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To: Mrs Daly

We would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Daly for everything she has done for Zayna and Class 10 this year. Throughout this year, you have given her the confidence to reach her potential and above. You're constantly pushing her to achieve more. Your belief in her has given her the ability to push herself. You are definitely the best teacher for her! Despite the challenges this year, you continued to support the students and ensured they were not missing anything or falling behind. Zayna has been blessed to have you as a teacher for the last 2 years. We are so happy that you are her teacher next year. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for her. I hope you have a lovely Summer and have a relaxed well deserved break. Naila - Naila Mohammed

To: Miss Burke

I would just like to say a massive thank you to you, for supporting Ellie through her final year at Primary School, through times we could never have imagined. Thank you for encouraging her to read again. Be proud, knowing you helped her prepare for her next chapter. - Sharon


To: Organisation or thankee

- anonymous


To: Miss O'Neill, Mrs Seitbekir and Miss Greenhalgh

Thank you for looking after me in Year 1 and helping me make progress in my learning. I have really enjoyed being with you all. I will miss you. Hope you all have a lovely summer 🌞 X - Maddox James

To: Mr Forrester

We would like to say a special thank you to Mr Forrester for always being so patient and friendly with us. Mr Forrester, we are that family that was always the last one to leave the school premises due to kids playing in the playground and you were always so kind and patient to wait for us before locking the gate and you always waited for us with a smile on your face. Thank you :) - Magda Nasadowska


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- anonymous


To: Organisation or thankee

- anonymous


To: Miss O’Neill, Miss Seitbeiker and Miss Greenhalgh

To you wonderful ladies, who have made my little boy smile. Thank you for your consistent hard work over this challenging year. Freddie had lost a part of himself through lockdown and it was something I could not get back alone. With your help, he is back to his happy (although laidback) self. We really appreciate everything you have done. - Toni Corrigan

To: Miss McCaffer, Mrs Baumber and Mr Goddard

Thank you for everything you have done for Dominik this year. Thank you for going an extra mile for him and for motivating him to excel. Thanks to your kindness and hard work, he not only has learnt a lot and developed a couple of new passions (e.g. history!), but also has become a more mature and independent young man. He will miss you all greatly. Have a great summer ☀️ 💕 - Magda Nasadowska

To: All staff

It's been a hard year. You didnt have training for this pandemic. The guidelines were changing as quick as they were published. Nobody had faced anything like this before. There were so many unknowns, but you all turned up for the kids! You were scared and still turned up for the kids! Through all the chaos you tried to keep everything calm and be a constant happy face for our kids. For that we can never thank you enough. God Bless you all. Have an amazing Summer, as you all deserve it. Thank you all so much. - Claire Treanor-Smith

To: Miss Marcroft, Mrs Aspinall, Miss Swatridge and Mrs Prince

You were the most amazing Nursery Team we could have wished for! Thanks to your hard work and your kindness, Amelia has thrived so much this year. But foremost, we will be grateful to you all, for eternity for creating this wonderful atmosphere, thanks to which she has such a positive attitude towards school and education! This is incredibly important for the little ones and those first school experiences. We cannot thank you enough for looking after her, teaching her and caring for her, for us! You were doing your job so well that she wanted to go to school in the middle of the night on one occasion 🤣🤣🤣 Best wishes to you all. Have a great summer!! 💞 - Magda Nasadowska

To: Miss Burke

We just want to say a HUGE thank you to you, for everything you have done for Grace. She has truly flourished in your class and her writing has been amazing, as you have kept her motivated and encouraged her to do more! You have been a constant calm in the chaos of online learning, dropped wifi and lost passwords. You truly make a hyge difference in these kids' lives and I thank you xxx - Claire Treanor-Smith

To: Miss McCaffer and Mr Goddard

Thank you so much, to the both of you for a fantastic year. It's been a challenging one for all of us, but we have stuck together and worked as a team. I will miss working with you, but hope you have so much fun in your new classes. Thank you. - Mrs Baumber

