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Show your appreciation to our amazing keyworkers during these challenging times.

Below is our main Education Thanking Wall. If you would like to view or leave a message of thanks on one of our bespoke Thanking Walls, please use the dropdown here to find your chosen school / college / nursery.

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To: St. Paul’s C of E Royton, Mrs Hilditch and Mrs Howarth

Thank you so much for putting so much extra effort into teaching me this year and making me as ready for secondary school as possible. I will never forget you. David Long - Amanda Long

To: Year 6, Muscliff Primary, Bournemouth

A BIG thank you to all Year 6 Teachers and Support taff at Muscliff Primary, Bournemouth for getting our babies through this and sending them all off to secondary school. BIg steps for little people. THANK YOU. - Gordon

To: All staff

Every single one of them and everyone who works in education 👏👏👏👏 - Maggie Gavaghan

To: All the team, Monks Abbey School

Thank you all staff at Monks Abbey, who supported our children throughout this hard year and special thank you to Mt's Brar for all your support you have not only given Dcsrleyy, but all the children over the years. I pray you have a blessed retirement . - Dorothy Le Manquais

To: All staff

They have worked incredibly hard this year. - @sh.aron4216

To: Miss Wiggins

Thank you to Miss Wiggins for helping my son to exceed in English when this has always been an subject that he struggles with. I feel that you have given him the confidence to thrive and this is down to your excellent teaching and care. I hope you have a well earned break this summer. Thank you! - Jo Sommers

To: Quỳnh

Wish you a happy day - Quỳnh, chúc em một ngày vui vẻ. - Nghi

To: Emma Giles, Allenbourn Middle School, Wimborne, Dorset

Dear Mrs Giles, I would just like to take a moment to thank you for all your support you have given my son this year. Despite all the unease and the changes to routine (school open, school closed) you have always been bright and bubbly with a lovely energy to keep the children bright, focused and positive. We wish you a restful summer break and hope you get time to relax with your family and friends. Big hugs Rachel & Richie. - Rachel Savage

To: Mr Tony Rigg, Headteacher, Amberley Primary School

I would just like to thank Mr Rigg for being an amazing Headteacher at Amberley Primary School. He goes above and beyond to help and support families. - Emma Hudson

To: Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health Conference

Just wanted to thank you for giving me the chance to speak at the conference today. I really appreciate it. The conference was fantastic. I have made so many wonderful connections! Next year will be bigger and even better!! You better rest that foot Steve xx - Jean Ramsey

To: Steve Waters at Teach Well Alliance

Thank you Steve for bringing together such an inspiring group of educators and wellbeing experts today for the Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health Conference 2021! - Claire Crawley

To: Victoria Howe, Gretton School

Victoria Howe - I cannot imagine a more awesome Deputy to have shared this very difficult year with. I have never met a person as tenacious, positive and hard working as you and I LOVE working with you. Thank you for everything that you have done to support me this year and I hope you have a wonderful, restful summer break and read as much trash as you can! Beth x - Beth Elkins

To: Newbattle Abbey College

To all staff, tutors and students at Newbattle Abbey College. What a fabulous time; just a great place to study and have had the best year. Everyone so kind and helpful. It’s definitely hard to say goodbye, will miss you all. Thanks for your friendship. Jackie x - Jackie Watson

To: Newbattle Abbey College

Thank You to all the teachers at Newbattle for helping me to get back into studying and enjoying it. I look forward to another year there, where I can develop my knowledge and skills with the hopes of attending University. - Kriss Miller

To: Newbattle Abbey College

Thank you to all the staff at NBA. This year and a bit, has been rough, but everyone at the College has made my experience there wonderful. I can't wait to be back in September! - Kayleigh Crawford

To: Newbattle Abbey College, Dalkeith

I’m taking this opportunity to say thank you to all staff and teachers who worked hard to promote high level of education and opportunities for us students. As an older student, who returned to learning after many years, I do appreciate the effort of everyone who gave their best in the academic year. I can’t be thankful enough for such amazing experience I have had., - Maura Santos

To: Reepham Primary School

I want to thank all the staff of Reepham Primary for all their amazing work during the pandemic. Simply a fantastic team of dedicated professionals. - Alastair Ogle

To: Diverse Educators Ltd

Thank you to all of the Bloggers who have contributed to the #DiverseEd Blog in the last 10 months. We have loved publishing your pieces and amplifying your voices: https://www.diverseeducators.co.uk/our-bloggers/. Our gratitude, Diverse Educators. - Hannah Wilson

To: Denholme Primary School

Thank you to all the staff at Denholme Primary School for continuing to make the School a happy and safe place for our children to learn. - Emma Price

To: All

Congratulations to you all. - Carole Wilson

To: All the staff team, Meridian Community Primary School and Nursery

During the pandemic the staff team at Meridian have been amazing. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that the pupils have the best educational opportunities possible. Huge thanks to them all. - Janet Anthony

To: All staff

Thank you to all the beautiful teachers at Ysgol Maes y Felin, Holywell for keeping our children safe during what can only be described as the most challenging time x - Karen Jones

To: Easton Jay Barker & Jess Harvie

Easton Jay Barker & Jess Harvie - well done 👍 😘❤️xxxxxx - Sarah Barker

To: Park Hill School, Kingston Upon Thames

Thank you for holding our children close when we were all so far apart. Thank you for understanding what they needed and doing just that. Thank you for making the return to school feel normal and fun all rolled into one and thank you for being such an amazing support to the families of Park Hill School, through such dark and challenging times. - Lee Walsh

To: All staff

What would we do without amazing, selfless wonders like you, who give their all, in the interests and care of others. 💐👌🥰🥇🎁🍾🌟 - Gloria Crossley

To: United Play Nursery

Thank you to our team that work hard to ensure all children’s safety, education and well being! I am proud to have you, especially through the hard times we have faced during the pandemic. - Hayley x

To: Mrs Hartley, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton CE Primary School

Thank you for all your support and help over the last year. Your kind words and positive chats have really helped. - Mr Mark Bulpitt

To: Mrs Tordoff, Ecchinswell & Sydmonton CE Primary School

Thank you for all the amazing help and support every day in Speedwell Class. You have definitely made a big difference to all their learning. - Mr Mark Bulpitt

To: Wychall Primary School

Huge thank you to the whole school, especially Sandra, the Receptionist who is fielding calls every day with a cheerful attitude. - Anonymous

To: Rushbrook Primary Academy, Mr Heywood and Ms Banton

Thank you so much for giving great online classes during this unprecedented time. I'ts been a pleasure learning with Mr Heywood and Ms Banton. Once again thank you. - Zahra Ariwala

To: Chertsey High School

A huge thanks to all the teachers and staff for their hard work in this situation. - Sunghwa Jung

To: St Luke's Church of England School, Kealey Sherwood and all the staff

To you and your dedicated team. Thank you for putting in crazy hours for such a prolonged period. For trying to keep up with ever changing Covid-19 rules, while balancing budgets that never quite reach. For compiling and producing all the workbooks. For sorting out computers for those without and supplying such a high percentage of high quality live lessons. For arranging, then rearranging all the staff and student testing. For all the other associated tasks and the behind the scenes workers. You are all appreciated. - Marie Buckfield

To: Rushbrook Primary Academy, Mr Heywood and Ms Banton

Thank you so much for giving great online classes during this unprecedented time. I'ts been a pleasure learning with Mr Heywood and Ms Banton. Once again thank you. - Zahra Ariwala

To: All staff

They are all working incredibly hard and not just Monday to Friday! It is a real strain on them too, trying to help children they can only see on Zoom. Can you imagine trying to teach a class of children all day on Zoom? They are also very aware of trying to support parents. - @sh.aron4216

To: St Peter's C of E Primary School, Budleigh, Salterton with special thanks to Mr Hitchcock

So grateful to all the teaching staff at St Peter's. My husband and I work in the education sector and understand the immense pressure schools are under to provide school places for Keyworker and Vulnerable Students. St Peter's continues to provide its students with online and in-school lessons to a high standard with great kindness and lots of encouragement. The support the whole school staff is offering its parents, students and the wider community is truly impressive. Thank you so much! - Rebecca Shand

