Other Key Workers

Other Workers Thanking Wall


Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.

To: All the cleaners

Thank you! - Julie Mervyn Read

To: Cameron, Sainsbury's Banbury

A special thanks to Cameron, who not only assisted me and when he could see I was struggling in store, but he also finished my shopping while I rested and even carried it to the car. - Ann Brooks

To: All workers at Herts Ambulance Services

Hi and I am sorry this has taken time. Thank you lovely lads and lassies, who helped me on 13/03/2019. You took me originally from Hemel to Watford then from Watford to Hertford. Both teams were lovely and together saved my life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Ann Davidson

To: All workers

Thanks for all the things you did - Anonymous

To: Hele Post Office, Sticklepath, Barnstaple

I want to thank Sonova Marie Galliford, The Post Office Manager for saving and collecting all their used postage stamps in aid of The Devon Air Ambulance Trust. I'd like to also thank both Jo and Bob, who work alongside Sonova for their kindness and help when I'm posting letters etc. A huge thank you to both for becoming my sisters in 2019! - Mr. Benjamin Paul Howell

To: All Fire Service workers with special thanks to the Cardiff branch

I would like to sincerely thank the Fire Service for coming so promptly (within 15 minutes) from sending an email, talking to call staff and 5 mins later they were here. They checked all the electrics and could not identify a problem. They also fitted new fire and heat alarms plus a carbon monoxide disc. It put my mind at rest. I am disabled and they were so helpful. I can now sleep peacefully. THANK YOU TO ALL FIRE personnel in Cardiff and around the UK. - Veronica

To: Prison officers

Thank you for keeping us safe. - Anonymous

To: Tollcross Pharmacy, Glasgow

We would like to thank everyone working in the Tollcross Pharmacy in Glasgow, who have been awesome collecting and delivering our medication. Our thanks to them all. John and Megan. - John Williamson

To: All workers

Thankyou to everyone keeping us going at this hard confusing time from the NHS, delivery driver, supermarket workers, postal worker, cleaner, teacher T.A....anyone still working,You are amazing . - Anonymous

To: Sainsbury's suppermarket Kempston in Bedfordshire

Thank you to all the staff for keeping the store open and running smoothly during these difficult and uncertain times. - Anonymous

To: All workers

Many thanks to everybody who are keeping us all going through this.You are all fantastic - Melanie-Jsyne Peaty

To: Supermarket staff

Thank you to all the staff working at my local supermarket. Each day you give your customers a smile and are always happy to help. Thank you 🙂 - Juliette

To: All workers

Thank you to everyone in the UK, who is abiding by the rules right now... But no one deserves a thanks as much as the shelf stockers, NHS workers, bus drivers, and all the other key workers. - Anonymous

To: All essential workers

God bless you - Bobbyboy67

To: Benfleet sorting office

Thank you to all the posties 👍 - Lorraine

To: Posties, couriers and delivery drivers

Thank you to all the thousands of people who have delivered all of the extra mail and parcels during these difficult times. - Lorraine

To: Amazing workers

Thank you to all the amazing workers that are truly amazing my mum went to work and help at Heathrow thank you everyone - Katie

To: Other Heroes

Not all heroes fly, some farm and some care, but they're all there and everyone needs them and everybody is grateful! - Anonymous

To: Boots Nottingham factory workers

Thank you to all the loyal, hardworking and brave production workers and pickers working in Boots Nottingham factory. They have worked cheerfully full time through the crisis often travelling to work on public transport. - Anonymous

To: UPS workers

A big thank you to my fellow colleagues at UPS for working tirelessly throughout the pandemic to ensure packages and especially medical items were delivered - Anonymous

To: Manchester Metrolink Drivers

As a regular passenger on Metrolink I would like to pass my thanks on to all the drivers who are doing their job with smiles on their faces and with positivity despite the current circumstances. Without Metrolink I would not be able to go to work for the NHS and help to save lives. - Anonymous

To: Claudia

Thanks to Claudia from her landlady for offering and then delivering groceries to my door. - Susan Hall

To: To all refuse collectors, post people and delivery drivers

Thank you to all refuse collectors, post people and delivery drivers - @sh.aron4216