To: Mrs Aspinall, Mrs Prince, Mrs Swatridge and Miss Marcroft

I would like to thank Mrs Aspinall for making the transition to Nursery such a pleasant experience for both myself, Paul and Scarlett. Also being such a warm and welcoming face, even over the many Teams lessons we had. Thank you. We really appreciate you. We would also like to congratulate you on your baby news. 🥰. Thank you Mrs Prince! Your smile at the school gate is infectious! You always have time to see how we all are and have a chat. When you are not from the area like myself and don't know anybody yet, that is a huge help. Mrs Swatridge and Miss Marcroft, thank you for all the work you have been doing with Scarlett. She has come along so much while in Nursery and that wouldn't have happened, if it wasn't for your caring nature. Scarlett also says you are both funny, which is always a bonus. Thank you for all the hard work, in keeping school life as normal as could be during the horror that is Covid. You all deserve so much more than this. Have a fantastic Summer. ☀️🏖️🍷 - Rebecca Mortimer

To: Mrs Daly and Mrs Lord

Thank you to Mrs Daly and Mrs Lord for helping me through this year and giving me time and space to improve in everything and for the lovely message and gifts you gave to me ! I hope you have a safe and enjoyable break and hope to see you next year, Covid free 😊. Mia Kirk - Mia Kirk

To: The amazing teaching staff of Class 1!

I’m not sure a class has had it harder with home learning and bubble closures than EYFS this year, but we are so incredibly grateful for the support and resources provided to get us through this year. Thank you for taking care of Rory and his many injuries this year! On a personal note, I also want to say thank you to Mrs. Ellison. Rory was refusing to read his book onTteams, I was struggling to work from home whilst also helping Finlay with school work and Mrs Ellison asked me how I was and assured me I was doing my very best. Those few kind words kept me going through another difficult day and meant more to me than I can express. Thank you doesn’t quite seem enough ❤️ - Clare McIlhargey

To: The wonderful teaching staff of Class 7!

Where do I begin?! Firstly, thank you to everyone going above and beyond in what has been a truly challenging year. We are especially grateful for the additional support Finlay has received after he struggled with the transition from home learning to classroom learning again. For a little boy who loves school it was incredibly hard to see him struggle but now, at the end of the year, he is back to his joyful self and for that we can’t thank you enough ❤️ - Clare McIlhargey

To: Class 6 and Nursery

Miss McCaffers Class 6: Thank you for helping our Juliette settle into a new school so easily despite everything going on in the world. All the teachers and people we have met/zoomed have been fantastic and really happy you let us join the SJSB family! Nursery: Scarlette had never been to any pre-school or nursery before joining. You made the home to school life transition seamless and she has loved every minute of it! nThank you all! Love the Coucill Family. - Scott Coucill

To: Mrs Myerscough and the wider team.

Thank you for accommodating Sam and Stanley Taylor in Beadies for 3 on the spot days. This allowed me to continue my NHS course without worrying about my boys' childcare. The reason I needed Beadies was due to other bubble closures, which meant the parent was not able to look after my boys for 2 hours due to isolation rules. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding. - Kate Read

To: Mrs Hindle and Miss Corrigan

Thank you for all your support with Alfie over the last year. Have a fab Summer break xx - Amy Thomas

To: Miss Chadwick

Thank you so much for everything over the last few years of teaching Alfie, but especially through the past 17 months. You have been amazing. I can't thank you enough. Alfie will definitely miss you not being his teacher next year. Have a lovely Summer break, because you definitely deserve it xx - Amy Thomas

To: Miss Chadwick and Class 7c Staff

Thank you so much for all your love and support for Scarlett this last year. It's been such a difficult year, but she's excelled so much with all your help. She can get quite anxious at times, but she's always been so comfortable with you all and has been able to be confident in herself. She's going to miss you all. She's always talking about you. Thanks again. - Natalie Harrison

To: Class 11

After such a difficult year, I would just like to thank all of the class staff for keeping Archie safe, secure and motivated. Online learning has been a challenge, but we couldn’t ask for anymore effort, support and direction from the teaching and support staff. The interaction and diversity of learning has been a real credit to the school and staff. Miss Burke, you have created a more focused and motivated Archie. He has really enjoyed his learning this year and he is proud of what he has achieved, whilst in your class. Genuine care, support and encouragement. Thank you. - Claire O'Connor