To: King Richard School

Thank You. - Anis Shiningwala

To: All staff

They are all working incredibly hard and not just Monday to Friday! It is a real strain on them too, trying to help children they can only see on Zoom. Can you imagine trying to teach a class of children all day on Zoom? They are also very aware of trying to support parents. - @sh.aron4216

To: Tudor Grange Samworth Academy, Leicester

Thanks to everyone at The Academy for all they are doing for all the pupils. - Debbie Lunn

To: Holy Cross CVA Primary School

To the present KS1 staff, who continue to come into work/school everyday. You are all wonderful, committed and driven people. From the beginning of the first lockdown, some of you have shown sheer dedication and strength to deal with many upturns in our usual school life. Without you guys physically showing your faces through this time, with no regard to your own personal struggles, is an absolute achievement to be recognised. Amazing, loved and truly recognised xxx - Claire Marshall

To: Langmoor Primary School

To all the staff and children - you are all doing a great job in this difficult time! - Liz Redfern

To: The Abbey School, Farnham

Thank you Mr Hacker, for delivering Reggie’s laptop and keeping in touch with us during the pandemic! It has meant a lot to our family! - Joanna Nicolaou

To: All staff

Amazing, dedicated people - where would we be without you❤️ - Kathy McNally

To: All staff

Thank you for everything you do. You are all absolutely awesome and deserve the biggest pay rise ever. 🙏🙏💕💕 - Julie Palmer

To: All staff

Thank you all for your very hard work. - Pearl Vout

To: All staff

Much love to you all. - Julie Smith

To: Lincs Showground Teams

Thank you everyone for your hard work and sustained and tireless efforts. It really is appreciated xxx - Charles Boulton

To: King Richard School

Thanks for the support. - Shashi Patel

To: King Richard III Infant School

Until I left to have a baby in 1974, for several years, I ran one of the Nursery Classes in this lovely school. I just want to say, that despite how it may feel at times, what you are doing is so valued and recognised by the majority of people as invaluable. Thank you. - Kathryn Byrne

To: Reception staff, Greystoke Primary School

I would like to say a huge heartfelt thank you to all Reception Staff for the exceptional way you are enabling my daughter, Poppy Lambert to access her learning from home. She is finding the experience enjoyable and is amazing me with how quickly she is learning new things every day! I do hope you all manage to find some time to have a well earned rest over half-term. - Karen Lambert

To: All the teachers and SEN team at New College, Leicester

Thank you so much to all the teachers and Support Team at New College, Leicester. Their support and determination towards their students including my daughter has been amazing. The reassurance they have shown either by email or phone call, has given myself and my daughter the reassurance we need in this very uncertain time. They have encouraged and supported my daughter so much, which has really helped with motivation in completing the work that has been sent. I can’t thank New College enough. We are proud to be part of such an amazing school. The teachers really do go above and beyond. Once again, thank you! Stay safe. - Lisa Simpson

To: University of Stirling

Dear Dr Robertson, Thank you for everything. Congratulations on your new role. You been fab. All the best to you. - Nicolas Kee Mew

To: To all staff, Elangeni School

We have nearly made it to half-term!!!! Clara can't wait to get back to school and see her friends and teachers, but in the meantime, thank you for all your hard work in delivering a varied daily schedule. The live lessons, all your support, comments and feedback, that have kept Clara motivated. We are exhausted and should think you probably are all too! Hope you have a restful half-term. Thank you everyone at Elangeni School! Nicola and Clara Woodward. - Nicola Woodward

To: Chertsey High School

A huge thanks to all the teachers and staff for their hard work in this situation. - Sunghwa Jung

To: John Smith, GEMS Twickenham Primary

John, I always enjoy visiting your school to run after school clubs and there is a really positive and friendly atmosphere every time. The children all seem to love being there. Many thanks. - Donal Thorburn

To: Miss Helen Miles, St Michael's Primary School, Sunninghill

I really appreciate all your help today. It was so kind of you to offer taking on some of my work; I was so far behind with all my tasks. Have a good evening. Hasina x - Hasina Fernandes

To: Mrs Sechere, Globe Ark Academy

Dear Mrs Sechere, your hard work and patience has been inspiring to my Practice. Your efforts do not go unrecognised in the teaching community. Thank you for the example you set! - Barbara Lassey

To: Nazeing Primary School

Thanks to all the staff at Nazeing Primary - you are doing a fantastic job in extremely challenging times. It really is appreciated. - Hannah Stolton

To: All staff, Kingsway Primary School

Thank you for all you do and continue to do during this hard time. It's appreciated so much x - Maxine Ward / Harry Slater

To: King Richard School

Thank you - @debmccallumwhiteartist

To: St Mary's Fields Primary School, Leicester

A huge thank you, to not only all of our amazing staff, but also to our fantastic families and pupils who have shown resilience and perseverance over the last few weeks in order to be the best that you can be. Keep up the hard work and remember, we are very proud of you x - Mrs Nott, Deputy Head Teacher

To: Education sector

Everyone of you, deserves an award and our thanks👏❤️ - Cynthia Crampton

To: Colyton Grammar School

Thank you so much to the staff and teachers at Colyton for the brilliant online teaching and communications, during this very challenging time. Thank you! - Suzie Creighton

To: Whitegate Primary School

Thank you for your tireless efforts and selfless attitude towards the pupils in your school. God bless you xx - Teresa Finney

To: Beaumont Leys Secondary School

My son-in-law is a teacher at Beaumont Leys Secondary School and has worked throughout the lockdown, taking on additional responsibilities for children in care! So proud of him and all teachers who go beyond their call of duty to keep schools open for keyworkers, 😍 - Nirmala Bhojani

To: Towcester Church of England Primary School

Thank you Mrs Griffin, Mrs Letts and Mrs Judkins so much for the hard work, commitment and care you’ve shown for our children. The school is always fabulous, but in the past 9 months you’ve gone over as above. You’ve kept them safe and kept them learning, putting yourselves at risk to do so, whilst trying to juggle your own family commitments as well, and without the usual break you’d get in the holidays. I, for one, am incredibly grateful. X - Lee Bodily

To: Bourne Westfield Primary Academy, All staff

Huge thank you for the dedication and hard work you all put in to support vulnerable children and those of critical workers. You have clearly worked tirelessly to be able to offer remote learning/bubble spaces with little warning or time to prepare. We wholeheartedly appreciate everything you are all doing. Thank you! - Sarah Baxter

To: Chestnuts Primary School

A massive thank you to all our Support Staff, who are working on the frontline to provide continued support for each and every child within the classroom. We are going out to work every day, risking our health and that of their families, to do our jobs. Without us, there would be nowhere for key workers’ children to go. We would love to be mentioned and appreciated when thank you’s are being given out. So thank you to Support Staff at Chestnuts Primary for your incredible hard work during these challenging times. - Karima Jafri

To: The Marist School, Sunninghill, Ascot

At the end of an extraordinarily difficult week, I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff at The Marist School, who have worked so hard to ensure that all the children and students including the nursery and key worker group have had a positive and upbeat start to their term. It is a privilege to work with them all. Thank you 😊 - Jane Gow

To: Langmoor Primary School

All the staff at Langmoor Primary School over the past week have worked so hard to provide some great online learning for all of the children, while also carrying on teaching the key worker and vulnerable children in school! What a great bunch of people 😃 - Liz Redfern

To: Wychall Primary School

Big thank you to teachers and admin for trying to ensure that remote learning is possible, for providing help and support. You're all amazing. - Rachel Smith

To: St Thomas Aquinas

Just want to say a huge thank you for all the hard work the teachers and admin have put in to ensure that remote learning runs as smooth as possible, and for being extremely supportive of various needs and issues. - Rachel Smith

To: King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

Thank you - Carol Moore

To: Elangeni School

Thank you to all staff for making these past few days of uncertainty a 'team' effort and communicating problems and solutions for us to get this right! It is appreciated. - Alex Burns

To: Egremont Primary School

Thank you to all the staff at Egremont Primary School, who support the chidren and each other's mental health and wellbeing. It is great to be part of a positve team. - Mrs Walker