To: Sunninghill Post Office staff

I would like to give thanks and praise to Sunninghill Post Office staff who have stayed open enabling us to send parcels, return unwanted online shopping and buy decent birthday cards! It is much appreciated x - Ruth Bannerman

To: All essential workers behind the scenes

Thank you to all those in the background, who keep the Internet running and secure so our loved ones can access a safe education. Also so the NHS can keep caring for us. The access to essential services for family members who can't leave their homes and so we can at least communicate with and see one another in cyberspace. You truly are key. Much love to you all and to those who are special to you too. Thank you x - D

To: Post Office, Manchester City Centre Crown Office

Thank you Manchester City Centre Crown Office for keep going and keeping some normality. You are wonderful and caring people - Glen

To: All key workers including bin men, pharmacists and supermarket workers

Thank you all key workers for everything you are doing... Bin men, pharmacists and supermarket workers. Remember you're just as essential as any other keyworker - you are all amazing 👏👏👏👏 - Anonymous

To: All NHS and essential key workers


To: All people working in Government

I want to thank all those people in the Government, who are working tirelessly, around the clock, to keep us safe. I want to hold each person up in prayer, as they are tasked with responsibilities that very few of us would welcome. So grateful that we live in the UK, where we are being looked after more than many nations. - Anonymous

To: Boots Pharmacy with special thanks to Gillian Lamb

Thank you Gillian Lamb. Gillian is primarily a pharmacist assigned as our Store Manager in a large high street store. I would like to thank her on behalf of myself, my colleagues and all our patients for keeping us safe,sane and extremely well managed at this time. Gillian ensures all areas of the store, dispensary, carehome, Medicare and retail are looked after and running efficiently to then return to her own family life. She really deserves a gold star. - Sharlene

To: London Borough of Southwark

I would like to shout out a special big thank you to the entire London Borough of Southwark team for housing me at a hotel during sleeping rough this week myself. I am truly thankful for all of u for arranging shelter and food for me. Please keep up the good work and I hope u and all ur loved ones also survive through this pandemic - Jay Girdhar Makwana

To: Lerwick Co-op Staff

You guys, like so many retail workers, have been in the front line since the very start. Until recently, your only PPE was a few crates in front of the counter to keep us customers a few feet away. We literally could not live without you. You're heroes too. Thank you. - Peter Kerr

To: All essential workers including all cleaning staff

Thank you to all key workers, including cleaners that are keeping Britain moving. Thank you for risking your lives to help others. - Anonymous

To: Refuse collectors, Kemberton

Hello refuse collectors, who collect from Kemberton. Thank you so much for carrying on through the pandemic. We all appreciate your excellent service - Teresa

To: Captain Tom Moore

What an inspiration you are Captain Tom! Just when life was feeling bleak, you lit up our days with your courageous spirit and infectious enthusiasm for life! How fitting to receive a heroes' 'fly over' on your 100th birthday! - Benedict James

To: Whitechapel Mission

Paste the message in here - Jay Makwana

To: Holiday Inn Express Limehouse

A big thank you to all the Holiday Inn Express staff at their Limehouse location to help maintaining 78 homeless residents, a special big thank you to the cleaning crew, you do a smashing job cleaning our rooms. Stay safe and I hope you and your loved ones make it out safe - Jay Girdhar Makwana

To: Humberside Police, Fire Rescue and Ambulance Services

I would like to thank all the public sector staff for their ongoing dedication and commitment throughout COVID-19. Amazing service, professionalism and services delivered promptly. #Holderness residents in #HU12, #HU11, and #HU19 really appreciate efforts from Humberside Police. Thank You - Rachel

To: St Mungo's Community Housing Association

Thank you St Mungo's for supporting and housing 700 homeless people in the United Kingdom. Big shout out to the Limehouse support, medical and secuity team. You are doing above and beyond your duty to keep us safe. Keep up the good work. I hope you and all your loved ones make it out alive through this global pandemic. God Bless and stay safe.<br />
Click <a href= - Jay Girdhar Makwana

To: Fire fighter

A huge thank you to my husband, Jim for carrying on helping and saving all who need him; very proud of you 💙 - Katherine Thompson

