With TAP you are able to donate to charities connected to our onboarded organisations (to find these organisations, just click here). We are a safe and secure donations platform, powered by our donations partner (GiveTap). Unlike other donations platforms which deduct a small margin from your donation, with TAP we actually INCREASE your donation, using our matched funding service. This means that TAP will find a corporate partner which will add its own funding to your donation. Furthermore, when you donate, if you fill in the Gift Aid details on the form, your chosen charity can gain a tax benefit from your donation, thus increasing the value of your donation further. TAP is a social enterprise, meaning we are not profit orientated but seek to improve communities and society as our core mission. We do however need to generate revenue in order to cover our costs and we do this by deducting an operating margin from the money that is donated through matched funding. This is done with the full support of our charities as they see an increase in their overall donation amounts due to the corporate partners we find that add to donations given by members of the public. Typically, if you donate 10 via our matched funding donations platform your charity will receive 17.5 and that amount will increase to 20 if you fill in the Gift Aid form when donating. We believe the TAP matched funding program is a true win:win as it enables us to cover our costs whilst generating more revenue for your charity. TAP is not a charity but a social enterprise. This means we are a UK based Limited Company with private shareholders. We do not seek profit and do not pay dividends to our shareholders. Our mission is to change the world and make it a better place to live by enabling messages of thanks and appreciation to be sent with ease and at the same time raise money for charities. Do get in touch here if you have any questions. Please click here if you would like to subscribe to the TAP newsletter to receive regular updates from TAP

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Why not make a donation through TAP's matched funding service? Your donation will be matched by one of TAP's corporate partners so your chosen charity will receive even more.


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