To: Honiton Primary School, All staff with special thanks to Mr Tribble

Thank you so much for all you have done this year under such trying circumstances. Especially Mr Tribble for his dedication and keeping everyone informed as soon as he knows anything. Thank you to all who work at Honiton Primary School; teachers, teaching assistants, mealtime assistants, office staff, cleaners and anyone else I may have missed! Have a lovely Christmas from the Case family. xx - Marie Case

To: All Teachers

Thank you to all teachers - We Thank You Very Much. A poem by Amber Moore, pupil at Charters School. - Amber Moore

To: Henshaws College, Harrogate

Thank you to all the staff at Henshaws for your hard work and keeping the students safe, happy and trying to keep things as normal as possible for them. - Lesley & Andrew Flint

To: Notre Dame RC School, Immy Babudu

Thanks for helping keep a smile on our faces! Even when we come to you bemused and sad, you offer a shoulder and words of love and care. You always help us feel safe and supported. You are a fantastic member of SLT and a great friend/ colleague to many of us. Thank you for always inspiring us and helping us have faith (either in a higher power or just even in ourselves.) You are a gift from God. - Siany Marie

To: Thomas Adams School, Wem, Shropshire

All the care staff at Allcare in Shropshire would like to say a big thank you to staff and pupils from Thomas Adams for supplying us with face shields at the beginning of the pandemic. It was a time when we could not source them from anywhere. We will be forever grateful for what you did to keep us safe. We salute you all. - Martin Beesley, Allcare, Shropshire

To: Skegness Academy

Thank you for working hard in supporting our children through these difficult times. We appreciate you. - JH

To: Mrs Tisbury, Exmouth Community College

Thank you so much for your hard work supporting pupils to take part in the D of E award. In particular, thank you for organising the recent expeditions in challenging circumstances. Chloe F had an amazing time. - Elaine Fisher

To: Kerry Howell, Exmouth Community College

Thank you so much for supporting Milly F during her recent technology lessons. She has always found sewing really difficult, but she has thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and is very proud of her project thanks to your support. It has been a delight to see her enjoy a subject that I thought she would struggle with. Thank you so much for your hard work. - Elaine Fisher

To: Mrs Hall, Exmouth Community College

I would like to thank Mrs Hall for being patient and caring towards my son, Josh. He struggled for a long time coming into school and refused daily. Now he is attending school again and he speaks highly of Mrs Hall. If he has a problem he says he will only speak to her. He told me she listens to him and is kind. So thank you Mrs Hall for whatever you are doing that makes Josh feel better in school. - Jayde Smith

To: Lyn Tisbury, Exmouth Community College

Above and beyond commitment to DofE and10 Tors organisation. A brilliant manner with the students and she gives up her weekends to support expeditions. We appreciate it. - Hayley Edwards

To: Paul Collins, Exmouth Community College

Mr Collins, thank you for all your help settling in Evie Jones! She thinks you're wonderful and it’s really appreciated! When you hear so much negativity about a school, the worry of sending your child there is very daunting! Evie has loved it! It’s so rewarding to see. Thank you for all your support - Alexandra Jones

To: Mr Farleigh, Exmouth Community College

Thank you to Mr Farleigh, Science Teacher at Exmouth Community College for the regular work uploads and feedback to our son Zach during the whole of lockdown - Donna French

To: Mrs Clare Rackham, Exmouth Community College

Thank you for your support - it means a lot to our family. - Rosie Lapwood

To: Mr Dipode, Exmouth Community College

Thank you for looking after Billy today. - Angela Carpenter

To: St Michael's Primary School, Sunninghill

Please thank the whole team for their continuing support and commitment to our children during these difficult times. Our school has remained a haven of stability and love because of all you provide as individuals and a team. THANK YOU! - Lorna Anderton

To: To all Teachers

I’m very proud of my daughter, who teaches children with problems. Teachers wear masks in the corridors, but are not allowed to wear a mask in the classroom. This causes me concern for her health. - June Mundey

To: Luke Osborne

Dear Luke, you are a superstar teacher, dad and friend! Stay safe,stay blessed. Thank you! #WorthingDad - Kaustubh Joshi

To: Dyke House Academy, Jenny Brownlie

For being a beacon of light and hope in an otherwise dark time. Sharing good news and praise across the academy to support the well-being of staff and students alike. - Helen Young

To: Notre Dame RC Girls School, Rosie O Leary

You do an amazing job. You keep many students and staff going. We’re all really proud of you. Thank you for all you do for ND and the students. - Sian Tragheim

To: Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School , Alison Bourn

Thank you for putting up with my last minute requests and for always greeting me with a smile! You are a bright star in these troubled times. - Lynda Divers

To: All staff

We are really appreciating your excellent communication throughout these difficult times. It's really clear and positive as well as informative. Thank you very much. - Lisa Colton

To: Maths Teacher

Emilie really appreciates your patience with her. Thank you for making her not dread maths. - Diane Brown

To: Miss Westcott, Science Teacher

Thank you Miss Westcott for looking after my son in your Science lesson. He was suffering from a really unpleasant migraine and you really helped him with your approachable manner and for generally being so kind and caring! Thank you also for the advice you gave him and for making him feel relaxed and confident to go to first-aid and ask for help. We are extremely grateful to you. - Ellie Thomas

To: All staff

I can tell that you genuinely care about my daughter. You are always there at the end of an email. Thank you x - Nicki Sculpher

To: Geoff

Hey Geoff, thanks for hanging in there! - Geoff Lyman

To: All staff

‘Happy ‘World Teacher’s Day’ to all teachers and teaching partners at St Michael’s!. I feel so lucky to be part of a such a great, supportive team! You’re all amazing 😊💕’ - Claire Tracy

To: All School workers

Hey Hollie. Thank you for your lovely messages they do always brighten up my day. Thank you for everything you do and always trying to make things better and easier for us.. and for always listening to me rant Then making me feel better after with ways to help.. xx - Hannah Prendiville

To: All School workers

Thank you To all the staff for keeping my daughter safe and all the hard work you are all doing to keep on top with changing regulations every day . As well as teaching I should imagine your giving up breaks to clean and cope with all safety measures ,as well as children’s mental health. Thank you all So much . - Sarah hatfield

To: All School workers

Thank you for going above and beyond with Finley this term. To help get him on track. Your patience and understanding has gone along way to us getting him back to where he can be. Thank you. - Zoe May

To: Vicky Llewelyn, Blackawton Primary School

I had a lovely time working with you last term. Such a lovely warm welcome back to school 😊🌈 - Helen Dobson

To: To all educational workers

Thank you for helping Arlo settle back into nursery so well after being away for a few months. He is doing so well with all your dedicated help and care ☺️ - Vic Spires

To: To all teachers including University Lecturers

Thank all those who work in schools and those lecturers in University, who also work incredibly hard to educate them. No one seems to realise the incredibly long hours they work, their professionalism and care. In lockdown they have been working even harder! - @sh.aron4216

To: Burford School Geography Department

Thank you to the Geography Department staff for continuing to inspire our students to explore the world beyond their window during lockdown! - Alex Todd-Jones

To: Sandling Primary in Maidstone - Kent

- anonymous

To: Exmouth Community College

Thank you to the daring teachers and staff at ECC especially Mrs Pearson, Ms Thorn and Ms Bundy for being so supportive of my daughter. - Bernadette Davirs

To: Crossways Schools, Thornbury

Huge thanks to Mr Medlicott, Miss Mitchell and Mrs Packer for their hard work this year in looking after the children, keeping school a positive and safe place, looking after staff and supporting the community. They have worked relentlessly and tirelessly for the good of everyone else, providing leadership and stability for all during a rapidly changing situation. Truly unsung heroes - Emma Wiles

To: Mr Silver, Shaftesbury High School, Harrow

Thank you for accommodating my son, Ben throughout the Covid-19 crisis. You and your team have worked so hard to keep things as normal as possible - Caroline Hurry

To: Exmouth

Great job - Henrietta Miles

To: Oak Lodge School, Balham with special thanks to Karen and Hana

Thank you so much to all the teachers and Residential staff. Isaac has had a very happy time there and will miss you all a lot. Thanks to Karen and Hana for helping me secure the next stage of his educational journey - so grateful! X - Anonymous