To: St Mungo's Community Housing Association

Thank you St Mungo's for supporting and housing 700 homeless people in the United Kingdom. Big shout out to the Limehouse support, medical and secuity team. You are doing above and beyond your duty to keep us safe. Keep up the good work. I hope you and all your loved ones make it out alive through this global pandemic. God Bless and stay safe. - Jay Girdhar Makwana

To: Morrison Utility Services

Thank you to all the guys who are keeping our water safe and clean - Anonymous

To: The Steel Trade

I'd like to thank all those working in the steel trade going into work to ensure supply for hospital beds, chairs & additional temporary accommodation required by our NHS and armed forces during these hard times. - Matt Hall

To: Kingston Police

Thank you for keeping us safe in these hard times - Anonymous

To: Kings Sutton Post Office

We would like to thank Pete at our local Post Office, who has been delivering groceries after his shift and so that we can stay safe at home. - Ann and Terry Brooks

To: Amazon Delivery

Amazing customer service and deliveries always on time. Keep up your excellent work - Anonymous

To: Ocado

We have been blessed to get an order most weeks to help us and our neighbours in our street. Keep up this supersonic work @ocado thank you - Anonymous

To: Kenneth - BBC Reception

I would like to thank Kenneth at the BBC Switchboard, for helping me find the people at the BBC, and listening to my request. - Paddy

To: Security staff, bus drivers and shop owners

A BIG THANK YOU to all security staff, bus drivers and shop owners for still working. You are all very important and so it's sad that no one hardly thanks you ♥️ - Tracy and Izzy

To: The Dusty Yak Help the Homeless Project with special thanks to Lou and Matt

Well done to Lou & Matt and all the volunteers helping to feed the homeless. Stay safe - Toby

To: Police with special thanks to Laurie

Well done to my amazing sister, Laurie and her colleagues in the Police. Risking their lives to ensure that everyone is safe! Very grateful to all the keyworkers 👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ - Jess

To: Retirement Security Limited Courts

Thanks to all staff in Retirement Security Limited Courts - your commitment, professionalism and level of compassion for others has been fantastic. Well done everyone - Anonymous

To: Foster carers

Thank you for all you are doing, not only helping children who are in need of a safe and loving home, but doing it under such circumstances ❤️ - Anonymous

To: John Cadden

Many thanks to my amazing neighbour, John, who has been contacting those at risk and offering to collect groceries and medication for them - Anonymous

To: Funeral workers

Thank you to all the funeral workers giving all their time and effort in these difficult times. You go out of your way to do your best for the bereaved families, despite it being incredibly stressful and emotionally draining. - Bethan

To: 14forty Cleaners at Cadent Gas, Hinckley

Thanks to the 2 cleaners at Cadent Gas, Hinckley. - Anonymous

To: Daisy B

Lesley Brown thank you for looking after the most vulnerable people in our society at this most difficult time. Where would they be without you getting into your car & travelling to their homes to care for them. I know you go above & beyond what you're supposed to do for them & knowing you, you are doing that even more so now. Well this is just a little message to show how loved & appreciated you are at this most difficult time. It's people like you that are keeping the country running & looking after our most vulnerable when you should be at home safe yourself. Thank you for all your hard work. X! - Miss Louise Norman

To: Thackley Green

Lisa Jackson this is a little message to thank you for getting up & going to work to look after people who can't look after themselves. They are lucky to have you looking after them especially at this time. You're doing an amazing job & it's times like these when you need that little extra boost to show much you are appreciated & loved, especially when your own health is not 100%. Keep being you & looking after those people who need it most. You are doing brilliantly. X! - Miss Louise Norman

To: Support workers

To the whole team I thank you for all of the hard work you do at all times, but especially now. Coming in with a smile on your face to ensure that everything stays as normal as possible for those in our care. Thank you, Tammy ❤❤❤ - Tammy

To: New Possibilities

To all of my colleagues, who are doing an amazing job during this difficult time,. You are all so appreciated. Thank you for all of the hard work, Tammy xxx - Tammy

To: Wandsworth social workers

Thank you to all social work Managers, especially my wonderful mum, who's working tirelessly to ensure her team are safe whilst protecting the boroughs most vulnerable children. We salute you x - Kirsty Campbell

