Our TAP Supporters share our mission to make a positive difference to the lives of keyworkers in education and healthcare.

TAP Education Supporters

“This is a unique opportunity for schools to both strengthen relationships with parents and boost the well-being of staff through gratitude. At a time when budgets are under strain, it is fantastic that this service can be offered at absolutely no cost to the school. At TeachStrong, we know the importance of gratitude and so we’re happy to spread the word about this service. As well as this, being a primary school teacher myself, I love the idea of my pupils’ parents being able to let me know what they appreciate via the TAP platform. What a great way to get some positive feedback, something that can be lacking in our profession.”
Teach Strong

Sam Hart

Director of TeachStrong
“Worldwide Education & Care is a recruitment company built on strong foundations of experience, insight and cohesive working with a very personable approach, which has contributed to the retention of staff. We view recognition as an essential tool to success and see TAP as a further way to acknowledge and praise those working in the education and care community!”

Emma Kiernan

Managing Director, Worldwide Education & Care
“We are thrilled to be supporters of TAP and the exceptional service they provide. This is a win-win situation for all; parents can thank and praise their child’s teacher, teachers receive appreciation for their work and there is no cost to our schools! This can only serve to improve the wellbeing of educators and empower parents. I will definitely be spreading the word far and wide; starting with the schools I teach in. Great work TAP!”

Hayley Walton

Managing Director of Your Grey Matters
“There is nothing more motivating to be thanked and to be shown appreciation for your work. This is especially true in education where school staff are facing a number of challenges, including Covid-19. TAP is a wonderful way of saying ‘Thank You’ to an individual teacher, a member of the support, admin or ancillary staff, or even a whole school. It costs nothing, yet its impact is priceless. Thank someone in a school through TAP today!”

Steve Waters

Founder & CEO, Teach Well Alliance
“We work with schools and volunteers across England and Wales to improve education for children and young people. With over 20 years’ experience matching volunteers with schools, we’re committing to ensuring every board has diverse and effective governance. Our skills-based matching service means every volunteer is placed on a board where they can make the biggest impact. We’re delighted to be supporting TAP given our shared commitment to improve the mental health and wellbeing of school staff.”

Hannah Stolton

CEO of Governors for Schools

TAP Healthcare Supporters

“We are delighted to be supporting TAP as a new way to demonstrate people’s heart-felt appreciation of healthcare professionals, both clinical and non-clinical. As leading specialists in the field of private medical insurance, we know that all too often healthcare workers don’t always receive the acknowledgement they deserve for looking after us and our loved ones in our time of need. TAP provides a free-to-use and easy way to do this on a secure digital platform.”

Stephen Maguire

Senior Partner at M&L Healthcare Solutions

TAP Supporters



Providing school staff with the essential tools they need to revitalise their health & well-being

Teach Well Alliance

Supporting schools every step of the way to reduce teachers’ workload and improve their mental health and wellbeing with our Teach Well Toolkit.

Worldwide Education & Care

Offering schools, nurseries and care settings a better quality of staff, services and a second to none Safeguarding Policy.

Governors for Schools

Governors for Schools is a national education charity that finds, places, and supports skilled volunteers as governors on school and academy boards.

Your Grey Matters

Specialising in PHSE, RSE, mental health and wellbeing; offering lesson plans, resources, workshops and training.

M&L Healthcare Solutions

Leading specialists in the field of private medical insurance with over 100 years combined experience across our team.