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What problem is TAP addressing in the Healthcare sector?

According to the NHS Staff Survey 2019 too many NHS Staff still experience unacceptable abuse from patients and the public.

Significant numbers of respondents (28.5%) have experienced harassment, bullying or abuse from patients, relatives or members of the public. While 40.3% of respondents stated that they have felt unwell as a result of work stressors in the past year, the worst result in the past 5 years.

56.6% said they have gone to work despite not feeling well enough to perform their duties and although 29.3% of staff reported positive action on health and wellbeing by their employer (up from 28.6% in 2018) this is still too low.

Concerns around the effects of NHS staff feedback is highlighted by Nigel Edwards, CEO, Nuffield Trust when he says, “It’s the most challenging time in NHS’ history with a staff shortage of 250,000 by 2030.”

Adopting TAP’s social thanking platform in your healthcare organisation can make a difference to staff wellbeing and it’s free of charge!

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