To: Heathrow Airport

for sheltering '200 homeless people' - JB

To: Shop workers

I'd like to thank our shop workers for diligently taking care of our basic needs throughout this unsettling period, whether that be shelf stackers, delivery drivers, cashiers or admin support. Thank you for keeping the wheels turning! - James

To: Safe and Connected Enfield

Thank you all the staff responding to the Lifeline alarms. - Anonymous

To: Anne and Paul's Wool Shop, Feltham

Thank you delivering my wool! - Anonymous

To: All businesses

Thanks to all who are staying in and sending my thoughts to all the businesses forced to close, including the staff who have lost their jobs. It's heart breaking that they will not get paid xxx - Cathie Rainbow

To: All Amazon delivery drivers in Manchester ❤️

Thank you guys for getting all our essentials delivered through these very hard times - you all deserve a well earned bonus once we are through it ❤️❤️ - Sammi 🙂

To: Post Office, Coventry City Centre

The Post Office in Coventry City Centre and the whole of West Orchards is closed, yet these guys keep going to make sure the public get their Pensions; thanks to Michelle, Chris and Keith - love Kerry xxx - Kerry Elden

To: Morrisons

Thank you to every key worker that is staying at work to help look after, care for, deliver and feed the nation....Thank you to all of the Morrisons staff for keeping the shelves stocked and still smiling, although they are being constantly abused by the public...Proud of us all on the front line ❤️💙 - Karen Alexander

To: All shop assistants

I would like to thank all hospital staff in the NHS, ambulance crews, shop assistants, carers, home helps and everybody that is doing their bit in these unprecedented times. It's times like this, we are all on both sides and need to stick together. We thank you all - Kylie Peeples

To: Funeral Directors

Thank you to all the hard working funeral staff also on the frontline, caring for people's loved ones, who have sadly passed away due to this terrible virus. - Jade

To: Cleaners, bin men, shelf stackers and delivery drivers

Thank you to all Northamptonshire NHS workers, cleaners, carers, bin men, shelf stackers, delivery drivers, teachers and all workers doing what you're doing. You are all heroes when people are too scared to go out of their homes but yet, you're out there doing it. So proud of you - all much love💞💟💖👍 - Anonymous

To: The Postie

Also to everyone still working at The Postie - the Bin men, the delivery drivers, security guards, shop workers, carers, NHS staff, lorry drivers, delivery men/women and everyone listening to the Government! You are doing supurb jobs! THANK YOU ALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Beckii Matthews

To: Fleet Valley Care Home, Gatehouse, Fleet

Thank you to all hotel, cleaning and management staff for keeping our residents safe at Feet Valley Care Home, Gatehouse, Fleet. Stay safe all and continue to do the amazing job we all do 🌈♥️🙌 - Samantha Hamilton

To: McColls, Jedburgh

Thank you to the girls at McColls, Jedburgh for working in such difficult times, but still smiling and showing they care for their customers.x - Michelle Hadwin

To: Cat Clarkson

Cat Clarkson for just being amazing 💓💓💓 - Cara Gruodis

To: Shop key workers

Thank you to the shop key workers; without them we would be stuck - Sandie Anne

To: Bus Drivers, bin men, shop assistants and pharmacists

Thank you bus drivers, as without you I can't get to work x - Vicki Inwood

To: Cleaners, porters, bin men, shelf stackers and delivery drivers

Thank you to all NHS workers Cleaners, Carers,Binmen,Shelf stackers,Delivery drivers,Teachers and all workers for doing what your doing your all heros when people are to scared to go out of there homes your out there doing it so proud of you all much love💞💟💖👍 - Azara Bowler

To: Wully, the ice-cream van

Further thanks to Wully the icecream van that is delivering food to old age pensioners and people in self isolating people. A good community - proud of you all - Josie Thomson

To: Possil Futures and 'No 1' Youth Clubs

Thanks to young Possil Futures, a youth club that are giving food bags to the families in Possil Park to help them out in these hard times. Also thanks to another group in north Glasgow No 1 seems to care with supplying milk to local groups. Further thanks to Wully the icecream van that is delivering food to old age pensioners and people in self isolating people. A good community - proud of you all - Josie Thomson

