Our story


The TAP social thanking platform was launched in January 2019 by parents Sandie and Phillip Curtis whose special needs son Donavan has received outstanding care from the education and healthcare sector over the past 18 years.

Sandie and Phillip were often overwhelmed by the care their son received and wanted to thank the staff who helped their son, but often found it difficult to relay messages to them. This is at a time when both the NHS and education sector has poor staff wellbeing and retention owing to staff feeling under-appreciated.

“Our culture often seems driven to look for the worst, to highlight what is wrong, instead of giving thanks and praise for the good that can be found in so many, especially in unsung heroes in education and healthcare. We can all contribute to making others feel worthy and appreciated by giving genuine thanks when deserved. Phillip and I believe that a lack of appreciation, especially in the public sector, contributes hugely to the mental health problems so common in society today.”

Sandie and Phillip Curtis, co-Founders of TAP

Sandie with her son

Our Impact


Since TAP’s social thanking platform was launched in January 2019, it has already made a positive impact on society, with a focus on supporting keyworkers in the healthcare and education sectors.

TAP is committed to creating a positive world where giving and receiving thanks is the norm not the exception.

Here’s what TAP’s community has to say about its impact on those working within healthcare and education, especially given that both sectors face similar challenges around staff recruitment, recognition and retention.

While we see ourselves as simply doing our job, many of my NHS colleagues are under tremendous pressure at the moment so it’s great to see how much the public appreciate what we are doing to keep them safe. TAP is the perfect place to share their positive messages of support.

Clare Mechen

Nurse Manager, The Adam Practice

TAP gives families an opportunity to express their appreciation to teachers. So often teachers are at the front line for parental complaints. It is important for them to realise these are outweighed by support for their efforts and commitment. Recruiting teachers is becoming increasingly more difficult. TAP provides a way of raising the profession’s profile and value in society. It motivates the team and supports a positive ethos. TAP is an effective and welcome addition to any school’s ethos and staff well- being programme.

Lorna Anderton

Headteacher, St Michael’s Church of England Primary School

TAP is committed to creating a more positive world where giving and receiving thanks is the norm not the exception by making it easier to thank the Unsung Heroes in education and healthcare.

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