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To: Foundation 2 Team (Miss Hubert & Mr Brownbill) and Hannah on Reception!!

All staff here at Rolleston are just brilliant! I am bowled over by the work and dedication put in by all of the teachers and staff in Foundation 2. The work packs have always been more than I expected, so well thought out and packed full of learning. Keeping up on Twitter is incredibly fun too - we love all the challenges set for us and it just makes us feel like we aren’t stuck at home all alone. You’ve kept in contact. We could not have done this without the help and support from you all. I will forever be grateful and appreciative of what teachers do behind the scenes. It can’t be easy, but you all somehow manage it! I’m in awe! Not only have Rolleston been great with home learning, but Reception have checked in at home too. I wasn’t using my free school meal voucher as I didn’t know how to access it. Hannah called me up and talked me through it. It was accessed within half an hour and I had £30 to spend at the local shop of my choice and to go towards food for the week, which was a godsend in January! That check in phone call meant everything to me! Thank you so much Rolleston. You’ve been amazing. X - Jess Blurton

To: Foundation 2 Team, particularly Miss Hubert

Thank you so much for teaching, entertaining, challenging and supporting Aoife during this time. She loves you all so much! You have gone over and above our expectations. Your communication has been amazing and you have really helped Aoife excel with the learning packs, messages and videos. You must be exhausted, but know that you are so appreciated! Your efforts do not go unnoticed! Thank you!!! - Dan, Jamie and Aoife James

To: To all staff

Thank you for all the extra efforts all teachers make to help our children grow, and the challenges to encourage them, to face and help them, become who they are.🙂 A huge thank you for always supporting, helping, staying connected with children and parents.😊🙏💐. Stay safe. Regards. Freny and Surya xx - Freny Haithiwala

To: Mrs Burns

Me and Thomas would like to give a huge thank you to Mrs Burns. Keeping the spirits up with home learning and keeping Thomas encouraged. 🥰 - Keeley Brandon

To: Whole School Team

I would like to say a huge big thank you to everyone at Rolleston School. You are working above and beyond for all the families in your care. I really do hope you all manage to find time to have a well deserved break over half-term. - Karen Lambert

To: Mr Brownbill & Mrs Burns

Thank you for being great teachers to my girls! They love being in your class and it has helped them so much, especially in these hard times! I can tell all of the other children, love you both as well! - Rebecca Bailey

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