TAP (Thank And Praise) is a social thanking platform which enables the public to show their appreciation to the unsung heroes working in education and healthcare, while raising funds for good causes.

  • You can thank a key worker privately
  • You can praise an education or healthcare organisation publicly
  • You can raise funds for an education or healthcare organisation

TAP is designed to enhance the mental wellbeing of key workers in healthcare and education, while raising much-needed funds.

To send a message of thanks, simply fill in the form below or send your message with your full name on WhatsApp to 07871 064296.

Your message of thanks will make a real difference to the person that receives it. It’s a small thing to do but our existing users have told us that a message of thanks has a huge impact on their morale and mental wellbeing. You can make a difference, why not send a message to someone you think deserves it right now?

Even if the person you want to thank isn’t already a registered user we will still find them and try to deliver your message. If the organisation they work for doesn’t know of TAP then we introduce the platform to them and find that employee. Often that organisation will on-board TAP as a result and hundreds of new users can get to benefit from TAP messages of thanks. Please don’t delay – send a message of thanks today!

Unsung Heroes


TAP’s social thanking platform is completely free to use for both an organisation and a thanker and it needs no new software or integration to function. So your education or healthcare organisation can benefit from it almost immediately and for zero cost. Typically a new organisation can onboard its employees in a matter of days and the TAP team starts the marketing campaign so that parents or patients know about TAP and start to send messages. It really is that simple. They key benefits are:

  • You can be privately thanked by members of the public e.g. parents and patients
  • Your education or healthcare organisation can be praised publicly
  • Your education or healthcare charity can benefit from funds raised from parents or patients

TAP is designed to enhance the mental wellbeing of key workers in healthcare and education, while raising much-needed funds. It supports existing HR systems and its sole purpose is to enable the public to show the appreciation that they genuinely feel. The COVID-19 pandemic clearly demonstrated the depth of feeling that members of the public have for keyworkers and TAP will ensure this feeling of gratitude continues to be communicated to those that deserve it. It’s a wonderful system for an organisation to implement and it really is quick to implement, simple to use and totally cost free.

If you have any questions at all, or just want to have a little more detail, don’t hesitate to contact James (his email is below). He’ll be delighted to hear from you!

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