A heartfelt thank you


By Donna Jones, Care Home Manager

Windermere Grange – St Martins Care

To all the staff who work in care,
I wanted to share a little word.
Not just for care staff in Britain,
But carers all over the World.

You work so hard as part of a team,
To deliver the best care you can,
These last few months have been so hard,
When your Covid journey began.

Thank you for supporting each other,
When times were really tough,
I know many hearts have been broken,
Cos you thought you hadn’t done enough.

Let me tell you something right now,
you have all been brave from the start,
it can’t have been very easy for you all,
seeing families and friends torn apart.

I feel so proud of the things you have done,
to keep your residents safe,
from dancing on TikTok and raising some funds.
you’ve excelled my belief in faith.

I recognise your dedication,
to the industry in care,
and only clapping for our NHS,
seems wrong and certainly unfair.

You deserved the applause from the public,
every Thursday night at eight,
not just outside of the Hospital ward,
but outside the care setting gate.

You work just as hard as our Nurses,
who do a marvellous job may I add,
but you deserve the same recognition,
for being there for my mam and your dad.

So all you care managers out there,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart,
for supporting your care teams daily,
and helping those who were falling apart.