To: Mrs Pearson

Thank you helping all of Class 7 become PSHE superstars! Our children are going home this Summer with so many life skills and a great understanding of themselves and those around them and that is all down to you! Also a huge thank you for helping to support the children in other areas of their learning and especially working individually with some of our children, to build their confidence. Most of all thank you for being the best deliveroo service we could have every wished for and helping to feed the children each day. We have been so incredibly lucky this year to have you play such a huge part in Team LKS2 and we are forever grateful! - Miss Chadwick

To: Mrs Daly and staff

Thank you so much for keeping the children positive and willing to learn with what has been a difficult year or so. Jayden has absolutely loved your class and is doing amazing with his school work and that is with all the help you have given him and the amazing teacher that you are 🤩. He will miss you next term, but hopefully he will still get to see you. Enjoy your break, if you manage to get one x - Maggie Hoolahan

To: The Whole School Team

I would like to thank and commend every single member of staff - the cleaning team, the kitchen team, the office team, the leadership team, the teaching team and the support staff! You are all amazing! You’ve faced challenges like never before, but you’ve stepped up and adapted to make sure our children got the best during the most challenging school year EVER!! Your resilience and commitment is outstanding, you are all amazing! Thank you to you all! Special mention to all the staff in Class 5 - Well done, you survived Harriet!!! I wish you all a very relaxed and well deserved Summer break!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 - Jamie Dickerson

To: All of Dean's Teachers, past and present

Just a huge thank you to all of the staff who have been involved in Dean's education. From the moment he started nursery, he loved coming to School and thrived. He has enjoyed every minute of it and you have all contributed hugely in guiding him to be the young man he is. Thanks also, for the time he had at Robinwood and making it so memorable for him. We all feel he has had the best start possible by being at our school x - Julie marcroft

To: Whole School Team

I am immensely proud to work with such a fantastic team, who constantly go over and above for everyone in school. I thank you all for the passion you bring to school and how that is transferred to the children. Thank you for continuing to drive standards under such difficult circumstances over the past two years. I applaud you! - Mrs. Myerscough

To: Mrs Hindle

For being the most incredible TA I could have ever wished for over the past four years! Thank you so much for all of the support that you have given both me and all the children, that we have worked with together. You have taught me so much and I have loved every single minute of working alongside you. I honestly would be nothing without you. Missing you already! - Miss Chadwick

To: Mrs Hindle and Miss Corrigan

Thank you for all the amazing support with Thomas during lockdown and the remainder of the School year. You have really helped and boosted Thomas’ confidence this year! I hope you both have the most amazing Summer holidays x - Sarah Seddon

To: Miss Blinkhorn

Thank you so much for all the wonderful support and encouragement you have given Ruby this year! We are so glad you are with her in September. We hope you have a lovely Summer break x - Sarah Seddon

To: Miss O'Neill and Class 3o

Thank you so much for all your love and support for me and Darcie during a difficult year. You have all been fab during isolating and online learning, making it fun and engaging for Darcie and supporting parents too. Thanks again xxx - Natalie harrison

To: Class 10

I just want to thank all the Staff in Class 10 for all of their support and help during a very trying time. Billy is still thriving and willing to learn even when he has to do online classes. Thank you all so much 😊 Enjoy your very much deserved summer x - Anna Douglas

To: Reception

A big thank you to all the Reception Staff for making School life so much fun for my daughter, Ocean. She really enjoys her time at School and has learnt so much. Thank you for all your amazing efforts especially in such difficult times with all the Covid rules, restrictions and isolations. Wishing that you all, have a lovely Summer break and stay safe. - Claire

To: Class 3 and 5

My wife and I wish to send our unquantifiable appreciation to all the staff of St Joseph and St Bede RC Primary School for their love and care to our kids, Adaeze and Onyekachukwu Mbaekwe. They have shown great improvement in academics, wisdom and morals. We send our prayers to all of you especially the class teachers of class 3 and 5. Mr Whalley, Miss O'Neill, Miss Greenhalgh, Miss Seitbekir, Mrs Pearson, Miss Blinkhorn and also the Head Teacher, Mrs Myerscough. May God bless you all for your outstanding job! - Amobi Mbaekwe