To: Cherry Orchard Primary School

Thank you to all the staff during this pandemic, who have worked so hard to keep the school and pupils supported and safe. Well done to every one of you - Kerim and mum

To: Mrs Bodice, Eyres Monsell Primary School

Thank you! A very well deserved recognition for the work you do. - Michelle McGoldrick

To: Cara Harrison, Eyres Monsell Primary School

And also Cara Harrison for scooting to work everyday 🛴 she is amazing 👏🏻😊 - Donna Hill

To: Sally Shea, King Richard III Infant and Nursery School, Leicester

Thank you for having such great ideas on your webpage, truly inspirational! We appreciate all that you do! 😊 - Riaz Marker

To: Lisa Calvert, Eyres Monsell Primary School

Thank you for sketching me a beautiful portrait of my pooch. - Kelly Spiby

To: Hugh Baird College, Health and Social Care Department

Thank you for making sure we all got through Level 3 and keeping us learning and safe. - Anonymous

To: Frederick Bremer Secondary School with a special thank you to the History Department

Thank you to my history teacher for always being very supportive, making sure that I'm okay and doing well with my tasks. You don't understand how helpful it is and how it keeps me going everyday! 😊 - Anonymous

To: Eyres Monsell Primary School

Thank you for the home learning packs and help getting my little person back to school including the kindness shown to her on a very nervous first day back. - Mary

To: Angie Butlin, Eyres Monsell Primary School

Can I thank Angie Butlin for making my working days brighter in these uncertain times 😊 - Donna Hill

To: Catering Departments in all Schools

A big thank you to all cooks and catering staff for continuing to provide hot meals for the families of key workers. You are very much appreciated. - Anonymous

To: All School workers

Hello I just wanted to thank all of you Xxx - Grace

To: All Education workers

Thank you for all your hard work looking after the students and helping them to continue learning at this difficult time. - Emma Wiles

To: Angie Butlin, Eyres Monsell Primary School

I would like to thank Angie Butlin from Eyres Monsell Primary School for always being a great TA and supporting me throughout this year- Hannah x - Hannah Walsh

To: Tomintoul Primary School

You are always there when we need you and you have made me keep up my work with loads of fun stuff and some of it hard, but you make us learn and not get bored. Thank you. - School Pupil

To: All Education workers

To all the people in education who have gone so far above and beyond, working crazy long hours to support both children and their families. You are appreciated. - Anonymous

To: All Education workers

Thank you for your generous support and encouragement everyday 🙏 - Anonymous

To: West Mercia

Thank you for all your hard work - Pops

To: The Bramcote Village Nursery (Old School House)

Thank you for continuing to brighten up our days. The joy that you give and being our neighbours is invaluable. We've heard squeals of excitement as you hold sports days, heard you sing for good weather and spot rainbows, even cleaning your gates and doors with a smile and time for those around you. You and your charges enhance the community and bring such joy to the village. Your cheery waves at passing vehicles and pedestrians really does bring joy to so many. It is indeed the simplest things in life that mean the most. The affection you have in your hearts, eyes and smiles for the job you wonderful ladies are doing is evident. You bring calm and happiness to this chaotic world and one can only start to imagine how fantastic the little lives are spending their days with you. May we wish you all continued good health, happiness and to be bleased in all you do. - Your Bramcote neighbours

To: Rikin Kotecha, Eyres Monsell Primary School

Thank you for being awesome! 😎 - Emily Dean

To: Charters School

I would like to thank all the staff at Charters School; we have been overwhelmed with the support we are receiving at home for our daughter. We are very grateful to everyone. We realise it must be a huge challenge to keep so many students engaged remotely. - Phillip and family

To: Charters School, Sunningdale

I’d like to say a big thank you to teachers of year 7, particularly those in my daughter Molly’s year 7G tutor group. This includes Miss Ganzhorn, Mr King, Mrs Stock, Mrs Fernandez amongst many others for their continued hard work and support during this challenging time in education. They have never stopped working and being there to support in lessons. Thank you all so much. - Sam Pinder-White

To: Emily Dean, Eyres Monsell School

For always listening and lightening the mood; always ready with ideas x Thank you 😊 - Samantha Warren

To: Laura Nykolyszyn, Eyres Monsell School

For always being there for a chat and support, Thank you 😊 - Samantha Warren

To: Kerry Hill, Eyres Monsell School

Thank you for doing an amazing job with all the extra stress and pressure! Going above and beyond to support and keep everyone safe x Thank you 😊 - Samantha Warren

To: Charters School

A HUGE thank you to all the staff who have played a part in keeping my Y7 son connected, engaged, motivated and feeling valued since lockdown began. We were already SO impressed with Charters (in the few short months between joining and lockdown!) but this situation has really shown us what this school is all about. Thanks so much! ⭐️ - Melissa Svensen-Davies

To: To all Teachers

Thank you to all the teachers working incredibly long hours ensuring there is work for children in and out of school - @sh.aron4216

To: All the staff at Eyres Monsell School

- Samantha Warren

To: Whitefield Primary

Thank you to all staff for being brilliant every day! - Anonymous

To: Eyres Monsell Primary School

Thank you for supporting other schools to raise Mental Health & Wellbeing awareness - Urna

To: Eyres Monsell Primary School

Thank you to all teachers and staff for all your hard and work and for your your support throughout this difficult time. - Hetal Khera

To: Riaz Markar, King Richard III Infant and Nursery School

Thank you to Riaz Markar for taking great notes for everyone today 😊 - Lou Harrison

To: Eyres Monsell Primary School

I’d like to thank all of the staff that are in and out of school, helping the children that are in school and making it feel as normal as possible for them. You are all amazing and I couldn’t give you enough praise xxx Keep up the good work - Anonymous

To: Eyres Monsell Primary School

Thank you to all at school. You are all appreciated and are doing great! Special thanks to the catering staff for providing healthy weekly lunches 💜 - Cher Williamson

To: All Education Workers

Teachers have been heroes all the way through this crisis. They understand the importance of schooling and the impact it can make on pupils' lives. Please keep on doing what you are doing. - GW

To: Peters Hill Primary School

Well done to the amazing Katie Jones for always being so positive and present for her class during this time! - Hayley Walton

To: Pippa Whitmore

To Pippa Whitmore and everyone at Eyres Monsell Primary school. You're amazing 😉 x - Samantha Warren

To: Sally Applebee-Lewis, Eyres Monsell School

Hi I would like to say thanks to Sally Applebee-Lewis for always being there to talk to. - Kelly Spiby

To: St Michael’s CofE Sunninghill

Thank you so much to the school and in particular Miss Nicholson and Miss Pinder-White for providing such an extensive selection of projects. The website has given a daily focus, but I feel under no pressure. We are very lucky to have you supporting us at this very strange time. Thank you xx - Charlotte Armstrong

To: Bramcote Village Nursery (Old School House)

Thank you for continuing to brighten up our days and give us hope. It's lovely to see you and the children. Thank you for your kind smiles and cheery greetings - you truly are the heartbeat of our community. We pray you stay safe, keep well and continue to spread your joy and happiness. Be blessed - Your Neighbours

To: Education Sector

Thank you all education sector - Yusuf Rahbar

To: St Michael's Primary, Sunninghill

Thank you to every teacher at St Michael's for their beautiful message on the school website! - Shelley Hayman

To: Northolt High School

Thank you Ms.Tertullien for giving us the right amount of work, to not be overwhelming. - Diane

To: Wilsthorpe School, Long Eaton

Thank you to all the teachers, who have been sending out work and activities and encouraging our young people; for the different departmental tweets; for admin sending regular information, including processing refunds for cancelled trips and all involved in keeping the school going under challenging circumstances. Also to the leadership team, Governors and those maintaining the buildings. Well done everyone! - Anonymous

To: Federation of the Church Schools of Shalfleet and Yarmouth

A big thank you to the Head Teacher and all staff in the Federation, for keeping in touch with children and parents and for getting lessons out for our children and being all round stars. - Carla Bradshaw

To: Workers making PPE

Thank you for your community spirit and making PPE, masks and gowns for the NHS. You and the NHS make Britain, Great Britain! Love from Australia - Kaustubh

To: School

Thank you for keeping everyone safe and keeping our education going even if the school is closed. - Janae

