn

I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Mac and all of the other teachers in Hawthorn helping with the online work with children at home. - Charlotte McCallum

To: Mr Mac

Thank for putting in an enormous amount of effort into all the videos you do for the children. They are fun and informative. An excellent way to teach the children during lockdown. - Kylie Spencer

To: Miss Jowlett and team

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Chloe is coming on leaps and bounds learning from home, but without you it would not be possible 😁 - Teri Horton

To: Cristina Alba

Thanks for always being a fun ray of sunshine and for pulling me back when I am too hard on myself! - Dan McFarland

To: Carl King

Thank you for being such a hard working colleague, who always wants the best and to do his best! Enjoy your weekend! - Dan McFarland

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