To: Miss Chadwick

You have been Thomas’s Teacher for 3 years now. The support, love and care you have given him has been amazing! Thank you so much for all the support you gave us both during lockdown. Despite his struggles over the years, he has come on so much and I have you to thank for that! I really hope Ruby gets to be in your class in the future. I hope you have a well deserved relaxing summer holiday :) - Sarah Seddon

To: Mr Whalley

Thank you so much for all your help and support with Ruby through a very difficult year. Despite lock downs and home learning, Ruby has come on leaps and bounds. She looks forward to coming to School and always tells us how funny you are and how much she’s enjoyed her lessons with you each day. You have been amazing! We wish you the best of luck in your new job. - Sarah Seddon

To: Mrs Hamer

I wouldn’t have been able to get my daughter, Millie in school if it wasn’t for the help of Mrs Hamer. She has gone above and made Millie feel so loved and welcomed. She is a true credit to Reception and Millie will really miss her come September. Millie told me “she is the best, because she smiles all the time to me”. - Paige Wilde

To: Class 10 and Class 8

I can’t even express into words how thankful I am for everything you have done as a school for Olivia during her time at SJSB! Every Teacher and Teaching Assistant she has ever had, has made such an impact on Olivia's and our lives! A huge thank you to Mrs Daly and Mrs Lord for making her final year so special given the way you have had to adapt! Thank you to Mr Holden and Mrs Greenhalgh for making Abigail's Year 4 such a fantastic year. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to say to every single member of staff at the school. Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Lisa Greenhalgh

To: Mrs Myerscough

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Miss Mcaffer and all staff that have worked with Amelia Rose Chadwick. But I'd also like to give a very special thank you to Mrs Myerscough for keeping our community together through such difficult times. Not only for staff and children, but for all the parents, carers and grandparents. You've been absolutely amazing. I hope you all have a very relaxing time over the Summer, stay safe and my prayers are with you all for a very safe return in September. God bless you all. - Sue Chadwick

To: Mr S Holden

Thank you for all you have done for me. - Brian Heywood-Kershaw

To: Whole School Staff

After a year of difficulty and constant change, I am hugely proud of every member of the staff team who have remained positive, dedicated and striving for the best for every pupil in their care. Thank you all for your passion, care and hard work. You make a difference every day! - Heather Daly

To: Mr Holden, Mrs Greenhalgh, Mrs Pearson, Mrs McDonald and of course Mrs Myerscough!

I would like to say a huge huge thank you, first of all for welcoming Jackson to the School before the first lockdown and making him feel so comfortable and confident. You all go above and beyond to make him feel special and cared about and he loves you all so much. I can not begin to tell you how much he has blossomed since being with you guys. Thank you for always seeing the best in him when others did not. Thanks to you, I now have so much faith and see a very bright future for my son. I would especially like to thank Mr Holden and Mrs Greenhalgh for having the patience for Jackson, 6 hours a day and continue to show him so much love, support and encouragement.. I know he is not the most calm and quiet child and can sometimes be challenging. You are all fantastic and we can’t thank you enough! I hope you all enjoy 6 weeks of peace and quiet! You truly deserve it! - Danielle Jordan

To: Mrs Greenhalgh and Mr Holden

Thank you all staff members and everyone for everything in these challenging times, from Taraji. - Taraji Elizabeth Onamu

To: Miss Keiley

We can’t thank Miss Keiley enough for all her hard work and dedication towards Daisy’s learning!! Daisy has absolutely loved Class 4 and will really miss it!! Miss Keiley has gone above and beyond during such a difficult year, especially during the isolation period keeping Daisy engaged and not missing out on any of her learning!! Thank you so much 😊 We have seen a massive change in Daisy’s confidence this year and she has loved coming into School working with Miss Keiley. A massive thank you for helping and caring for Daisy 💛 - Natalie Greenhalgh

To: Mr Holden and Mrs Greenhalgh

For my daughter to come home saying every single night, what a fun day she’s had and how much she doesn’t want to leave Mr Holden’s class, goes to show what a massive impact you’ve had on our little girl. We want to thank you, for not only educating Lola, but also bringing endless amounts of laughter during such a testing and difficult time and making her whole year full of smiles. Lola has absolutely smashed Year 4 and that’s all down to the enormous effort Mr Holden has put into her learning whether in School or home learning. Thank you so much Mr Holden and Mrs Greenhalgh for being amazing and helping Lola throughout Year 4! She will really miss you both ❤️ - Natalie Greenhalgh