To: Northolt High School

To all of the teachers at Northolt High School (and other schools). Thank you for teaching me and all of the other children out there during these tough times. You are much appreciated. - Mya

To: St Neot's Prep School, Eversley, Hampshire (www.stneotsprep.co.uk)

Thank you to all the teachers at St Neot's Prep, who have so quickly learned new skills and adapted to the remote learning environment. You are providing an amazingly good education, under difficult circumstances, to all ages of children. Take heart from the many positive comments from parents. - Barbara Stanley

To: Flixton Girls School

I want to thank all the staff at Flixton Girls School for all their amazing efforts during this pandemic. They are teaching students remotely and using new technology without complaint. They’re in school making PPE equipment and supporting students who have parents working on the frontline in our NHS. They have been truly amazing and I’m proud to work with them all! - Anonymous

To: Eyres Monsell Primary School

A massive thank you to all the teachers at Eyres Monsell Primary School for everything your doing for the children and parents.... But one massive special thank you to Mrs Boddice at Eyres Monsell Primary School..... For the support and help to my family. You have been amazing. Keep safe. Be proud - Kelly

To: Eyres Monsell Primary School

Thank you for all your help and supporting the child's work in these troubling times - Debbie Lunn

To: Pemberley Academy

I’d like to thank Jemma Carnegie, who has come into school to help me put new starter packs together and spent today helping me deliver them to the new reception children! Thank you 🌟 - Dale Fletcher-Rox

To: The Marist School

During a time where worry and anxiety are rampant, the staff and teachers at the Marist School have gone above and beyond to stay connected and encourage all the girls to stay optimistic. It is a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful school community. Thank you for everything. - Archana Mohan

To: The Village Nursery, Bramcote

The best EVER nursery to be a part of! Thanks again to the amazing trio, Emily, Amy and Becky! You guys are amazing! And to all my other wonderful colleagues! I miss you! Counting down the days till we see one another again ❤️ - A colleague

To: All Education workers

Thank you for everything you do for us every day. Our teachers and other colleagues in education are an inspiration to us. Keep safe! X - Richard

To: Revd Johnson and family, St Michael's Primary School, Sunninghill

Thank you to Revd Johnson and family for a great assembly 😊 on the school website - Shelley Hayman

To: Village Nursery, Bramcote

To the marvellous Marlene - you give the world so much hope and joy in your smile and infectious personality, that alongside you're 1 amazing chef makes you pretty exceptional at times like these. Well done! We are counting down the days until normality resumes and can return for your dinners!!! Well done Village team for all you are doing. Xx - Anonymous

To: Guildford County School, Guildford

Thanks to the amazing staff at Guildford County School, who continue to support our students, one another and our community throughout the Easter holidays - you are an inspiration and your thoughtfulness, action and care are very much appreciated - Anonymous

To: All Education Staff

Thank you for all your good work! - Guilherme Amoroso Romão

To: Sir John Sherbrook School

Thank you to Miss Madison (Head) for all her constant hard work and commitment to the children at Sir John Sherbrook. You are one amazing person with some great ways of getting children engaged in such creative and out of the box ways. We feel you go above and beyond and we really appreciate what you and your team are doing. Thank you, love The Bradbury Family. - Kirsty Bradbury

To: De Gouden Kraal in Huizen, The Netherlands

- Marianne

To: Longspee and Oak Lodge Schools with special thanks to Sharon and Simon

Thanks to Sharon for all her good work and for all you do to help the Samaritans in your spare time, As well as running your pre-school for children with learning difficulties. Also to Simon for being there for children who also have learning difficulties. Well done - Anonymous

To: Liz Pichon, Author

Thanks for keeping my kids busy with learning from the wonderful world of Tom Gates - Anonymous

To: My Daughter, Sharon Burt

Who is running a school for children with learning difficulties. Also using her spare time as a volunteer at the samaritans, Also my son-in law, Simon who helps run a school with problem children. Well done to you both. Look forward to meeting you soon. Mum - Jenny O'Sullivan

To: All School staff

We’ve all made a noise of appreciation. What about NHS and other key workers applauding the teachers, caretakers and other support staff who are working tirelessly to keep schools open and running for their children so that they can carry on with their duties? No Easter holidays or breaks for school staff either... Well done! - Ian

To: Bisley C of E School, Bisley

You have all worked above and beyond your normal duties in this very difficult time. Your dedication to our children is exemplary, you’ve kept us informed every step of the way, I’m sure a lot of time thinking in your toes and you’ve pulled it off so well. If anyone was in doubt how excellent Bisley is they now never should doubt it.......defo a++++++++++++ for you all. Much love and hope you get a bit of a rest Bruderdennis tribe xxxx - Heidi Bruderdennis

To: Blossom House School

Keep going guys, you are doing an incredible job!! - Bonny Brown

To: Bisley CofE Primary School

We are so thankful to be a part of this school. Ms McConnell has been a rock through all of this and has gone above and beyond for her school and community. We just love you and all the teachers and staff at Bisley. The kids miss you so very much and cannot wait to start school again! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts ♥️ xxx - The du Toits

To: Pemberley Academy

- Neil Coster

To: Bramcote Village Nursery (Old School House)

We are your neighbours and see you all come to work each day. You still smile. You still care. The sound of children's laughter is still heard. Only allowed out 1 time a day is lonely, yet we feel alive hearing the play times and singing. Little faces leave contented. From a very isolated world you do not know the comfort you bring. Be blessed - your neighbours

To: Village Nursery, Bramcote

Massive thanks and appreciation to the team that are The Village! DEDICATION beyond belief. Managing the hardest times for our children in a selfless way. Well done Amy, Emily, Rebekah, Carol and the cook, Marlene. (I also must mention Michelle who had been behind us every step of the way - as key workers she really has understood the pressures faced and even in face of adversity, still smiles and makes the world a happier place!) Thank You -Thank You - Thank You - A Grateful Family

To: Fender Primary School

Thank you to all the staff at Fender Primary School for caring for our most vulnerable children and key workers children, who are risking their own lives. Amazing team ❤️ - Jess

To: Beckfoot Nessfield Primary

A massive thank you to all the teachers and staff working so that I and many other key workers can continue to work ourselves. Thank you for your selfless act in doing your job in these difficult and uncertain times. I worry about going to work and contracting the virus and so must you guys... the girls come home full of happiness and fun after being in school.. Thank you.... you are all so, so appreciated...x x x keep up the good work and stay safe...x x x - Gillian Greenwood-Reed

To: Francis Askew Primary School

To all at Francis Askew. Let's keep doing what we are doing. We will get through this and if we stick together. Whether you are Team A or Team B, we are all the best #FAPS #staysafe 💙💛💙💛 - Sam Marris

To: Pemberly Academy

I would like to nominate my husband, Neil Coster as Head of School at Pemberly Academy. He is a true leader from the front and is in the trenches with his staff on a daily basis to look after the children of key workers. I am so proud of everything he is doing and want to take this chance to “thank the thanker”. 😀 - Cristin Casey

To: Egremont Primary School, Wallasey

Well done to the amazing staff at Egremont Primary School. Providing care for our key worker children and meals for the most vulnerable in our community. - Anonymous

To: The Portsmouth Academy

Thank you to my staff team. Teachers have learned a new way of delivering and connecting with their students at a rapid pace. Support staff have delivered over 1600 food parcels to our FSM kids. Site staff continue to keep the building open and clean for us and making a start on essential maintenance work. Lastly to the SLT, they have manned the supervision between them, whilst also trying to keep the school moving forwards at this new and strange time. Amazing school; amazing staff. #TeamTPA - Rachel Grey

To: COLPAI - City of London Primary Academy, Islington

Thank you so much to all the staff at COLPAI - you have been brilliantly supportive during the Corona lockdown. Also all the online learning and kind messages have been very much appreciated. Particular thanks to Miss Orford, Miss Robey, Mme Robey, Miss Morghen, Miss Godalman, Mr Anthony and Miss Clapham - you have all been wonderful! - Oliver Boney

To: Village Nursery Bramcote, Nottingham

There are no words. Great establishment led by a team that cares and puts children at the heart of all it does. Well done Emily, Amy, Becky, Carol and Marlene. We ♡ you all and say THANK YOU! Thanks also to Michelle - what a special lady ♡♡♡ - Family that cares

