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To: Adults Education College

Thank your for your hard work. - Mandeep Douley

To: St Michael's

I would like to give thanks to all those parents who serve on PTA's in our schools. Your roles and fundraising activities make an enormous difference and are greatly appreciated by all parents; especially by Heads and their teams. - Sandie

To: Stockbridge Primary School

Amazing work by all those involved in the FOSS PTA. Well done indeed! - Samantha Melville

To: Lord Williams’s School

Thanks to all of the school, including the fantastic PTA, for your great work during the lockdown ! Thank you and hope you manage some time off this summer ! - Rob McLoughlin

To: Twickenham Prep School, London

Thank you for all of your wonderful support and contributions. - Jennifer Buron

To: Chesham Grammar School

I'd like to thank the Friends of Chesham Grammar School PTA who do a fantastic job in raising funds to provide additional resources to improve facilities and to broaden the scope of educational experiences available to all students at the school. - James McLoughlin

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