Sharing the celebrations with the non-medical and non-clinical Unsung Heroes in the NHS

March 9th 2020

What a pleasure and a privilege it was for TAP (Thank And Praise) to be part of the Unsung Hero Awards (UHA) last week, founded by Don Tomlinson, Managing Director of Max20 – Project Solutions.

We celebrated all the hard work and achievements from non-medical and non-clinical NHS Staff and volunteers and, were extremely humbled when we heard the stories of all the incredible, well-deserving winners and nominees. You can read more about the event here; and these are just the winners…..

This is so in line with what TAP is aiming to do: “thank and reward the many unsung heroes working in the NHS”! We were delighted to be sponsoring the ‘Special Mention Award’ this year.

The final winner was voted for on the night and well done to Michael Bryan for his win! Goodness knows how the judges actually decided on the winners when faced with so many exceptional nominations; servant hearted people, putting others first, giving their time and care, often voluntarily, always with dedication, and without seeking reward, going beyond their call of duty.

Well done also to Laura Tomlinson and her team for organising the event.

Two people at the awards really left an impression on me:


  1. Alison France, Founder of Deafvibe, who is deaf and, has even gone to someone’s home to do the washing up! How many of us would even think about doing such a thing, or realise what a huge difference that could make to a person who is struggling.
  2. Then there was Harry Mercer. Harry is 97 years old and still volunteers for the Northumbria Healthcare Hospital Volunteering Service. But it is what he what he represents that was special: a sense of joy, caring, a spirit of kindness, which would have set the bar for others, and would most likely have defused potential problems. No wonder he is held in such high regard by his colleagues.


The UHA is a great reminder that there are so many people who carry out acts of kindness every day, who make a difference to our lives, and who often do not get a thank you. Not because we don’t want to give thanks, but so often because we do not get the opportunity – the moment passes, we move on. TAP’s platform on WhatsApp makes it easy to pass thanks on. Please give it a try, it really will make someone’s day.

We know that this is making a difference already: St. Michael’s Church of England Primary School became the first establishment to receive over 100 thank you messages. We are onboarding more schools and healthcare businesses and we look forward to sharing the news.