To: Education Sector

Thank you to my colleagues, who support adults with learning disabilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Becky Anne

To: Education Sector

Thank you to all the teachers and support staff helping to sort out GCSE's and A-level grades and for keeping us informed. - Diana Beavon

To: Little Learners Nursery

Just to say a big thank you to the Nursery staying opened through this difficult time. If it wasn't for them, then a lot of us key workers wouldn't be able to work. - Cherelle

To: Little Learners, Corby and Northampton

A huge thank you to my dedicated team, who are continuing to work during these difficult times and provide outstanding childcare to key workers and vulnerable children! - Sam

To: Swindon College / Swindon Shock Basketball

Thank you for everything you do on the front line! - David Colclough

To: Denbigh Primary School, Wallsend with special thanks to Jackie and Victoria Clarke

Thanks to Denbigh Primary School in Wallsend, and Jackie the Safeguarding Officer/family worker. Also to my daughter's teacher, Victoria Clarke. Thanks to Jackie who has made sure every family needing school meals has received a daily packed lunch. Also offering support to any parent needing it, by sharing an email that they can use to contact her. My special thanks to Victoria Clarke when she messaged all the childrens' parents in my daughter's class daily without fail, with words of advice, support and educational ideas. She has even sent a video for the kids with her reading a story from home and while looking after her own 2 kids. She has also been honest about looking after her own 2 kids during lock down, which she has also found challenging, which I really respect! - Jenna Lilly Araniello

To: Laurieknowe Primary School, Charnwood Lodge

I’d like to thank my Head Teacher, (Mother) Sharon McLellan, who as a designated key worker is working on-call and she does a great job. I would also like to thank the Care Home staff at Charnwood Lodge in Dumfries (my old work colleagues) for taking care of my wee grandma, under the current lockdown. - Innes McLellan

To: St Willibrords R.C. Primary School

A massive thank you to everyone at school for all their hard work. We will see you soon and we miss you loads xxx - Nicola McGee

To: St John's School, Epping

Thank you to Shaheen for all her support x - Anonymous

To: Windsor Clive Primary School

I'd like to thank Windsor Clive Primary School staff in Cardiff for providing the children with work too at this hectic time; especially my son's teacher, Ms Marshall for her lovely emails to the children and providing them with work and educational websites. I really appreciate it! Also to everyone still working at The Postie - the Bin men, the delivery drivers. security guards, shop workers, carers, NHS staff, lorry drivers, delivery men/women and everyone listening to the Government! You are doing supurb jobs! THANK YOU ALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️ - Beckii Matthews

To: First School, West Moors, Dorset

I would like to thank all the teachers and Head at our local First School for providing our young ones with work each day. Here in West Moors, Dorset. Hope they keep safe and well. - Victoria Goodall

To: Beacon Ace Academy, Bodmin

Thank you to Beacon Ace Academy and all our staff, who are open for key workers and thank you to my cleaning buddies who are keeping each other upbeat while working 😀 - Sandie Anne

To: Little Learners Nursery and Pre-school

Hi, I would like to thank Becca Clements (little learners nursery and preschool) for being an amazing manager at little learners and for always thinking about her practitioners. Shes amazing and so important - Terri Stanley

To: Bawdeswell School, Norfolk

Thank you to Bawdeswell School (Norfolk) for taking the children while key workers are working. If it wasnt for them we wouldn't be able to do our roles and keep things moving. Thank you. - @dm198230

To: The John Bamford Primary with special thanks to Kyle, Jade, Chloe, Harley and Claire

A very big thank you to all the staff at The John Bamford Primary School. You have all been great keeping us all regularly updated. Stay Safe and hope too see you all soon. Thank you Kyle, Jade, Chloe, Harley and Claire - @clairela80

To: Lodge Lane Infant School in Old Catton, Norwich

I would like to say BIG THANK YOU to the Headteacher, teachers and support staff at Lodge Lane Infant School in Old Catton,Norwich for being absolutely amazing, working hard and still going to work every day to provide care for our fellow key workers! Our team is stronger then ever! Keep going ladies! Love from Monika ❤️ - @moni777y

To: Education Sector

Thank you for all you are doing for everyone. Stay safe xxoo - Hilary Cowperthwaite

To: Education Sector

Heartfelt Thanks to You All XX - Astrid Marsh

To: Education Sector

A massive thank you to each & everyone of you, you all do such an amazing job xxxx - Anne Wood

To: Education Sector

Want to say a big thank you to the NHS staff/healthcare workers/education key workers for their hardwork at this difficult time we are facing ❤️❤️ - @shazia1432

To: University of Essex. Special thanks Steve, Aaron and Gert, my lecturers.

My name is Ellana Chughtai and I want to thank all the staff at University of Essex for allowing us students to attend the webinar for our social work degree. Special thanks Steve, Aaron and Gert, my three lecturers! - Ellana Chughtai

To: School

Thank you to my Manager for supporting me x - Nick

To: All Schools

Thank you all educational workers - Esther Olive

To: Huntington Accademy Nottingham

You're doing an amazing job. Thank you xx - Anonymous

To: Peartree Junior School, Derby

Thank you to all the amazing people and your hard work and dedication. You will forever be remembered in these troubling times. Just make time for yourselves and your own families too. - Anonymous

To: Rushbrook Primary Academy

Thank you for home schooling - it helps us get back to routines - Zariwala

To: Kelly Rogers @The Family Tree Day Nursery

Thank you for being so calm, collected (most of the time) and communicative throughout these weird times. You have continued to provide the much needed security and continuity for the children (and their parents) so that things feel that little bit more under control. You’re always doing an amazing job and I know you will continue to do all you can for staff and parents, as we all adapt to our new way of living during these challenging times. Your support at this time is incredible A wonderful example for the children and people in general to learn from. Thank you Kelly - Cody-Louise

To: Windmill Primary, Raunds

Thank you to all the staff for all the hard work you have done to ensure the children are safe and able to continue their learning within the safety of their homes. Stay safe and see you all soon - All the Windmill Students and their Parents

To: Treetops Nursery, Toton

All of our staff working hard to support the key worker families in our nursery 💖 - Becky Chester

To: SEN Team, Salford

The SEN team in Salford may currently be working from home, but that has not stopped them working tirelessly for the children and young people of Salford with their education, health and care plans. Thank you for your continued commitment and hard work x - Anonymous

To: Pear Tree Community Junior School, Derby

Thank you to ALL staff. You are ALL amazing and wonderful. You’re ALL doing a fantastic job - well done 👍🏼 - Anonymous

To: QPG Hub

You are all so wonderful. Thank you 🙏 - Claire Arshad

To: QPG Community & Sports Hub

Thank you for everything you do for our community during these troubling times. - Sam Hamilton

To: Whitefrairs Primary School

Thank you all teaching staff and non-teaching staff for supporting students and families. - Anonymous

To: Bishop Thomas Grant RC School

Thank you BTG leadership and teachers for all the selfless and thorough efforts being made to keep the school community together and supporting our children with their learning and wellbeing during this time. It is very appreciated. - Gladys Udeh

To: Farleigh School, Red Rice, Andover, Hampshire

Thank you Farleigh School and all the teachers - its always a fun place to be. - Anonymous

To: Stockbridge Primary School

I would like to thank Miss T for helping me in lessons all the time. - Anonymous

To: Northburn Primary School, Cramlington

Thank you so much for all your support and hard work during this really difficult time. Thank you for risking yourselves and putting our children first and providing us with on-going support with home learning. - Gemma Smith

To: Julia Durbin Day Nursery

Thank you to Julia Durbin staff for staying open and coming to work every day to look after our children, so that hospital key workers can do their jobs. - Anonymous

To: Heron Way Primary School

Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts. Very much appreciated x - Louise Nickalls

To: Balmedie

Thank you to the staff coming in this week to be there for our children so we can work - Anonymous

To: Blairdardie Primary School

Thank you to Blairdardie Primary School for staying open and allowing me to go to work in the NHS. All working together during these tough times we are all facing. Your hard work is much appreciated from cleaners, janitors and teachers you are all doing a great job x - Karen Cairney