To: Delivery drivers, retail staff, postal workers and bin men

Thank you to all of our wonderful NHS STAFF and all carers including delivery drivers, retail staff, postal workers and bin men. Anyone who is helping - Mandy Brennan

To: Retail staff and cleaners

Thank you to all of our NHS services including the pharmacies who remain open and of course all our wonderful retail staff and cleaners of this world....ALL of you putting your own self-being and welfare in jeopardy for us at this time....THANKYOU - Lecky Phillips

To: Bin men, bus drivers and shop staff

Big massive thank you to everyone that has kept us going. From the bin men, pharmacies, shops staff, bus drivers, carers, nursing home staff and all the people who still go into work. This is for all who never get a 'shout out' and put up with so much just so we can have a touch of normality. Stay safe everyone - Sharon Hunter


Fab idea❤️ - @example131

To: Care

I would like to thank Care for you because they are still doing their best work and they are all a brilliant team. They visit me twice a day to give me my insulin and medication and they help me with my housework a bit as well. - Tracey Charlesworth

To: Bus men

Thanx 2 all the carers wrking hard hours, drs, nurses, busmen & 999 callouts, anybody else iv missed thanx so much, ppl have a lot 2 be thankful for Andrew heaney & Zoe Heaney - Julie Heaney

To: Nursing homes, kitchen staff and house keepers

From nhs staff, to carers in nursing homes, home carers, support workers, kitchen staff, house keepers, everyone who's still protecting the vulnerable.. some of us may not be nhs but we are still the ones protecting your family members & the vulnerable! WE GOT THIS💪🏼❤️ - Joanne Hughes

To: Key Workers

Morale of other key workers is going to further decline if the praise or thanks and recognition is not fair across the board and all inclusive. - Suzanne Whyman

To: Coffee shops

coffee shop. giving out their leftover milk free.amazing! - Sally Webb Francinis

To: Key Workers in Logistics

Could this be rolled out to other key workers ? Delivery / logistics companies - Helen Batty

To: Church Staff at Kingfisher Church, Tredworth, Gloucester

To all the church staff at Kingfisher Church Tredworth Gloucester and staff at support at the cavern gloucester for there support so proud of there commit to us through this difficult times - Tanya Howell

To: Prison Officers

Why is it just for healthcare & education? We need to be thanking others not getting a mention such as prison staff - currently unsung heroes - Angela Champness-Smith

To: Cleaners and porters

Heartfelt thanks to all in the NHS from doctors and nurses to porters,office staff,cleaners all involved.You are so much appreciated,thank you thank you💟 - @sheilacarter143

To: Supermarkets and those checking in on the vulnerable

Thank you to all those working together to keep us all going, from the amazing NHS, all those in education including the people who work behind the scenes keeping everything flowing to the staff in the supermarkets helping the vulnerable. And all of those who are checking in with people on their own or who may be finding this time difficult...Thank you - @adylock007

To: Council staff, retailers and all those doing their bit

What about all the other key works...local council staff, retailers and all the others doing their bit.. We can't forget they are risking their health too - @janners1974

To: Chemists and cleaners

Thank you to chemists and cleaners. Stay safe - Carol Armstrong

To: Staff at Sundials Supported Living Community in Torquay

Thank you for all the staff at Sundials supported living community in Torquay.xx - Heather Mary Chapman

To: Retail workers and bus drivers

How about front facing retail workers and those working in delivery services? 😍 They are keeping the supply chain from breaking. - @zozojedi

To: Bus drivers, bin men, shop assistants and pharmacists

Thank you to all the amazing bus drivers, bin men, shop assitants and pharmasists out there who have helped us so much over the past days. May God keep you safe as we seek to serve Him and each other in the coming days - Anna-Rose H Mersh

To: Drivers, bin men, shop assitants and pharmasists out there who have helped us so much over the past days. May God keep you safe as we seek to serve him and each other in the coming days

Thank you to all the amazing bus drivers, bin men, shop assisants and pharmasists out there who have helped us so much over the past few days. May God keep you safe as we seek to serve Him and each other in the coming days - Anna-Rose H Mersh