To: Mrs Daly

Thank you for being such a great teacher. I will miss you in my last year, although I will still see you. Thank you for everything xx - Eliza keenan

To: Mrs Daly and Miss O’Neill

I would like to thank both Mrs Daly and Miss O’Neill for being fantastic teachers to my son (Hollie C3) and (Bradley C10). They have both been extremely supportive, both whilst in School and also during the live lessons they have been part of. It is Bradley’s last year of primary this time and it’s going to be emotional. I know he will really miss the teachers of SJSB. X - Lucy Royds

To: Miss Griffiths

- Rebecca Harrison

To: Mrs Burke

Dear Mrs Burke thank you so much for everything you have done for Bilal this year. It's a shame it's his last year. We will miss you and the School. Thank you. - Fahmida khan

To: Mrs Hamer

Thank you for all your work and support with Isla’s learning. She loves your lessons and non-stop talks about the exciting things she has learnt with you each day. - Rebecca Harrison

To: Mrs Ellison, Mrs Hamer and all the staff

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me this year. You have helped me more than you will ever know. You are amazing and I really appreciate everything you do everyday for me and all my friends. I am very proud to go to such a wonderful School. Have a great Summer and a well deserved rest. love from Mason xxxx - Mason Allen

To: Mrs Ellison

Thank you for making my girl’s first year a happy and joyful experience. She has never once not wanted to come in and learn with you. The progress she has made from September, even through all the lockdowns and isolations, is amazing. - Rebecca Harrison

To: Miss Mccaffer

I'd like to say thank you for all your hard work teaching Year 3 during your 1st year with St Joseph's and St Bedes Primary School. Amelia-Rose has loved coming into school every day and as excelled with confidence. You've dealt with my concerns quickly and kept us upto date every step of the way. Wishing you many more happy years at St Joseph's and St Bedes. - Gemma Chadwick

To: Miss Treanor

- Rebecca Harrison

To: Staff in year 3, 4 and Reception

Thank you so much for the love and kindness shown to the kids, during this period. We are so greatfull, thank you, thank you. - Helen Raymond

To: Miss McCaffer

Miss McCaffer, thank you for the caring attitude towards Jessica this year. You've helped her grow and learn. She will miss you. - Joanne clark

To: Mrs Daly

Mrs Daly, this year you have encouraged, supported and given Isabelle so much self confidence in herself. You have helped her in so many ways, not just teaching, but social as well. You have cheered her successes loudly and picked her up on her down days. We couldn't have asked for a better, nicer more caring teacher for her last year. You have shown her to be herself always. Thank you x - Joanne clark

To: Class 7 staff

Big thank you to all the ladies in Class 7. My Em has loved being with you and has enjoyed her learning in what has been a strange and challenging year. You have never been defeated and have been strong and positive role models to all the children. So from myself and Emily, a big thank you and well done 👏 - Lynsey Baumber

To: Miss Marcroft

Thank you from the bottom of both mine and DD’s heart, for how absolutely incredible you are, not just as a Teacher but as a person in whole. You're beyond everything a parent, such as myself could of hoped for in a Teacher for my boy during this year! You have done more than you know and I hope you love the present we have got you, just to say a small thank you for everything. Your a dream come true when it comes to a Teacher and I hope you know how loved and special you are to the kids and parents. I hope DD gets you again in the future as his teacher. We will both miss you. Have a fantastic break and see you in September hopefully ❤️ - Constance Mawdsley

To: Everyone

Just to say a huge thank you to each and everyone of you for helping my daughter, Lexi grow into the amazing young lady she is, especially over the last sixteen months. It’s been hard for everyone, but you have all done your best to keep all the kids safe and still provide excellent opportunity for them with trips etc. It’s a sad week as she finishes on Friday, but her journey has been a great one thanks to all teachers and staff at school. She will miss you all terribly, but I’m sure she will pop in to say hi once she’s settled at High School, and of course to see the animals 🥰 x - Mrs Paula Taylor

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