To: Parkview

Thank you to all staff, have called and texted to see if there is anything they can help. Also to my husband, Jim who always looks after me and our boys - Maria

To: Clavering Primary School, Essex

To the fantastic Miss Allsop and all the wonderful staff at school - THANK YOU 😊 - Fiona Philip

To: Eaton House ,The Manor

Thank you to all the amazing team at EHTM, who worked so hard to enable our children to continue their learning via Microsoft Teams. - Samantha Curtis

To: Park House School, SW11

Thank you for all that you do - Samantha Curtis

To: St Thomas of Canterbury, Guildford

Well done to the staff of St Thomas of Canterbury in Guildford. Special thanks to Mr Lewin, who has been a calm and reassuring leader. - Candice

To: Guildford County School

Thank you for the fantastic work you are doing. Your support has been phenomenal across the entire school. In dark times like these, the County family has well and truly come together. A school like no other! - Anonymous

To: Chichester Cooperative Nursery

I just wanted to thank all the ladies I work with!! You're doing an amazing job helping front line doctors and nurses to help the country. Keep smashing it girls xxx - Lauren

To: Shifnal Primary School

A big shout out of thanks to all staff pulling together in time of need to the cleaners, kitchen staff, teachers & of course Head Master ... To the breakfast club gang - we rock ..... Stay safe ❤️ - Michelle Simmons

To: Education Sector

You are amazing still going into work with children that need some extra help, so much so that you have to bring your little boy into work with you as his school has shut. Im so proud of you. Love mum. Xxx - Keely Batchelor

To: Education Sector

Thank you for your bravery and perseverance - Anonymous

To: All Schools

Thank you to all the key workers who go to work while their children are safe. - Lynn

To: Winnersh Primary School

Dear teachers and LSA’s at Winnersh Primary School. You put your lives at risk day in and day out so that our children can have a warm, fun and ‘safe’ place to go whilst daddies and mummies are helping keep our community together during such challenging times. You are educators, but above all you are rocks for our children who look up to you for guidance and support. Thanking all you hard working, beautiful individuals. - Anonymous

To: Rushbrook Primary Academy

Hi, the school is serving students in these days with super ideas. All the staff are working hard to engage pupils with school work. Keep it up 👍🏻. - Anonymous

To: St. Vincent de Paul RC Primary School

Thank you to all of our teachers and staff for continuing to do all they can for our children and families. We miss being together as a school community and hope that we get to see one another in good health very soon! - Reia Joy

To: Education Sector

I take my hat off to all the teachers and T.A's. You deserve medals for what you do on a normal day, but especially during this time when you are still at work for the frontline workers children, risking your own health. You are all amazing and appreciated greatly at such a scary time. Thank you xx - Natalie Allen

To: Little Learners Nursery and Preschool

Thank you for all being amazing workers and working your hardest through this difficult time. I appreciate you all xxx - Anonymous

To: Long Close School

Thank you to everyone at Long Close for your dedication and hard work in providing the best home learning you possibly can for the children at our school. - Julia Hallett

To: Lipson Vale Primary and Little Achievers Plymouth Devon

Thank you to my son's school and younger son's nursery. You have been fantastic throughout this hard time and supporting me to support the NHS while they are in dire need. I know my sons are being cared for well and they are happy to support where they can 🌹❤️🤗 - Jessica Turner

To: Education Sector

Thank you to all the teachers providing home schooling for our children and their continuing support. We are all in this together - Karen

To: Matchborough First School

For all the staff. Thank you for being there at this difficult time x - Anonymous

To: Delapre Primary School, Northampton

Message for Louise Fordery and fellow coworkers! Thank you for being truly amazing during this hard time, you guys are doing so many wonders for the children, you have got this, keep a smile on your face :) x - Anonymous

To: Georgie Porgie's Nursery

Thank you all 🌈❤️ - Anonymous

To: All About Children

- Leah Hannon

To: Delepre Primary School, Northampton

Message for Louise Fordery and all her fellow co-workers!! You guys are truly amazing!! Thank you for everything you do!! - Anonymous

To: Epping St. John’s

Thank you. - Sam

To: Epping Primary

Great job in helping our home schooling at such short notice! - Simon

To: Muddy Boots Nursery, Poppleton Road

Thank you to all the staff for going in and looking after keyworkers children and being so calm and positive throughout! Xxxx - Anonymous

To: Portman Early Childhood Centre

Thank you Miss Amie Curtis for everything you do. - Parent

To: The Cooperative Nursery

To all my girls at the nursery. Keep on doing what you are doing and stay strong like I know you all are! We are pulling together and working as the best possible team we can and I’m so proud to be part of it. So thank you and love you all. We won’t let this defeat us❤️ - Emily

To: Elmwood and Penrose Federation

You are all amazing,. You can do this. Keep going - you are making a difference! - Anonymous

To: Footsteps Day Nursery and pre-school.

A massive thank you to the Footsteps family for all working together and helping make sure key workers' children are cared for so they can help the country in its time of need. - Fay Davis

To: Ashlyns Secondary School

I would like say a massive thank you to all the Staff at my 14 year old daughter's school for providing such appropriate homework during what could be a very stressful time for our youngsters. It consists of academic work together with mindfulness activities and physical exercises to keep their minds and bodies fit and well while staying home. Thank you! - James

To: Real Education

You are all doing an amazing job. So proud to be able to serve our young people at this challenging time. Can't thank my co-worker enough for all their hard work and support plus my friends in the NHS. You are all AWESOME.!! - Martin Thorne

To: Paris , France

Thank you - Martine Zarardez

To: Washwood Heath Nursery

Thank you for remaining partially open to support keyworkers. You all are keyworkers too and have families to take care of, but yet you still support the parents! THANK YOU ALL!!! - Mrs Mohammad

To: Eldon Street School, Preston

There are not enough words to thank you all for your hard work and dedication ❣️ - Anonymous

To: Kenilworth Nursery School

For always putting the children first - Anonymous

To: St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, Banstead

The whole school community would like to thank all the staff at the school for risking their own lives to ensure the children of key workers and vulnerable children are well looked after. We don't know what we would do without the support of the staff! Stay safe. - Anon

To: Farley Nursery School, Sparsholt

You are all amazing and keeping us going through this tough time 💖 thank you - thank you 🙏🏻 xx - Anonymous

To: RBO/ASM/MES @ The Reach Free School

For their excellent leadership, calm and poise in a chaotic time. The kids needed you and you stepped up. - Anonymous

To: All staff at Burtonwood Primary School

Thank you for staying open for those that need it. You are helping me by looking after the children whilst I help those that are poorly with the virus. You are all truly amazing. From the bottom of my heart I thank you as people forget those that help us. - Anonymous

To: Sutton School

Thank you for your help in everything - Mandeep

To: Education Sector

Thank you for coming into school to look after key workers children - Anonymous

To: Whitgift

Well done and thank you to the teachers who stayed on to cover those who couldn't work due to isolation. - Stephen Pirrie

To: Eyres Monsell Primary School, Leicester

I’m pleased that the nation’s teaching staff are not being overlooked during this challenging time. Many remain in schools across the country, looking after vulnerable children and children of key workers, including NHS staff, as a critical part of the response to Coronavirus. TAP’s Thanking Wall is a great way for the public to show how much they are appreciated, alongside our wonderful NHS colleagues. (Kerry Hill, Head teacher, Eyres Monsell Primary School.) - Kerry Hill

To: Rushbrook Primary Academy

Thank you so much for supporting everyone in this testing time. Stay safe . - Fatema Ariwala

To: Education Sector

Thank you to all the teachers who are still at work looking after the key workers’ children so they can continue supporting the country. To everyone employed by the NHS, Royal Mail, supermarkets,Councils, nurseries, supermarkets and others. A huge thank you to you too x - Gaynor

To: Guildford County School

Thank you to all the teachers and support staff, who will look after our young teens this week, so we can look after the nation. You rock. Qudos stars tonight 🌟🌟 - Anonymous

To: Education Sector

Without the support of the education system, I couldn’t work in my NHS role. You are vital and incredible. We owe you - Vanessa Channon