To: Tisbury Village Catholic Churches

My local Tisbury village Catholic Church community for just being there despite all the sadness in our lives! Love Merle xx😘❤️🙏🌈 - Merle Kambouris

To: Physios, nurses, doctors, army, teachers, drain technicians, plumbers, engineers, shop workers, care worker, chemist, truckies and whoever is caring 4kids - Churches Council Charity support/volunteers

Thank You - Joanne Procter

To: All key workers

Thanks to everyone helping in this time of 2020 and stay safe everyone... Social Distance - Stay in - Diane Polland

To: Church Staff at Kingfisher Church, Tredworth, Gloucester and The Cavern, Gloucester

To all the church staff at Kingfisher Church, Tredworth, Gloucester and staff who support at the Cavern, Gloucester. So proud of their commitment to us through these difficult times - Tanya Howell

To: Francinis Coffee Shop

Francinis Coffee shop giving out their leftover milk for free - amazing! - Sally Webb

To: The Courtyard Indian Restaurant Rouken Glen

Thank to all the staff at the Courtyard for keeping us fed and staying open during these tough times - Anonymous

To: The Rose Road Association, Southampton

Thank you to staff giving their all, so we can support families of disabled children and adults when they need us the most. - Anonymous

To: Samaritan's

Thank you for risking your own lives to be there for others. No longer just volunteering your time, you arenow risking your own health - Anonymous

To: Civil Servants

Thank you xxxx - Anonymous

To: Care Home

I just want to thank all the staff at the Care Home that I work at - Anonymous

To: QPG Community & Sports Hub

Wow. Children who need help and being catered for with care and meals. Staff making education packs. A let's 'pull together' ethos and all in a couple of days. You are all just so amazing! - Lynn Watson

To: Key Workers

Thank you for helping this country, keep ticking over and putting yourself on the front line. Much respect. Take care and stay safe 😘 - Anonymous

To: The Red Hen Project, Cambridge

I wanted to say a huge thank you to all the Red Hen staff and trustees for all their help in raising awareness and for all the support that they offer to families and children in the north of Cambridge. Without them, I wouldn't be half the person that I am today ♥️ - Kym Brown

To: The Nappy Project

To Hayley Jones! Owner of The Nappy Project; putting herself on the front line everyday to help and support those in need of essentials for their children. Thank you Hayley for being Awesome. Lots of Love xxx - Cara Gruodis

To: Beyond Limits

Thank you to all of staff at Beyond Limits for keeping all of our clients safe and doing a fantastic job - Sue

To: All lorry drivers...grocery shops....postmen...civil servants....and everyone in offices for finances

Thank you all so much for your time and effort...helping people around the country to get through this difficult time....it is GREATLY APPRECIATED...XX - Lynette

To: Staff at LCC

A big thank you to staff at LCC still out there working, cleaning schools, flats and making sure flats are left safe so no fires occur. The specialist team doing what they do best, the workers keeping the wagons moving and the bin men. Trust me we don't really want to be out there either dealing with people and cleaning, but we do it because we are proud and want to help the country fight this virus. Well done CEL, the forgotten ones xx - Simone

To: Lorry Drivers

Thank U to all our lorry drivers stil working - stay safe - Stephanie

To: Delivery Drivers

Thank u to all the delivery drivers still working to deliver for our country - Stephanie

To: Civil Servants

Thank u. To all the civil servants who are also still working hard to bring a service and help people x - Stephanie Gordon

To: Funeral Profession

To all the unsung heroes in the funeral profession.... thank you for being there throughout every situation - Anonymous

To: Aldi employees

Stay safe and thank you for feeding the nation - Anonymous

To: Royal Mail

Thank you to all our delivery services and NHS especially Jalal Sleiman. We appreciate all your efforts ♡ - Maya

To: Royal Mail

Thank you Jalal Sleiman for all your hard efforts and work, while we stay home protecting our lives while you are risking yours for us x - Maya

To: Lorry drivers who work to provide the supply

Thanks to all the lorry drivers out there who have to sleep and eat in their cabs. Many with no hot food and no access to toilets - Theresa

To: Tescos

Tesco Department Store on Captains Road for all the help they have given our staff and tenants in the last week. Not all super heroes wear capes. Thank you - Anonymous

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