Thank You Day Thanking Wall

Raise a glass to The Queen for 70 years of outstanding service and say a great big thank you to each other as well!

Thank You Day Thanking Wall

Thank You DayTAP to THANK

To: Ray

Thank you Ray, for being the most amazing dad to our little girl - I couldn’t do it without you

Octavia Benham

To: Knowsley 0-25 Child Health Team

Despite increasing pressures and current workloads and KPIs, all of the workforce are doing above and beyond what they can to support our continued service delivery. They are each, very committed to ensuring that the children living within Knowsley receive as much support as possible, whilst being resilient and supportive of their colleagues. They are each individually and amazing, thank you ladies.

Heather Jones

To: My sister and niece

Thank you my sister and niece xx

Muriel Reid

To: My niece and husband

Thank you to my niece and husband who have cared for me with our stay in Rye.

Ivy Harris

To: Tia's Treasures

Thank you Tia's Treasures for all you do to raise awareness and the continued Random Acts of Kindness

To: All Staff

Thank you for another day and I'm going on holiday to Rhyl

Ann Barton

To: Family

Thank you for my lovely family ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻

Stella Matthews-Callaway

To: Everyone

Thank you everyone

Joyce Glasspool

To: All Staff

Thank you NHS workers xx

Sandra Bower

To: All Staff

Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends! Will never be able to thank you enough! All my friends that I have had since I returned home to Ireland! Love you all forever and ever!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍👍🙌☘️💚

Sarah Ethna Boyle

To: Family and Friends

Thank you to my amazing family and friends

Margaret Stott

To: Family, friends and Facebook

My family, friends and Facebook

Pauline Tandy

To: Staff on Elizabeth Ward Bedford Hospital

Thank you to all the staff for looking after my Dad who passed away from Covid in May 2020, you are all angels x

Lynette Luparello

To: All Staff

Thank you

Margaret Torrington

To: All Staff

All NHS workers

To: All Staff

Thank you for my family.

Joan Jeffery

To: Family and Friends

Thank you for my beautiful family, friends and Facebook and thank you for letting me share

Barbara Balderson

To: Family and Friends

Family, friends and all our services

Pauline Green

To: All NHS Staff


June Russell

To: Cheshire Federation WI

Huge thanks to the Cheshire Federation WI, for all their free zoom meetings and free talks for all members of cfwi during the pandemic and still carrying on in 2022.

Lynne Callister

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