To: Holy Cross CVA School

Thank you to all key workers out there for remaining united and keeping the wheels turning .... especially to the staff I work with, that face the task of caring for the children during this strange time. Together we will get through ... be kind, be strong and be united x - Claire

To: Education Sector

To all the teachers and childcare providers. We thank you for taking care of the children of the parents working in the hospitals etc. You will be remembered and appreciated by all. If no one is saying it yet ,THANK YOU. God willing this will be over soon. Sending love and support - Julie Kerrigan

To: The Ilfracombe Academy

Thank you for looking after both your staff and your students in this trying time. - Anonymous

To: The John of Gaunt School

In this awful time you have shown just how much you care about our children and how you will continue to care. You have been, and will be appreciated for all you do; every single one of you. Thank you - Anonymous

To: Sale High Scool

Thank you for looking after my great nephew, whilst his mum cares for others - Rachel Hodgkinson

To: Penryn Primary

Always smiling and keeping positive. - Anonymous

To: Devonshire Academy, Blackpool

Thank you for all the support, whilst the kids are off school - Michelle Rushworth

To: Ranelagh

To all the staff at Ranelagh. Thank you for all your hard work, last week's teaching, putting systems in place for the coming weeks and keeping our children safe.The online system looks like it is going to be fantastic for organising our children’s learning over the coming weeks.
Many thanks and stay safe - Catriona Bensch

To: Stebbing Primary

To everyone at Stebbing, the children, families and the most amazing set of teachers ever. Thank you for everything you give. We will see you all at the other end of the rainbow. Love Nanny Bean (how did I get that name🌈 Aka Geraldine. The Smith Flowers. 🌍🌹🌸🌺🍄🌻🌻🌻 - Nanny Bean

To: Almondbury Community School

From a NHS key worker with older grand-parents and for childcare. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help - Helen

To: Oak Lodge School, Balham

Thank you to all the staff at Oak Lodge for everything you have done for Isaac and your commitment to helping him progress with his communication and confidence. Really sad that his last year with you has been cut short by this virus. Lots of luck over the coming months as I know you will still have many special needs students that will continue to attend. - N Anderson

To: Education Sector

Thank you to all teachers who go above and beyond every day to provide the best education for young people, but also encourage them to become better human beings. We are all grateful for the fantastic work you do. - Anonymous

To: The Marist School

Thank you! A big thanks and praise back at ya, Jane! Osmington 2020 will always be very memorable, not just for the obvious reason, but also because we had a great time together and kept laughing and smiling despite 'the crisis'. Sue Xx - Sue Oakes

To: Holly Spring Primary School, Bracknell

Thank you for being amazing,kind and hard working for our daughter and all the others in Robin class. - Miss Quinton

To: Burnt Mill Academy

Georgina goes above and beyond for everyone. She thinks of herself last and gives everything she has for her students. She is one inspiring lady. - Cristin Casey

To: Sheringdale Primary School

Thank you for being so calm, collected and communicative throughout these strange times. You have provided much needed security and continuity for the children - giving them enough information and actions to help them (and their parents) feel that little bit more under control. We shall all hugely miss being a physical part of the school - being immersed in it’s wonderful family of staff, pupils and parents. You’re always doing a fabulous job and we know you will continue to do so as we all adapt to our new way of life / learning. Your support at this time is incredible - continuing to adapt, guide and inspire the future of the next generation through difficult times. A wonderful example for the children to learn from. Thank you! - Sophia Webb

To: Horsforth Newlaithes, Leeds

Thank you for handling this past week with such calm and dignity. Thinking of you all doing so much for our kids at this time both online and for those still going in. - Liz

To: Little Fingers Montessori, Windsor

To Suzanne and staff. Thank you all for the amazing job you do with the children. - Annette Albarran

To: Stockbridge Primary

Thank you for running such a good school even under unprecedented situations. - Maria Melville

To: The Marist School, Sunninghill

Devastated that Lucy’s time at the Marist has been cut short, but thank you so much to all her wonderful teachers for your inspiration, support, guidance and teaching over her time at the Senior School - Sharon Anderson

To: The Marist

Thank you to all the staff at The Marist School in Sunninghill, Berkshire for giving our daugthers an excellent education. Our youngest left The Marist today. She will miss the staff immensely. - Eilish

To: Deeplish

- Hilary Hilton

To: Education Sector

Thank you to all the amazing teaching staff during this difficult and challenging time we are facing. Both my children’s schools have worked tremendously hard to provide our children with distance learning facilities. I applaud you all 👏🏻 - Aly

To: Stockbridge Primary School

On behalf of our family, I want to pass on our most sincere appreciation to Mrs Jefferies and the entire team of staff. All of you are fabulous, focused and faultless when it comes to the teaching, and care of our boys at school. It is because of all your efforts that they have such a good start along their educational journey. Thank you. Regarding the latest situation....'this too shall pass'. Best wishes to you all. - James Griffiths

To: Downe House School, Newbury

Thank you for your excellent communication in these difficult times and for a swift implementation of online teaching and learning tools for our girls. Thank you to all teachers and support staff. Keep Safe . - Dilly

To: Micheldever Primary School

Mrs Griffiths' energy and dedication in her teaching role is simply wonderful. She is the reason our children enjoy their learning as much as they do. Thank you. - Anonymous

To: Ashlyns Secondary School

Just wanted to thank Mr Shapland and all the staff for the calm professionalism they've shown this week. These are stressful times for us all but their dedication to our children's wellbeing is extraordinary. We are all lucky to have such an amazing school and staff in our town. - Matt

To: Chesham Grammar School

As a parent I’ve naturally been concerned about my child’s welfare over the last couple of weeks as well as his ongoing education. However the clear and regular communication from the school’s Headteacher has been exemplary, as has the care provided to the students from the teaching staff. - James

To: Education Sector

Your heroism at this difficult time for the world has made me more interested in public health and health communications than ever. Thank you for being our frontline in the fight against this Covid-19 disease. You have the backing of the world. - Nancy Snow, Ph.D.

To: Garth Hill College

Heartfelt thanks to all key workers in NHS education and police and all others sacrificially helping all affected by the virus. Please God this will cease soon - Mish Bindley

To: Stockbridge Primary

Thank you to all the staff at Stockbridge Primary School who are working so hard to make this strange situation manageable for our children! - Anonymous

To: Ivybridge Community College

To all staff, particularly Miss Hanton for her continued support and care being given and will be continually given to all the pupils who will be coming into the school next week and for the continual future. The school is supporting those in our community who are vital to services - thank you to you all too. - Jo Carpenter

To: Stockbridge Primary and Pre-school

Thank you to all the staff at Stockbridge for navigating these stressful and uncertain times,and keeping our children safe and supported. You are all amazing. Thank you for all that you have done, all that you are doing and all that you will be doing in the coming weeks and months. - Rachel Trott

To: SASM Surbiton

Well done to all the staff for keep going this week in all the uncertainty. Office, cleaners, teachers and children. - Lee Hawkins

To: Philip Southcote,Surrey

Thank you to all the amazing staff who have managed to cope with our special needs children this week. Amongst them so much anxiety and uncertainty, which is so difficult for these students. - Sandie

To: Stockbridge Primary school, Hants

For the Head Teacher, Mrs Jefferies for being her amazing self at such a challenging time x - Charlotte Howard

To: Stockbridge Primary School

The unbelievable work that Mrs Jefferies has been doing with her team to look after us and our children xxxxx - Melville Samantha

To: The Marist

I have a niece in Year 11 who has been at the school since she was three years old. We have had many conversations about her friends and teachers throughout the years. Some of them very humorous, but mostly full of love for her school. I just wanted to thank all the staff for all their hard work and the sensitive way you are dealing with such a difficult situation. - A grateful Auntie

To: Mossbourne Community Academy

Thank you to all teachers and support staff for all of your efforts, support and unity in this turbulent week. The students could not want for a more determined, hard-working and caring group of people. You are all inspirational! - Steve Jones

To: All Teachers in the UK

Teachers may be overlooked during this challenging time. However looking after children of key workers such as NHS staff is a critical part of the fight back against Coronavirus. - James McLoughlin

To: The Marist

Thanks for looking after my girls and for keeping us so well informed. Things must be really hectic and we really appreciate your efforts - Matt Findel-Hawkins

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